This Week’s Pictures – May 15, 2020

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Week in Pictures
Flowers in the Remembrance Garden
taken by Karen Fisher


Joelle and crew gathering on Zoom

Chris and Lois Watson have bluebirds in their backyard!


Pop up art show at the church 🙂
Sarah Graham shares her latest creations with Pat Chappell the birthday girl!


Prince William Peacock from Days Journey Farm (Serena zum Brunnen’s sister’s and brother’s farm)
          Iris from Susie Smith’s yard.


Look who I ran into yesterday at the church yesterday?


Dear Friends,


It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 weeks since I worked exclusively from the church office! While I’m grateful for the ability to do my work from home and for Andrew’s and the church’s unwavering support during this time, I admit I find myself wondering if /when we’ll return to business as usual.


In the early weeks of sheltering at home I was occupied with how to create an office space in our dining room, how to meet via Zoom and I won’t even go into how I struggled with adapting to the schedule of creating online worship services! Thank you Andrew, Jeremy, Joelle, Katherine, Daniel, Mary Donna and Zach for your never ending patience and understanding. It DOES take a village.  My point is, what has gotten me through this so far is practicing patience/being still and the generous patience and understanding of others.


In the midst of so much uncertainty and conflicting information, your church leaders and staff are hard at work to provide direction and opportunities for connecting while still practicing safe social distancing. As we are all asked to be still and be patient, know there are many working behind the scenes to keep everyone moving forward.


In the weekly email Andrew invited all of you to share videos of you and/or your family passing the peace to use in the online worship services. Please send in your videos.  If you’d like to help with the worship services – read scripture, sing, play an instrument – please let Andrew know.  He welcomes any suggestions, ideas or offers to help.  You may email him by clicking here.


If you have pictures you’d like to share, please send them to me at


Continue to be patient and hopeful. May you be safe, may you feel loved, may you feel peace, …namaste.


Monster hugs,


Nana (office manager)