September 2007 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting
September 8, 2007


Attending:      Mindy Douglas Adams, Stan Campbell, Harriet McGraw, Wes McGraw, Cindy McWilliams, Richard Palmer, Mary Donna Pond, Tina Stark, Julia Trimmer, John Walkup, Joan Zollinger, Jack Zollinger  (Keith Glidewell was excused)

The meeting was held at the end of the two-day leadership retreat at University Presbyterian Church. Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 3:00  p.m. and led the group in  prayer.

Three hand-outs were distributed:  the August 2007 Treasurer’s Report, a new listing of fellowship/set-up teams, and new procedures for Sunday morning set-up.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack presented the Treasurer’s Report, noting that once again revenue is ahead of projections and expenses are right on target.  Funds that had been held in reserve have been moved to a Money Market fund and have already generated interest.  Jack has secured the services of a new CPA to perform the 2007 audit.  She already has some of our reports and is beginning to familiarize herself with our books.  She will be available to us for questions following the audit.

Evangelism.  Julia reported that a post card mailing in October/November will require over-spending their budgeted funds and asked for the team’s permission to do so.  A motion to allow the Evangelism committee to spend up to $4,000 on a post card mailing was unanimously approved.

Personnel.  Mary Donna reported that following Jeremy Nabors annual review, his job description has been revised from working 10 hours/week to 12 hours/week.  The committee recommends an increase in the 2007 budget up to $675.  She also reported that following Nana Morelli’s annual review, a revision in her job description, from 15 hours/week to 20 hours/week was also recommended and would require up to $1,050.  A motion from the committee to increase the personnel budget up to $1,725 was approved without dissent.

Pennies for Hunger Offering.  It was requested that the Pennies for Hunger offering, currently received on the 5th Sundays during the year (4 times/year) be received every month, on the last Sunday.  The team approved this change without dissent, the change to begin in September 2007.

Following some general discussion about Sunday set-up, the meeting was adjourned with prayer at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond

Approved by Common Consent October 11, 2007.