Spoken Word Minutes – 12-01-08

Spoken Word Committee Meeting
December 1, 2008

Members Present:
Reverend Mindy Douglas Adams and Tina E. Stark, Team Leader, via Telephone

Members Absent:
Edith Hammond, Ed Park, Martha Taylor, Beverly Chapin


1.    Communion Schedule for 2009
2.    Communion Elements Preparation for 2009
3.    Preparation of Elder Communion Service Schedule based upon #1 above.
4.    Session feedback regarding current Communion Elements preparation and how it can be improved
5.    Care of altar cloths and draperies
6.    New business.

1. Communion Schedule for 2009
    Mindy and Tina discussed the current practice of serving Communion on the first Sunday of each month and selected days throughout the liturgical calendar. The dates for Communion on first Sunday in 2009 include:
Jan 4th; Feb 1st; March 1st; April 5th; May 3rd; June 7th; July 5th; August 2nd; Sept. 6th; Oct. 4th; Nov. 1st; Dec 6th.  The selected days were discussed and include: Maundy Thursday, April 9th; Easter Sunday, April 12th; Pentecost, May 31st; Christ the King Sunday Nov 22nd; and Christmas Eve Dec 24th. 

Final approval of the dates for service of Communion would be based upon approval by the Session at the upcoming meeting in December 2008.

2. Communion Element Preparation for 2009
    During our April 28, 2008 meeting we tentatively planned for Communion preparation into the beginning of 2009.  As a refresher to us all I have:                

Dec.7th Ed Park
December 24th Beverly Chapin
January 4th Martha Taylor
February 1st  Tina Stark
 March 1st  Ed Park
 April 5th & 9th  Beverly Chapin
 May 4th  Martha Taylor







Please let Tina know if you are unable to keep your date and attempt to find a substitute on the team.

3. Elder Communion Service Schedule based upon #1.
    Nana Morelli had prepared the Elder Communion service schedule in the past year.  She currently has contact information for all Elders and may be willing to handle this task again.  Mindy suggested that this may be something that Nana can do for the 2009 schedule again as soon as possible once the Session has approved the dates for Communion.

4. Session feedback regarding current Communion elements preparation and how it can be improved.
    The Session agreed that the bread needs to be cut into larger pieces than had been done in recent months. Some preparers had been cutting the bread so small that Communicants were unable to grasp the bread and dip easily into the cup of wine without loosing the bread or getting wet fingers.  Tina suggested using the size of an ice cube as a visual gauge as to how large a piece of bread to cut.  Also, please do not use breads that are very strong in flavor such as rye or pumpernickel, but do use bread that is crusty and firm.

5. Care of altar cloths and draperies
    The cleaning of the altar cloths is easily managed by the team preparing the elements.  The laundering and ironing of the drapes, which may be done by a cleaners tends to be expensive; when done at home may be time-consuming.  The committee would like to seek volunteers in assisting with the care of the drapes that are hung throughout the Church year.  Currently the white, purple and green drapes are clean and ironed.  The set of red drapes, which are not needed until Pentecost, which is in May, need to be ironed.  Any volunteers to handle this task are needed.  Perhaps a team to rotate the care of these drapes for their regular care and maintenance would lighten the load. Please e-mail Tina if you are able to help.

6. New business:  Bulletin preparation
    The liturgy is prepared each week by Mindy.  It is done by through a process by which she gives her notes to Nana Morelli on Monday or Tuesday each week.  Then Nana puts the liturgy into the format which we see weekly and a rough draft is put together Tuesday afternoon.  By Wednesday the rough draft is usually ready for editing.  What is needed now are volunteers to edit the rough draft before it goes into final printing for Thursday printing by 1pm.  The more volunteers the better.  If you are interested in close detail work, this project is for YOU! Leave no comma unturned; no period left where a question mark should be.  This project is truly Spoken (Written ) Word!  Are there any volunteers out there??  Please e-mail Nana Morelli or Mindy if you are interested in assisting in this very important task.

Respectfully submitted,
Tina E. Stark