Time Line for Transition Process

These steps have been completed:

  • Pastor departs
  • Interim Pastor Search Committee is established and begins search
  • Interim Pastor, Lynn Stall, begins 7/17/16
  • Interim Pastor joins the community and focuses on the programs, stewardship, budgeting, growing church, Advent and Christmas season, etc.
  • Transition Team is approved by the Session and begins meeting to plan various steps and events
  • Steps and events include interviews with active elders, deacons, and staff members; gatherings with younger adults and young families to hear about their needs and wishes; a congregational lunch and table discussion; and a congregational survey
  • Transition Team will gather all information and prepare a printed Mission Study, including a demographic study of the area
  • CITP’s Mission Study is presented to the session for approval before it is sent to  Salem Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry
  • Commission on Ministry approves Mission Study and gives permission to elect a Pastor Nominating Committee (or PNC)
  • CITP’s Nominating Committee receives nominations and puts together a representative slate for the congregation to elect the Pastor Nominating Committee
  • PNC is elected by the congregation
  • PNC is trained by a vacancy counselor of Salem Presbytery
  • PNC prepares the Church Information Form (or CIM) and the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) of the PC(USA) puts it online
  • PNC begins receiving Personal Information Forms (PIFs) from clergy candidates
  • PNC narrows the list of potential candidates and begins interviews (phone, Skype, visits), checking references, and listening to sermons
  • PNC sets up personal visits with a short list of candidates
  • PNC selects one candidate and negotiates the Terms of Call
  • The candidate is presented to Salem Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry for examination and approval
  • Approved candidate is presented to the congregation at a called congregational meeting by the PNC
  • Pastor is elected
  • Interim Pastor plans her departure for a time to be determined

The following steps come next:

  • Pastor-elect moves, begins work, and is installed