Longer Mission Statement

Welcome Worship Witness

Acknowledging human need for God’s grace and trusting in God’s sovereign love, Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church located in north Chatham County, NC, extends to all people a warm welcome into a community of faith with a two-fold purpose:

  • to worship God with joyful gratitude for God’s unending, abiding grace given to all people through God’s son, Jesus Christ;
  • and to witness, through our gifts of time, talents, intentional inclusiveness, and financial resources, the love of Christ for all people, manifested through the church’s work of peacemaking and reconciliation as we grow together in faith.

To accomplish these purposes we will:

  • Worship together, trusting the teachings of the Bible, listening for the Word of God through preaching, prayer, confession, and music as a Christ-centered community of faith.
  • Welcome all who desire to be part of this community of faith unconditionally as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, welcomed all who came to him. Recognizing the diversity of God’s heavenly Kingdom, we will seek to be a “community of diversity including women and men of all ages, races, conditions and abilities providing for inclusiveness as a visible sign of the new humanity” (G-3.0401, Book of Order). 
  • Witness, through our actions, within this community of faith and the larger North Chatham community, acknowledging and affirming that grace and forgiveness are given to all by God.  In this witness, we will seek to work for reconciliation, justice, and peace to lessen the suffering of members and neighbors throughout the world.
  • Work as a community of faith to find opportunities to support one another through Christian education, spiritual growth, fellowship, and faith development.

Adopted by the Session August 14, 2008