Elders and Deacons

Chapel in the Pines Elders and Deacons


    TERM THROUGH    Elders
 Through May 2023 Barbara Strange
Paul Bolig
Serena zum Brunnen
Jim Harllee
Melissa Staples
Lee Werley
Peggy Wilkerson
  Through May 2024   Jeff Olson
Tom Crosby
Sarah McCormack
Mickey dePrater
Polly Williams
Through May 2025 Karen Fisher
[VACANT] Bruce Raymond
Jerry Douglas
Tom Leuchtenburg
Jackie Walters

The Session also serves as the Board of Trustees.  Officers for 2021-2022 are:

Keith Glidewell, President
Paul Bolig, Vice President
Marcia Ladd, Secretary
Tim White, Treasurer

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Nominating Committee, 2022-23
Jo Bolig
Jim Harllee
John McDowell
Barbara Strange
Serena zum Brunnen (session representative)
Lee Werley (deacon representative)

Nominating Committee, 2021-22

Jo Bolig
Lou Brock
Jim Harllee
Anne Henkels
Barbara Strange
Lee Werley (deacon representative)