A Prayer for the Season

2012 Season of HopeO God our Maker, against the backcloth of your everlastingness, we, creatures of a day, live and move and have our being. Here we acknowledge that while life may be random, it is not futile. You have purposed us for a future which we, limited by flesh and blood, cannot imagine. Yet in Jesus, who brought eternity into touch with time, we see glimpses of the greater life for which we strive.

We have brought the pain of our hearts and the brokenness of the world to you this night – wondering at times, if new life can be revealed here or any place. Yet even in our doubt, we want to believe. We want to trust you. We long for the fragrance of hope to be let loose in our presence. Where we are holding on to our pain, unwilling or unready to let it go, and where we have turned away from the grace you have offered, show us the way. Where our sadness goes on, where grief still has a claim on us let us hear your assurance that you are travelling beside us, helping us to carry our burdens, and to let in the light of Jesus Christ. Teach us to savor the memories of love that they may transform us more and more into whole people, joyful people. And help us, O God, to be witnesses of your abiding grace, even when we falter and fear. Amen.