The Manual of Operations for Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, documents the policies and procedures of the Church as adopted by the Session. These provide for the orderly governance and operation of the Church.


Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church shall be governed in accordance with the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Governing Documents

  • Bylaws (Approved 7/10/2008; revised 6/15/20, 2/15/21)

Congregational Meetings

There shall be an annual Congregational Meeting. (Approved 3/25/2012)

Notice for a Congregational Meeting shall be given for two consecutive Sundays prior to the meeting date, with one of those Sundays being the same day as the meeting. (Approved 3/25/2012)

A quorum for a Congregational Meeting shall be twenty percent of the members on the active roll of the church. (Approved 3/25/2012)

Parliamentary authority for the meeting shall be Robert’s Rules of Order. (Approved 3/25/2012)

Worship and Sacraments

Communion will be served on the following days: the first Sunday of every month, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost, Christ the King Sunday, Christmas Eve. (Approved 11/14/2011)

Members of Chapel in the Pines who undergo prior instruction shall be allowed to serve communion. (Approved 11/14/2011)

Inclement Weather Policy

Nominating Committee

[Approved by the congregation November 13, 2012]

Membership: The committee shall consist of five members, representative of active members of the church. One member shall be a current Elder, elected by the Session. One member shall be a current Deacon, elected by the Board of Deacons. Other members of the committee shall be elected by the congregation, and may not be in active service on the Session. The committee members shall elect a Committee Chair at the committee’s first meeting after being elected.  The term for all members is one year, and members can serve no more than three consecutive terms.

Duties: The Nominating Committee shall have the responsibility to secure and present:

•    a slate of candidates for each of the boards – Session, Deacons, and Trustees – for election at an annual congregational meeting.
•    a slate of candidates for the member-at-large positions on the Nominating Committee for election at an annual congregational meeting.
•    candidates for unexpired terms on any of the elected boards for election by the congregation.
•    candidates for any committee as directed by the Session such as the Pastor or Associate Pastor Search Committees.


The Session will have nine members.  (Approved 3/13/2008)

A quorum of the session shall be the pastor or other presiding officer and a simple majority of the Ruling Elders, except for the reception and dismissal of members, when the quorum shall be the moderator and two members of the Session.  (Approved 7/11/2011)

The monthly Stated Session meeting will be on the third Monday of the month. (Approved 10/12/2009; revised 12/09/2013)  Whenever the first or second of the month falls on a Monday, Session will meet on the fourth Monday of that month.  (approved May 2022)

The Session will act as the Board of Trustees, meeting once a year as Trustees of the Corporation.  (Approved 3/13/2008)

The Session will elect a Treasurer annually, to serve as an Officer of the Corporation. (Approved 3/13/2008).   The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the church’s contents inventory (Approved 5/18/2020).

When an Elder or Deacon position is vacated for any reason, the position may remain vacant until the next scheduled election of officers.  (Approved June 11, 2012)

The Session authorizes the use of electronic communications conferencing to allow members to participate remotely so long as all the members may simultaneously hear each other and participate during the meeting. A member must have a “very good” excuse for missing a meeting (example: being out of town on business). The member should advise the clerk/moderator at least 3 days in advance of the Session meeting to obtain permission to participate via teleconferencing.
In a teleconference meeting, voting shall be conducted as follows:
a. Unanimous consent shall be used whenever possible and especially for routine business such as adoption of the agenda, approval of the minutes, or adjourning the meeting.
b. A roll call vote shall be taken whenever a two-thirds (2/3) vote is required or whenever a participant calls for a Division to verify a voice vote.
These rules give the moderator/chair the option to conduct voice votes as long as the attendees are comfortable with it. Also, a 2/3 vote is required to Limit Debate, move the Previous Question, take items out of order from an approved agenda, or otherwise Suspend the Rules. A 2/3 vote cannot be taken by voice and a standing vote cannot be taken over the telephone, so the only option for extra-majority voting is to do a roll call. (Approved May 13, 2013)

Clerk of Session – Election, duties (Approved October 8, 2012)

The Session may use email voting in situations where a decision is required before the next session meeting subject to the following rules and procedures: [click here for rules and procedures]  (Approved June 10, 2013 – rev. May 2022)

Open Session Meetings.  Session meetings are to be regarded as open meetings. Members or friends of the congregation who wish to speak at the meeting secure an invitation from the moderator or clerk at least 5 days in advance of the scheduled meeting. (Approved by session 11/16/15 – updated 5/23/22) Prior notification of attendance is appreciated, but not required.  Session may close any parts of a designated meeting in which case the guests would be asked to leave.


