Pastor’s Weekly Musing

Pastor’s Musing
May 25, 2023

He is gifted sweet treats, like cookies and pies, as well as the occasional book of poems left on his desk. Yet, many pastors would tell you that the most valuable rewards of ministry are intangible. A heartfelt thank you in the squeeze of his hand, or witnessing someone’s tears of joy.  The moments when the sanctuary swells with the singing of a hymn or the ringing laughter of children.

Last Sunday, he had the privilege of helping to confirm five students. Anointing them with olive oil. Giving them verses of scripture. Praying over them with the laying on of hands. At different points in these rituals, he managed to lock eyes with each of them. What a gift to know each one.

After church, they went for Mexican food. As he ate, he listened to their cheerful banter, which nourished his spirit. Over the years, they have grown so close. What a gift they are to each other.

At the end of the meal, they also gave him socks with guitars and the most delightful coffee mug he’d ever seen — I Put the Hip in Worship

In faith,

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