September 2008 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, September 11, 2008
Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant

Stan Campbell, Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Wes McGraw, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Chuck Rickard, Mindy Douglas Adams (moderator), Mary Donna Pond (clerk), Jack Zollinger (treasurer).  
Excused:  John Walkup



Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Mary Donna led a devotion reflecting on the anniversary of September 11.

A Look into the Book (of Order).  The Section G-3 in the Book of Order was read and discussed.

Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the August 14 Stated meeting and August 24 Called meeting were approved following minor modifications to the minutes of the called meeting.

Agenda approval.  Several items were added to the agenda and it was approved by common consent.

Correspondence.  Mary Donna shared a thank you note from United Way of Chatham County for the Kits for Kids project donations.  She passed around information about the National NCD conference being held in St. Pete’s Beach, FL, September 28-October 2.  Mindy urged members to consider attending and asked anyone interested to talk to her.  Mary Donna also circulated a flyer about an upcoming Emergency Preparedness Workshop being held in Chapel Hill September 16.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy reported that this has been a hard few weeks with her grandfather’s hospitalization, emergency surgeries in the congregation, and several illnesses.  She thanked the Session for understanding her sometimes belated responses to emails and calls.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack Zollinger reviewed the Balance Sheet and the Report of Revenues and Expenses through August 2008.  Although revenues are slightly behind projections, expenditures are also lower.  We appear to be on target to end the year with a balanced report.  Instructions for stock donations are now available; Mary Donna offered to post them on the website.  We are approaching $100,000 in the First Citizens account which is the maximum covered by FDIC guarantees.  The Finance Committee will take this situation under advisement.


Community.  Membership, Fellowship, and Communications.  Written reports were distributed.  Outreach.  Michelle reported that the committee held its meeting just prior to the Session’s meeting.  They approved using funds to purchase new underwear for the Take and Wear program.  We are also participating in the coat drive.  October 19 has been scheduled as Guatemala Sunday and plans are in the works for a focus on this ministry.  October 4 is the kickoff for the latest Apostle Build home with Habitat for Humanity.  The family that will own the home may come to worship with us soon.  A committee for Peacemaking and Social Justice is being formed.  We will be applying to Salem Presbytery for a SNAP grant, awarded to churches that are working in partnership with one another in a neighborhood.

EducationYoung Adult.  The group held its first meeting and plans to meet again in October.  Adult Education.  Printed report distributed.  Stephen Ministry.  Two members are participating in University Presbyterian Church’s fall training class.

Worship.  Lay reader training has been held and nearly a third of the congregation has now participated in this training program.

FiduciaryAction item.  The Property Committee requested approval of the specifics of the loan application:  borrowing $92,000 for 20 years at 4%, paying principal and interest amounting to approximately $600/month.  Payments in 2009 will come from budgeted funds.  Any payments above the monthly amount due that are approved by the Session will come from the Property Fund.  The motion came from the Property Committee, needed no second, and was approved without dissent. 

In response to a comment made by Miss Peaches that use of the North Chatham School may be limited to two years for an outside group, the Session discussed the need to find a new worship space.  Suggestions included the new Woods Charter School as well as the new community center at Briar Chapel.  There was also discussion of identifying available and affordable office space.  Cindy McWilliams will inquire into the Charter School; Stan will make inquiries with Briar Chapel as well as other potential locations for office space rental.  Ed brought up the matter of raising money for a building and a there was brief discussion about a future capital campaign.

Stan distributed a working draft of the proposed 2009 budget and asked for committee input.  Several suggestions were made for revisions and adjustments.  As the proposed budget now stands, we would need a 37% increase in pledges for the coming year to cover budgeted expenditures.  Mindy voiced concern that this large an increase may not be possible given the current economic state of the country.  A finalized proposed budget will be presented at the October Stated Session meeting.  Jack asked that funds be included to purchase the Accounts Payable module for ACS software.


There was no old business.


Election of Presbytery Commissioner.  Lynne Hoerter was elected as our commissioner to the October meeting of Salem Presbytery in Blowing Rock.  Michelle Morehouse and Mary Donna Pond also expressed interest in attending as non-voting delegates.  Mindy Douglas Adams will also attend.

UPC Endowment Committee Proposal.  The deadline for applying to UPC’s Endowment for fall disbursement funds is October 1.  Mindy plans to have a talk with James Smith, chair of the committee, to ask about requests that might meet with a favorable response.  Ed suggested asking for funds for the Weekend Take-home Lunch program we are supporting at Perry Harrison School.

Elder/Deacon in Narthex.  Marcia suggested that we implement an Elder or Deacon in the Narthex program so that an officer will be available every Sunday to respond to requests and needs.  The Clerk was asked to prepare a sign-up sheet for the next meeting.

Emergency Preparedness Plan.  Mindy asked that we defer consideration of an Emergency Preparedness Plan until a future meeting.  Stan reminded the Session that we do have an Inclement Weather Plan already in place.

Approval of Guest Preacher.  Mindy will be attending the retirement service for her mother in South Carolina on September 28.  She requested approval for Richard Cox to preach on that day.  A motion by Chuck, seconded by Ed, was approved without dissent.

Announcements.  Mindy asked that committees send their minutes to the Clerk of Session and asked that the Clerk send those minutes to the Session prior to each stated meeting.  We have learned that our Duke Seminary Intern will be a female from a UCC background.  Her first Sunday will be September 28.  Ed suggested that New Member Sponsors be responsible for writing up the article for the Mustard Seed, introducing the new members to the congregation.  Ed also asked that an analysis comparing the costs of standard paper products vs. biodegradable and/or recycled paper products (coffee cups, napkins, etc.) be made and that the Session be provided that information so that we might use it in developing a policy to guide the purchasing of such "green" products.  Mindy will ask Nana to do some investigating.   Stan announced that Jerry Wehmueller will be working on the Stewardship Campaign along with Stan this year.

Next Meeting.  The Officer Retreat will be October 3-4.  The next Stated meeting is October 9 and will be held at the Community Room of the Camden Governor’s Village Apartments, beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Food will not be available so members should eat before the meeting or are welcome to bring something to eat.  Stephanie Miller will lead the devotion. 

Following a time of sharing pastoral concerns, Mindy closed the meeting with prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond, Clerk of Session

                                                                                                Approved by Session October 9, 2008