Chapel in the Pines shall have a Board of Deacons.  The Board of Deacons will have 12 members.  (Approved by Session September 2018)

When an Elder or Deacon position vacated for any reason, the position may remain vacant until the next scheduled election of officers. (Approved June 11, 2012)

The Board of Deacons shall meet regularly, or upon the call of its moderator, or when directed to meet by the Session, but it shall meet at least quarterly. The Board shall determine its own quorum. A joint meeting of the Session and Board of Deacons shall be held at least annually to confer on matters of common interest, with the moderator of the Session presiding. No binding decision may be reached in such joint meeting, but the Session and the Board may act separately on matters committed to their care. (Approved by Session October 8, 2012)

The Board of Deacons shall report on its activities to the Session at least quarterly and at other times upon the request of the Session. (Approved by Session October 8, 2012)

Environmental Stewardship


  • Personnel Manual  (Approved 2/8/2007, revised 5/13/13; revised 10/19/15; revised 9/18/23)
  • Position Descriptions (Approved by Session 10/8/2012, updated October 2015; March 21, 2016;  April 2019; August 2019; August 2021)

Finance Policy and Procedures (Changed July 2016; rev. Sept. 2019)

Revenue. There are five primary sources of revenue for Chapel in the Pines:

a) Revenue from the annual stewardship campaign for operating expenses
b) Non-pledged gifts without a designated spending request (rev. 9/16/ 2019)
c) Gifts from individuals or organizations that are designated for a specific use
d) Open plate, income from building rental and special programs, and other giving programs throughout the year (e.g., Pennies for Hunger offering) (rev. 10/17/16)
e) Revenue raised during special campaigns such a capital campaign

Operating Budget
. Most revenue is raised via pledges made during the annual stewardship campaign to cover operating expenses. Once the campaign concludes each year, the Finance and Administration Committee (F&A) is responsible for recommending to Session a budget for both revenue and operating expenses. This budget is informed by committee input provided during the 3rd quarter of each year (revised May 2022) that outlines each committee’s suggestions for expenses. Once the budget is approved by Session (usually in January), each church committee is responsible for managing its expenses to its expense budget.  The committees have the authority to spend approved funds without further requests or approval from Session. If the committee needs to spend more than what was approved in the annual budget, it must first get approval from Session.

The F&A Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the church’s performance against the approved budget and recommending to Session any changes to the budget that might be needed as the year progresses.  [Any committee or subcommittee who expects to overspend the approved budget for any budget year should bring the request to the finance committee for approval, and then, if confirmed, present to Session for a vote (added by Session September 2017).]

To accommodate periodic requests for significant changes in funding that may arise in a given year, the following guidelines and procedures were adopted by Session October 19, 2015:

a) Proposed expenditures need to be discussed, planned and budgeted via the formal annual budget process;

b) The budget process should include a prioritized listing of items we would like to fund if additional monies are obtained (by whatever mechanism, recognizing that surplus money is truly not recognized until year end);

c) If suggestions are made for unbudgeted items, the items should go back to the committee in question. That committee can discuss and then formally make a recommendation to session for spending the money

Designated Gifts
.  CITP encourages donors to make undesignated gifts so these can be applied to the operating budget.  However, if a donor wishes to make a designated gift, Session maintains a “wish list” to help channel giving to purposes that are consistent with CITP’s mission and specific to the ongoing work of committees.  This Wish List for Designated Giving is updated at least annually.  Funds donated for a specific cause or committee will be designated to the appropriate subcommittee or committee which will propose to the F&A Committee how they wish to spend the monies.  Both the F&A Committee and the Session must approve the proposed use prior to expenditure. (Added by Session September 2017)

Undesignated Gifts.  Occasionally CITP will receive a gift from a member, friend, or organization that is outside the normal pledging process and is not on the Wish List. These gifts usually come with a description of how the gift should be used.  An undesignated gift from a member, friend, or organization that is outside the normal pledging process will be designated to the operating budget.  Gifts and donations that are given in remembrance of someone who has died, with no specific direction of use, will be placed in the restricted Memorial Gifts Fund. (added May 2022)

