Property Acquisition


We researched the local area real estate market and viewed advertised and offered parcels of land for sale on the open market.


Bob and Shirley Lindley of Pittsboro Presbyterian Church offered us a chance to purchase at below market price a 12-acre parcel of land off Mann’s Chapel Road that was not on the open market.

Development Suitability

After we determined that the land was suitable for the level of development we want, we gave the Lindleys an earnest money deposit equal to the value of one acre of the land.  Part of the determination of suitability was the positive result of the soil percolation test that showed that 7 of the 12 acres would support a traditional septic system.

Engineering Analysis

We contracted with McAdams Engineers to produce a conceptual site plan, prepared a wetland evaluation and a survey of the 12-acre lot within the Lindley’s 40-acre parcel of land.  The results of the studies were all positive.

Community Support

We met with Mitch Barron of Newland Communities, developers of Briar Chapel, who agreed to give us an access easement across their land to Great Ridge Parkway at no charge.

Presbytery Support

Salem Presbytery gave us $100,000 toward the purchase of our land.  We determined that we could take a loan for the remaining amount needed to purchase the property.  The Session approved the loan application.

Engineering Support

We met with McAdams engineers and the Briar Chapel neighborhood project manager for Newland Communities who agreed to install a water tap at our driveway at no charge.  They also agreed to include our church in their neighborhood signage program.

Design/Build General Contractor Interviews

We requested proposals from a short list of three design build firms.  In June 2008 the entire Property Committee went to the professionals’ offices to review the proposals.  All the firms presented their ideas for developing our church in phases.  We selected Riggs-Harrod, and WKWW architects of Charlotte, who specialize in church design.  Forming a team of engineers, architects and contractors will help us keep costs down and will streamline the work ahead.

Land Purchase

In January of 2009 the purchase of 12 acres of land on Great Ridge Parkway was finalized.  With a gift of $100,000 from Salem Presbytery, the remaining $92,000 was obtained with a loan from the Presbyterian Loan Agency for a total purchase price of $192,000 plus closing costs.