October 16, 2017 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting October 16, 2017

Attending:  Ruling Elders Karen Atkins, Monty Brekke, Stan Campbell, Lynne Hoerter, John McDowell, Terry Rudolph, Al Schalk, Barbara Strange, Jerry Wehmueller (treasurer), Marcia Ladd (clerk), Teaching Elder Rev. Lynn Stall (moderator)

Absent: Paul Isom

The meeting was called to order by Lynn Stall at 7:00 PM. Jerry delivered the devotion, ending with a prayer. Pastoral concerns and celebrations were shared.

Approval of agenda and consent agenda

The agenda and consent agenda were approved by common consent. The consent agenda includes the following:

Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of session minutes – Email vote 9/19/17, Stated meeting 9/18/17
  2. Approval of committee minutes – Building and Grounds 9/5/17, Worship 9/17/17, Stewardship 10/2/17, Communication and Technology October Report, Membership 10/4/17, Finance and Administration 10/15/17
  3. Correspondence – Karla Koll, World Mission request for money

Pastor’s Report

Lynn welcomed Monty filling in for Maggie while she is abroad. The Chili Cook Off is Saturday night to benefit Take and Eat Food Pantry. Lynn told the session Joelle is doing a wonderful job with Christian Education. She is a great addition to the church as is Godly Play and the children’s worship time.



Jerry presented the September numbers, indicating the church is in OK financial shape and that the church is still in the black year to date, although expenses exceeded income last month by ~ $600. The revenues were fairly low which is not unusual for September. Looking toward year end totals we will probably not reach the budget because of the non-pledge offering budgeted so high. Salaries were a little higher last month since we just started paying the DCE. We are getting more and more people paying on line. The surplus is down to $19,000. The checking account is down to ~ $17,000. The final payment has been made for the Fellowship Hall. There was ~$8900 in sales taxes for which Jerry has filed. The property assets are finally recorded correctly on the balance sheet.

Communication and Technology

Al passed around copies of the Briar Chapel Magazine.  Al talked about negotiating a deal with the owner of “Briar Chapel Neighbors” magazine, Brad Haydon. Essentially they will run two features – a larger one in December and then after the new pastor comes an article announcing that. The initial article will be  one-page describing our church, focusing principally on our mission and on our being the first church actually located in Briar Chapel to serve it and other nearby neighborhoods.  The article would also feature photos of our church and of members who currently reside in the Briar Chapel community.  We would provide copy to their editor prior to the Oct 25th input deadline for the Dec 2017 issue.  Additionally, the publisher has agreed to publish a photo and resume of our new minister in a feature article (a portion of a page) early in 2018 when we obtain the necessary information.

In exchange, CITP would agree to purchase a monthly one-eighth page ad for twelve months, beginning with the Dec 2017 issue.  The charge for this is $193 per month (Dec ‘17 – Nov ‘18), for totals of $193 in the current year budget and $2,123 in the 2018 budget. He offered the following motion:

CITP enter into a contract with the owner of Best Version Media, publisher of the “Briar Chapel Neighbors,” a monthly magazine published and distributed to all Briar Chapel residences.  The contract is to purchase twelve (12) one-eighth page monthly ads, at a cost of $193 per ad, commencing with the December 2017 issue, the content of which would be provided to the publisher by CITP.  The contract would also include provision for a one page feature article to be included in the December 2017 issue, and one additional smaller article to be published in the first quarter of 2018 which would feature a photo and article on CITP’s new pastor.  Copy for each article is to be provided to the publisher by CITP.

Lynn asked if it might be a good idea to wait to start the advertising until after the first of the year when the new pastor comes. Al thought because of Christmas advertising, the December timing was better. Nathan is helping with the advertisement. Al is writing the article, will give it to Lynn to approve and pass on. Karen asked if the budget would be increased for 2018, Al indicated there will be $1930 additional charges. The motion passed unanimously.



Lynn said there is still a lot of confusion on the Building Use, Nana has raised a series of questions that are not yet answered in the policy as written. Because the use crosses many committees, she thought it best to form a task force to address these questions and others. She is proposing that the members of the Task Force include Mickey dePrater, Nana Morelli, Kent Norgren, Chuck Rickard, Lee Strange. They have all agreed to serve. Lynne moved

          that Mickey, Nana, Kent, Chuck and Lee be appointed to the Building Use Task Force.

John asked to amend the motion, Karen moved

          that Mickey, Nana, Kent, Chuck and Lee be appointed to the Building Use Task Force and report back to session by the December meeting.

The amended motion was seconded and passed with little discussion.



Lynn asked someone from the Pastor Nominating Committee to present the two motions from the Pastor Nominating Committee. Lynne indicated they had selected their candidate and negotiated the offer in line with what was approved by session months ago. Pat, Marcia and she also met with Jerry and John McDowell last Sunday to go over the terms of call, and Jerry did not see a need for Pat to come to our meeting. After session approves the terms of call, the terms of call and the new pastor go back one more time to Presbytery for a meeting on the 26th and their final blessing. Our liaison John Johnson has assured us that it is mostly a formality and that nothing will go wrong. Assuming that is the case then the congregation will vote on the terms of call and the candidate. She brought the following motion from the PNC

                That session approve the following terms of call for the new pastor: $67,000 combined salary and housing, $5125.50 SECA, $24,790 to the Board of Pensions for pension and insurance, $3000 each for continuing education and professional expenses, $2000 for automobile reimbursement, one time maximum moving allowance of $10,000, 4 weeks annual paid vacation, 10 working days off for continuing education annually, 3 months paid sabbatical after 5 years of service, two months paid maternity or one month paid paternity leave.

Lynne indicated this was right at the middle of the range for a church our size and the benefits are what Mindy had. Karen asked how Finance felt about the numbers, Stan indicated, the committee was very comfortable. John indicated Personnel also felt fine about this. Karen indicated she had a problem with the lack of constancy for the maternity and paternity leaves, there was some agreement about that, but the decision was made to move forward the way the terms are written for now. The motion passed unanimously.

She also asked session to consider the following motion from the PNC

                That session call a Congregational meeting for November 5 for the purpose of calling a new pastor, to dissolve the Pastor Nominating Committee and to approve the terms of call for the new pastor.

There was discussion about timing, tentatively the new pastor will come January 21, Lynn will preach through December 24, actually working through the 31st but taking the 25th-31st as vacation days. Her”severance” will start on January 1 and go for two months unless she takes another call during that time period. After minimal discussion the motion passed. Lynn will make sure it is publicized. Stan asked that there be a lot of communication to the congregation explaining the process and that it is a Presbyterian process. Marcia will pass this suggestion onto Pat Chappell.

The Finance Committee will find the monies for the farewell party to Lynn. Pledge cards will be turned in on November 12, the week after the Congregational Meeting. The mailings will go out for the Stewardship Campaign after this coming Sunday. Stan announced who would be doing the Stewardship Minutes for Mission. Stan asked that each session member submit their pledges right away so that information can be included in the request for the rest of the congregation.

Stan asked Al to talk about the new web site which is almost complete and is being vetted by several folks before it goes live.


Lord’s Supper, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Since the previous stated meeting on September 18, the Lord’s Supper was celebrated once on October. There was one new member Mary Roodkowsky. There were no baptisms, weddings or funerals at the church.

Lynn reminded session that this coming Sunday is Reformation Sunday. As the business of the meeting was concluded, Lynn closed with prayer at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Ladd, Clerk

Approved session 11/20/17



  1. Next stated session meeting October 16, 2017, Jerry Wehmueller has the devotion.
  2. Strobilus Art Event September 22-24, Opening Night Reception September 22