The following process should be used to acknowledge designated gifts:

a) A log is maintained by the accountant indicating who gave the gift, when it was given, and how it is to be used/spent.

b) The accountant notifies the F&A Committee of the gift and its designated purpose.

c) The F&A Committee ensures within a week of receipt of the gift that the use of the gift is compatible with the church’s mission, contacts the committee responsible for carrying out the donor’s wishes, and contacts the office manager who sends an appropriate thank-you tax letter within two weeks of the gift’s receipt (approved by Session September 2019).

d) The appropriate committee will determine use of funds and then recommend to F&A Committee and Session for approval. (rev. 10/17/16)

e) If F&A determines the gift is not acceptable, it will make a motion to Session to decline the gift. If Session votes to decline the gift, F&A will notify the donor of the Session’s decision and will offer the donor an alternative(s) for consideration, if authorized by Session. Communication with the donor regarding the Session’s decision shall be by phone or in person rather than by email. After F&A’s verbal communication has occurred, an appropriate letter with reasons for declining the gift will be drafted by F&A and sent to the donor by the office manager to close the loop (updated Session 9/16/2019).

f)  The F&A Committee periodically reviews special and designated gifts to ensure that they have been executed in a timely manner.

See CITP’s General Gift Acceptance Policy [approved 09/22/2014; revised 03/21/16 (does not apply to stewardship campaign)] for more information. [Note: This policy supersedes the following two motions approved previously by Session:  A Donor Book will be created to list the names of all donors to capital campaigns as well as records of all other gifts designated for the church’s facilities.  (Approved 3/14/2011) The following motion was approved after the Administration Committee’s consideration of the previous motion:  “That the church not create a Donor Book with a list of names of all contributors to Capital Campaigns and other gifts designated for the church facilities.” (approved 12/15/14)]

Special Giving Programs. Periodically there will be a special gift program sponsored by the larger church for a particular purpose, e.g., hunger. When these gifts are shared by the local community, the choice of the community organization should be made by the appropriate committee, usually Mission and Service.

Cash Management. The following cash management policies shall be maintained by CITP:

a) All money institutions that are used by the church must be recommended by the F&A Committee and approved by Session.

b) Church offerings must be counted and verified by two church members. Checks received by mail should be opened by the office manager and given to the accountant to record its receipt.  Typically, the Treasurer makes the bank deposit.

c) Any check of $1,500 or more must be signed by two members who are approved by the Session (adopted 6/15/2020).

d) Any project or contract of $10,000 or more must have at least two quotes and be approved by Session. (Approved 07/20/2015)

e) Uncashed checks will be voided one year from date written (approved September 2019).

f) A payment request (Disbursement voucher ed. 1/2017 or newer) should be completed and signed by the requestor with attached receipts and approved/signed by the appropriate authorizer(s) before a reimbursement check is issued by an authorized person to the requestor. Exemptions to this provision would be regularly scheduled bills, such as mortgage and utility bills. A memo from the Treasurer to the Office Manager providing authorizations to pay these bills throughout the year. (Approved session 8/17/2020) [Click here for a Disbursement Voucher.]


Committee members will serve three-year terms. A member may serve two consecutive terms.  Committee chairs will be appointed by the Pastor and the Session Liaison. Terms of service will be June 1 to May 31. Committee members will take at least one year off after serving two consecutive three-year terms before returning to a committee.  (Approved 3/12/2009; revised 02/21/17).  Exceptions to this rule can be requested by an individual member prior to May 1 and such requests will be acted upon by the Chair of the Committee, the Active Ruling Elder on the Committee, and the Pastor in consultation with one another (approved 1/24/22).  Due to COVID the 6 year limit for service on a committee be delayed until June 2022 (added 3/15/21).

