This Week’s Pictures – April 9, 2020


Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Week in Pictures
Chalk art Lynne and Bob Hoerter saw while on a walk.


Tree with cloud crown – Lynne Hoerter
From Sarah Graham, this is where she goes for good conversations these days..


Finn Yale holding 4 week old chicks.


Finding time and ways to visit family during the Corona outbreak. (Karen Fisher)
Joelle and Finn build a permaculture bed for a pollinator garden.
Gardening in tiny spaces – Karen and Bob


Every evening at 6:30, Karen and Bob ring a bell in tribute to all essential workers.
My new co-workers. Eubanks, Puma, Spike and Rufus 🙂


Dear Friends,


Our staff has been busy preparing services for this Holy Week. We hope you find these services meaningful and comforting.


From the pictures you shared with me and on Facebook, it seems you’ve found many ways to keep busy too.  You’re finding peace, joy and comfort in nature and in the people sheltering at home with you. Despite the order to shelter at home you’re finding creative ways to connect with family, neighbors, and friends. It seems in our isolation we are, in many ways, closer and expressing more openly our appreciation for those we love and the many people who make sure we are safe, stay healthy, fed and connected (all essential workers). I join Bob and Karen every evening in sending out my gratitude and good wishes for all the people who continue to work despite the danger.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.


Again, I hope these pictures, shared by members of Chapel in the Pines, bring smiles to your hearts and faces. Please share any pictures you take as you shelter at home.  You can email them to me at


May you be safe, may you feel loved, may you feel peace, may you find time to create, may you find time to rest…namaste.


Monster hugs,
Nana (office manager)
From Maggie Ford