Sunday – January 16, 2022

Worship Service Information
for Sunday, January 16, 2022
In terms of Zoom worship, I have heard from dozens of our congregation members that they have met new people in this format. While no one would think online is ideal, we can use this time to grow closer to one another. Join us!


CLICK HERE to watch the recording of the Zoom worship service
for Sunday, January 16.

A couple of tips to make the Zoom worship experience even better for you:


1. Restart your laptop or desktop before logging into Zoom. This will close any other apps and give your device’s maximum bandwidth to the call.


2. Have Communion elements ready and on hand.


3. I will share my screen for the prayers, but you may prefer to print out a hard copy of order of CLICK HERE to see a hard copy of the order of worship for January 16.


4. Be prepared to be on mute when we are altogether. This will allow the best sound experience.


5. At different points in the service, I will divide worshippers into breakout rooms, which will allow you to talk to a small group of people. I recognize that this fellowship is so important!


6. The staff and I have worked on ways to have music during the service and there will be music! At least some of it will be pre-recorded.



Sing, Play, and Sacred Art
The Sing, Play, and Sacred Art outdoor won’t be held this week because of impending inclement weather. Families will receive an email from Joelle with videos and activities you may choose to do at home. If you’re not already on the families with children email list and would like a copy of the at-home activities email, please contact Joelle Brummitt-Yale.
In hope,

Link to morning devotion (posted by 10 AM Sunday)