Committee meetings shall be held as needed and minutes shall be taken for each meeting and sent to the clerk of session for inclusion in the session consent agenda.  (Approved 1/9/2012; revised 02/21/17)


Building and Grounds is responsible for the care and maintenance of the building and grounds including any future changes or additions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain grounds (lawn, drainage, pathways)
  • Improve and maintain landscaping
  • Recommend and oversee additions or alterations to the grounds including the playground, signage, fencing, and driveway and parking
  • Monitor and maintain building exterior including painting, caulking, sealing, gutter cleaning, repairs and upgrades
  • Monitor and maintain building interior including inspections (fire marshal), cleaning, repairs, and wall hangings (for code compliance)
  • Monitor and maintain fire alarm, ADT system, thermostats, *and* solar electric system
  • Periodically review and recommend updates to the Building Use Guidelines and Building Use Checklist
  • Building & Grounds oversees the maintenance and keeping of the Remembrance Garden and Columbarium.  F&A Committee keeps financial records and contracts associated with the sale of Columbarium niches.  The office manager orders the engraving of niche plates.  Funeral and memorial services are coordinated by the pastor.
  • Remembrance Garden Policies and Procedures
  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines and with gratitude for all of our resources
Prior to any and all additions, alterations or improvements to the building and/or grounds, a proposal shall be submitted to the committee for its review and approval.  (Approved 11/14/2011)
The Building and Grounds committee should be notified of any building use that requires unusual building resources, needs regulatory review, or is going to make changes to the church.

Playground Maintenance

As required by Bears (manufacturer), under joint responsibility of Christian Education and Building & Grounds, with input from Tim White (insurance background)   Documentation (created by Jordan Horn)



[The Children and Youth Committee and Adult Education Committees were merged March 2017. Approved by Session March 20, 2017] The committee was renamed in 2023.

The Faith Formation Committee coordinates the flexible and varied educational opportunities for children, youth, and adults in conjunction with children’s and youth staff.

Responsibilities include:

Adult Faith Formation:

  • Coordinating and ensuring sound theological curriculum for adult programming
  • Inviting and encouraging participation in classes, discussion and study groups
  • Communicating activities and study series to congregation
  • Asking Participants in adult education classes to reimburse the church for study materials. Materials will be ordered and reimbursements collected by the Office Manager. The church will pay for the materials for anyone unable to afford them.

Children’s and Youth Faith Formation*

*Note about Children and Youth Protection and Care:

Volunteers and staff working with children and youth are required to comply with the Child Youth Protection Policy (click here for policy statement).

CITP is responsible for our volunteer and staff member’s background checks, job training, Child Youth Protection Policy training and child sexual abuse prevention training.  CITP will work with the Pastor, Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries, Personnel Committee and Finance & Administration Committee when hiring staff.

Nursery Care:

  • Arranging and coordinating paid and volunteer nursery responsibilities for infants from birth through age 4 (approved by Session September 2019) on Sunday mornings or at other times as requested by the pastor or session

Children’s Ministry

  • Providing in-worship faith formation opportunities for children ages 3+
    • Facilitating for Time for Young Disciples during each worship service
    • Facilitating Sacred Art Time
    • Providing additional faith formation opportunities for children on an as needed basis

Youth Activities:

  • Providing opportunities for youth to engage in faith formation including
  • Youth group opportunities Confirmation education
  • Camp or service experiences outside of the church
  • Providing additional faith formation opportunities  [Revised by Session May 2022]

Playground Maintenance

As required by Bears (manufacturer), under joint responsibility of Christian Education and Building & Grounds, with input from Tim White (insurance background)   Documentation (created by Jordan Horn)


The Communication and Technology Committee provides support to church staff, committees, and programs to develop, implement, and maintain effective internal and external systems of communications, specifically to support communications software, internal network, internet connection, phones, and computers. (revised April 2023)

Responsibilities include:

  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines and that our communication efforts might bear God’s grace to the world
  • Work to improve communication within the church (added April 2019)

Subcommittees may include:

Social Media Subcommittee

  • Social networking (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram)

Publicity Subcommittee

  • Assist other committees with advertising and publicity logistics
  • Develop and place press releases and newspaper ads as appropriate
  • Encourage other committees to inform the congregation of significant happenings
  • Post to local chat lists (Chatham Chatlist, Next Door, etc.)
  • Create/deploy banners for display at the street at Great Ridge Parkway (revised 4/20)

Technology Support Subcommittee

  • Administration and maintenance of website
  • Oversight of electronic newsletter

Audio Visual Subcommittee

  • Audio-visual equipment custodian
  • Coordinate audio system for worship (added April 2019)
  • Audio/visual setup for special events
  • Streaming media recording, production, and posting
  • Operate/maintain audio/hearing loop system operation (level adjustments, batteries, repairs, etc.)

