Pastor’s Weekly Musing

Your Pastor’s Weekly Musing

September 28, 2022

One Breath


He sat in the sanctuary for the contemplative service, right where he usually sat. But last Monday, he was joined by new guests from the Baha’i community of faith. He listened as one leader spoke of their fundamental belief in the unity of God, meaning that all religions and spiritual traditions point to the same Lord of the star-fields.


Then, the Baha’i leader taught that their tradition believed that genders are equal like the wings of a bird. Both are necessary to fly forward. He heard a sigh of approval from one of his fellow Christians.


Another Baha’i speaker offered a prayer in her native language. As her Arabic soared through the sanctuary, he did not understand a word. But when she finished, all of the worshipers exhaled, “Amen.” He understood that was beautiful.


There is a way of breathing
that’s a shame and a suffocation


And there’s another way of expiring,
a love breath,
that lets you open infinitely —Rumi


Announcing the Sacrament of Baptism
Caleb Andrew Tupper
This Sunday, October 2, at 9:15


May it be so,




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