Pastor’s Note

Week of April 8, 2021

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Once upon a time, a young college student came to Chapel in the Pines. He was fresh-faced and curly-headed with a winning smile. An occasional bowtie. He started assisting with worship every week. Both the staff and the congregation came to love him as their own. Recently, he has been helping to lead the middle school youth group, exercising his talents in creative and life-giving ways …

But, this Sunday, Vance Stiles is back in the pulpit! Not only will Vance record the sermon for our weekly video, but he will preach at our 11 a.m. outdoor worship service.

Vance has been blessed with gifts for ministry. As he looks toward graduation and the bright future ahead of him, Vance is still blessing us with his wit, dedication and uncommon maturity. I’m grateful for him, not only for all he has done, but the generous, gracious ways he has served.

This Sunday, let us rejoice and be glad with Vance.

In hope,