October 12, 2009 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, October 12, 2009-Wehmueller home

Attending: Elders Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Wes McGraw, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Vicky Raymond, Chuck Rickard, Jerry Wehmueller, Mary Donna Pond (Clerk), Jack Zollinger (Treasurer), and the Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams (Moderator). Others attending: Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas, Parish Assistant.

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

Leadership Development.  The session discussed chapter 6 of E. Stanley Ott’s Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church, examining the way leadership in the church is exercised and encouraged.

Concerns and Celebrations; Agenda Approval; Approval of Minutes; Correspondence.  Celebrations and concerns were shared. The agenda was approved by common consent.  The minutes of the September 10, 2009, Stated Session meeting were approved following a motion by Marcia Ladd, seconded by Jerry Wehmueller.  Correspondence was emailed to the Session prior to the meeting.

Pastor’s Report.  Two missionaries, Nuhad Tomeh and Karla Koll, have recently visited North Carolina and members of CITP were able to visit with them both.  Mindy has officiated at two weddings.  She attended a meeting of the Presbyterian Prison Ministry Board and advised the Session that Rev. Carolina Craig Proctor will resign as director of that ministry in December.  Mindy welcomed Mitzi Lesher-Thomas and stated how glad she is to be in ministry with Mitzi.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack distributed the Balance Sheet and Report of Revenues and Expenses through September 2009.  For the first time this year, expenses exceed revenues, but only slightly.  However, pledge payments are on track and Jack stated that he expects to end the year in the black.  Jack praised the work of Janet Askew in getting the finances corrected and properly reported.  He added that Janet has been working more than the budgeted 4 hours per week and he expects that situation to continue.   Funds for 10 hours/week are included in the 2010 proposed budget.  The Finance Committee will work with Janet to be sure she is prioritizing her duties properly and to determine the correct number of hours for the position.  A meeting has been scheduled with the auditor for October 30.


Community.  A written report was distributed prior to the meeting.

Outreach.  Michelle reported on the status of the Take and Eat Food Pantry and plans for a building.  A letter from Evergreen United Methodist Church asking for a commitment of funds and time was distributed prior to the meeting.  Following discussion, Marcia moved that the Outreach Committee make a recommendation about Chapel in the Pines’ commitment and that plans for the building be shared at the next Stated Session meeting.  Lynne seconded the motion which passed unopposed. 

Education.  Wes distributed a schedule for the Christian Doctrine class and appealed to all Session members to participate in the class which will be led by strong, seminary-trained teachers and promises to be a very good class.

Fiduciary.    A written report was distributed prior to the meeting.

Stewardship.  Jerry reported that we are in reasonably good shape on pledge fulfillments for 2009.  Pledge packets for 2010 pledges will be prepared for distribution by October 30.

Worship.    Vicky reported that the committee has met.  They discussed balancing the set-up teams so that there is an even distribution of people who can move furniture and who regularly participate in worship.  The music ministry is going well and new choir members are being recruited.  Spoken Word is making plans for more participation and materials have been ordered for consideration.  It was suggested that photos be taking of the worship space and chancel to assist set-up teams in positioning everything properly.



Officer Retreat.  Mary Donna circulated a sign-up sheet for carpooling to the retreat October 23-24.

2010 Proposed Budget.  Jerry went over the Analysis of 2010 Preliminary Budget.  Jack made some corrections in revenue projections which allowed the Current Pledges amount to be reduced.  Following further discussion, Jerry moved that the 2010 Proposed Budget be set at $260,000 and that the pledge goal be set at $232,000.  Lynne seconded the motion which passed unopposed.



Building Planning Committee Proposal.  Lynne brought the following recommendation from the committee: 

To hire the Church Financial Campaign Service of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to do a feasibility study designed to determine a realistic goal for a capital campaign for Phase I of CITP construction.  This study is to be completed prior to the beginning of Advent.  The cost for the feasibility study is $10,000.  Ana Lugo, who would be our consultant from CFCS, would make one to two trips to our area to conduct interviews with 10 potential donors.  Two weeks after the conclusion of these interviews, Ana will summarize her findings and make recommendations for a capital campaign goal.

Lynne reported that the committee had also interviewed Cargill Associates but felt that CFCS was a better fit for our church.  Jack asked if the committee will pursue a Walton Grant.  Lynne said they are preparing that grant application for submission in a few weeks.  She also said they have learned of a grant from Progress Energy and she is pursuing details about that as well.  Mindy called for a vote and the motion passed without objection.

Acts 16:5 Team Report.  A copy of the report was distributed.  Stephanie acknowledged the work of the others on the team:  Ed Park, Lee Werley, John Walkup, and Pat Chappell.  Although Pat has since resigned, she was instrumental in the work of the committee which has produced a recommended "Defining Vision and Practices."  After a short description of the team’s procedures, Stephanie explained that once the Session has approved the vision and practices statement, the team will evaluate all of the items in the Six-Year Plan to determine if each complements the vision and practices.  Stephanie asked if the Session needed some time to consider the recommendation.   Members agreed they were ready to adopt the following recommendation:

             We glorify God by spreading the Gospel and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.


             Welcome all people with love and hospitality
             Worship God together
             Witness by living the Good News and caring for the needs of others


  Stephanie made the motion which was seconded and passed unopposed.

Campus Ministry Board Representative.  Chuck Rickard found it necessary to resign as one of CITP’s two representatives to the UNC Presbyterian Campus Ministry Board.  Mindy asked for suggestions of a new delegate.  Julia Trimmer was suggested.  Stephanie, CITP’s other delegate, agreed to speak with Julia about this.

Next Meeting.   The next Stated Session meeting will be Monday, November 9, at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Ed and Susie Park.   Lynne Hoerter offered to hold the December meeting in her home.

Stephanie Miller led a closing devotional by Paul Andresen using The Doobie Brothers’ song "Takin’ It to the Streets" and a reading from the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 28:18-20) calling us to evangelism and to living our faith in the world.  Mindy led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 



Mary Donna Pond, Clerk                                Mindy Douglas Adams, Moderator




Approved by Session November 9, 2009