Clerk of Session

The Session
shall elect a clerk at its first stated meeting after the annual installation
of officers. The term of the clerk shall be one year.  The responsibilities of the Clerk are as

  • serve
    as Secretary of the Board of Trustees;
  • serve
    as recording secretary for all meetings of the Session and the congregation
    and keep minutes of all meetings and see
    to it that such minutes are approved and properly endorsed;
  • make
    and keep records of all reports for Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly
    including the Annual Statistical Report;
  • supervise
    the keeping of an up to date membership roll by office staff, including an
    accurate list of inactive members and affiliate members;
  • supervise
    the keeping of an accurate record by office staff of all baptisms, marriages,
    deaths, and other significant events;
  • take
    care of the necessary correspondence of the Session, including dismissing of
  • keep
    all records necessary, including committee reports;
  • make
    the Operations Manual of the Session available to all newly-elected members of
    the Session;
  • keep
    the Operations Manual up to date as Session actions affecting the manual are
    taken and shall annually remind the Session to review the manual for needed
  • keep
    available at all meetings orders of procedure;
  • notify
    all members of the Session of date, time and place of meetings,
  • remind
    and notify all committees, councils, persons, etc., of the actions taken by the
    Session pertaining to that group or person;
  • keep
    an accurate and indexed reference of all motions and resolutions passed by the
    Session until such time as those motions or resolutions are no longer
  • act as
    the Moderator’s assistant at all meetings of the Session.

Approved by Session October 8, 2012