Media Protocol (adopted by Session September 2020)


The Fellowship Committee provides frequent and varied opportunities for the Body of Christ to grow together and nurture relationships.
Responsibilities include:

  • Plan potluck dinners, congregational field trips, and intergenerational events, activities and gatherings outside of Sunday morning.
  • Sunday-morning fellowship time
  • Care, upkeep, and stocking of supplies for the Fellowship Hall kitchen
  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines and that God’s grace might be evident through our fellowship


The Finance and Administration (F&A) Committee oversees the financial resources and administration of the church as well as the budgeting process to ensure fiscal responsibility.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviews the monthly financial activity of the church and recommends action steps needed to ensure the church is fiscally sound
  • Prepares and recommends the annual budget to the Session
  • Manages processes and projects that enhance the financial condition of the church
  • Maintains documents such as the General Gift Acceptance Policy and Wish List for Designated Giving (Records Retention Policy)
  • Oversees equipment rental and maintenance contracts (e.g. fire, security, printer, PCs, etc.), office expenses, payroll, utilities, and insurance
  • Manages endowment (added July 2016)
  • Prays for Chapel in the Pines that God’s gifts to us are used for God’s glory

Stewardship Subcommittee

This subcommittee plans and conducts the annual stewardship campaign. The campaign is usually held in the fall and concludes with Dedication Sunday in late November.

Capital Campaign Subcommittee

This subcommittee has conducted three capital campaigns.

The first ran from July 2010 to June 2013 and raised $833,000 to build the church and pay the mortgage for three years. The second campaign ran from July 2013 to June 2016, raising $311,000 including pledges of $71,000 used to pay off a loan to purchase the church’s land, $13,000 for outreach, and the remainder to make monthly mortgage payments until mid-2016. A third capital campaign ran from July 2016 through June 2019, raising $850,000 to build a new fellowship hall and to contribute funds for monthly payments on the debt through 2030.

In addition to the three formal capital campaigns required by the Presbyterian Loan & Investment Program, in the spring of 2022, the Project for Outdoor Ministry Spaces (POMS) fund-raising effort collected over $230,000 in gifts and pledges to renovate the playground, construct a pavilion, build a garden gazebo, and to terrace the yard behind the classroom building as an amphitheater.  In the winter of 2022-23 an effort to help retire the church’s mortgage on the sanctuary and education/office wing raised over $222,000 from church leadership.

Financial Review Subcommittee

This subcommittee reviews financial recordkeeping processes and activities annually.  The financial review is conducted by approximately three qualified members appointed annually by the F&A Committee.

Starting with calendar year 2020 (review occurring in the first or second quarter of 2021), a formal audit by an outside accountant will be commissioned. Based on that person’s report, Session will determine if a formal audit should occur every third or every fifth year going forward. (approved January 2020)

Endowment Fund Committee

In April 2023, Session approved a resolution establishing an Endowment Fund Committee that replaced an Endowment & Planned Giving Subcommittee established in 2014 that was altered in 2016 by Session.  That Subcommittee never formed with members and, thus, never had a meeting.

The new 2023 Endowment Fund Committee is a subcommittee of Finance & Administration.  It manages the church’s relationship with the Presbyterian Foundation (PCUSA) for Session and reviews the Foundation’s strategies and results for the church’s endowment established with the Foundation in 2023.  The Endowment Fund Committee reports to Session’s Finance & Administration Committee monthly.  The elder assigned to Finance & Administration offers to Session motions made by the Endowment Fund Committee that are approved by Finance & Administration for Session’s review and approval.

