Endowment Fund

Welcome to our Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church, Inc. (legal name for Wills and Bequests) Endowment Fund. Thank you for your interest in helping ensure a sound financial future for new or expanded ministries at CITP for generations to come.

In the fall of 2019, our consultant, Pastor Paul Nixon, presented his report to Session. Included was the following comment about our Endowment:

You have a generation of folks who gave a great chapter of their lives to establish and stabilize Chapel in the Pines. Many of them will be open to the invitation to leave a bequest to the church that can enable them to have an ongoing impact on this ministry, long after they leave this earth. Churches with endowments are better anchored to survive the possibly tougher ministry conditions of the mid-twenty-first century. Now is the time for this initiative. Procrastination for any reason would be a terrible loss.

Thus, an Endowment Fund was established in 2023 by Session with the Presbyterian Foundation (PCUSA).

Before making decisions about Endowment giving, please share access to the documents below with your financial advisors, lawyer, and family. The quickest way is for them to go to our website and click on the Endowment button at the top of the home page, just as you did today. It’s important for you and them to understand the Endowment’s purpose, investments, outcomes, etc., and how to transfer assets correctly for tax purposes (CITP does not offer legal nor tax advice, so check with your financial advisor before doing anything).

We trust these links are helpful. Should you or your advisors have questions, please feel free to contact our treasurer, Tim White. God bless you and your family.

1. Cover letter to congregation about new endowment fund (August 2023)click here
Outlines opportunities for supporting the endowment fund at the Presbyterian Foundation (PCUSA).
2. Endowment Fund: We know about today. What about tomorrow?click here
A summary of the new endowment and why it’s needed now. Easy reading.
3. Planned Giving Opportunities – click here
An expanded explanation of how members can help grow the new endowment over time. Good for family members and advisors.
4. Permanent Endowment Fund Managed by Presbyterian Foundation (PCUSA)click here
How and why our Endowment Task Force selected the Presbyterian Foundation as our partner. Good to know.
5. Endowment Fund Q&Aclick here
Questions and answers coming from focus group meetings with members of our congregation to ensure a thorough understanding of the new Endowment Fund and its purpose.
6. 2021 Annual Report of the Presbyterian Foundation (2022 report to be released this fall)click here
The Foundation’s summary of its 2021 results, leadership, services, investments, and successes.