This Week’s Pictures – April 17, 2020

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Week in Pictures
 More Chalk art from Lynne and Bob Hoerter’s walk.



Donations for the young women at Chatham Youth Development Center in Siler City


Leigh and Vince Walker’s Ebeneezer.


Chuck Rickard visiting with a neighbor.




Rose from Sara Botelho’s garden.
Marcia “visits” with her daughter Magge Ladd and her granddaughters Virginia and Saunders Bell.


Patrick Walston walking with his mom Lisa on the trails near the church.


Jeremy and Susan have been creating amazing dinners and desserts.

Dear Friends,


For the staff and Andrew, this has been an easier week – time to rest, to give our loved ones some undivided attention, to cook, clean, exercise or just be.  After Holy Week this has been a “Let It Be” week.  We thank all who sent encouraging notes, texts and emails.  Chapel in the Pines is a wonderful community – I’m so happy to be a part of it.


Your pictures and correspondence tell me that despite uncertainty and genuine concern for what the future holds you are tempering your anxiety with gratitude for moments of joy and happiness. This unexpected slower pace of living has given us time to examine what is important to us. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home, we find improvising is a new talent. Many are now discovering new talents (cooking, crafting, sewing, home repair, dancing) or honing skills to new levels of awesomeness 🙂 – check out Jeremy and Susan’s food pictures!


You continue to reach out to others and loved ones – saying I love you more deeply or I miss you.  You’re showing your love by making meals, donating supplies, creating virtual celebrations and meet-ups. You’re aware of those who need help and the difficulties this pandemic has caused for so many.  Please continue to keep everyone in your prayers and use some of your creativity, time, and talent to help when you’re able.  Keep sharing the love.


Again, I hope these pictures, shared by members of Chapel in the Pines, bring smiles to your hearts and faces. Please send any pictures you take as you shelter at home.  You can email them to me at


May you be safe, may you feel loved, may you feel peace, may you be free from fear…namaste.


Monster hugs,
Nana (office manager)