The Resolution approved by Session in April 2023 establishing the new Endowment Fund Committee to replace 2014 and 2016 endowment resolutions can be found by clicking here.
Endowment Fund – Gift Policy


The Membership and Welcome Committee invites the surrounding community to worship and church activities through promotion and publication of church-related events. The committee also provides a welcoming environment for members, visitors, and guests.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide welcoming materials in the narthex and sanctuary (including name tags and informational brochures, as necessary)
  • Write notes to visitors inviting them to return
  • Oversee the membership directory
  • Work with the pastor on new member classes, events, and welcome packets
  • Assign greeters for worship and events  (Click here for Greeter responsibilities – April 2018)
  • Conduct an annual review of the church rolls
  • Maintain and update the new member board with photos and descriptions
  • Assign New Member Friend to all new members and follow up with the New Member Friend to assure that new members are being assimilated into the congregation and finding meaningful ways to be involved in the life of the church. (approved by Session 04/16/18)
  • Host an annual event for new members (approved by Session 04/18/2022)
  • Annually review the church’s Time and Talent form, prior to the annual stewardship drive. (approved by Session 04/16/18)
  • Send cards to members and friends named in the concerns and celebrations (approved by Session 04/16/18)
  • Review website content and format annually to ensure accuracy and accessibility of information from the perspective of those not familiar with the church
  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines, those God sends us, and those to whom we are sent


The Mission and Service Committee shows forth the love of God by caring for those in need, locally and globally. The committee also educates the congregation and promotes awareness of mission and service opportunities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinates local and global mission projects
  • Makes announcements about congregational mission involvement and encourages the congregation into active service
  • Chooses recipients of the local portions of the denominational special offerings (World Communion: Peace and Global Witness Offering, Pentecost, One Great Hour of Sharing, and Joy Gift) without Session approval. (Approved 7/12/2010)
  • There will be a special offering annually to fund the Martin Luther King Scholarship administered by the MLK University/Community Planning Corporation on the Sunday closest to MLK Day.  (Approved 4/12/2010)
  • Chapel in the Pines will be a partner church for Presbyterian Campus Ministry at UNC-Chapel Hill, appointing one board member and approving financial support up to $1,000, based on budget ability. (Approved 10/9/2008; revised 02/21/17)
  • The formerly-named Outreach Committee was renamed “Mission & Service” (Approved 03/23/15)
  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines and all God’s people in need
  • Oversee PC (USA) Earthcare Congregation certification (added April 2019)

Earth Care Subcommittee:  Chapel in the Pines was certified as an Earth Care Congregation in February, 2019. During the year, the subcommittee coordinates with other committees so that Chapel in the Pines continues to grow in incorporating earth care into worship, education, facilities and outreach, before conducting and submitting the re-certification earth care audit, which is due between January 1 and February 15 each calendar year.  (approved by Session July 2019)


The Personnel Committee, in coordination with the pastor as head of staff, oversees  professional staff including policies, evaluation and support.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assists in matters related to employed personnel administration
  • Works with the head of staff and other appropriate parties to find, recommend, and hire new employees
  • In conjunction with session provides the head of staff with an annual evaluation (added by Session September 2018)
  • Ensure that evaluations are performed for all other staff during January (added by Session September 2018)
  • Evaluate staffing needs and make recommendations
  • Review on an annual basis the pay scales for contracted employees. (added by Session 4/16/18)
  • Recommend changes in salary and benefits
  • Maintain the personnel manual
  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines and all of our staff
  • Personnel Manual  (approved by Session September 2023)
  • Position Descriptions (Approved by Session September 2019)


The Worship Committee is responsible for all aspects of sacred worship including music, Holy Communion, special services, liturgical arts, and spoken word.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure that communion elements are prepared and servers are trained and scheduled
  • Recruit, train and schedule readers for worship services
  • Provide oversight of sanctuary space and elements related to worship
  • Equips and maintains the narthex kitchen including supplies needed for communion, flower arranging, etc., and ensures that the kitchen is clean following all services (approved by Session 4/16/18)
  • Provide all art and décor within the existing building, including the sanctuary, narthex, halls and classrooms to correspond to the church calendar in general and worship enhancements in coordination with the pastor.
  • Works with worship and music staff to provide inspirational music during worship and for special services
  • Schedules and works with the ushers to ensure all ushering duties are performed during each worship service. (revised 10/2016; 4/16/18)
  • Arrange for flowers each week in the sanctuary, presentations of poinsettias during Advent, lilies during Lent, and a Christmas tree. Deacons will after the service, if the donor agrees, take the flowers to someone who could use some cheer.  (approved by Session June 2021)
  • Recommend guest preachers, as needed
  • Pray for Chapel in the Pines and all those who worship here
  • Wedding Guidelines and Application  (Revised June 2018 )