October 10, 2011 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church

Stated Session Meeting, October 10, 2011 – Douglas Home, Briar Chapel

Attending:  Elders Forrest Johnson, Michelle Morehouse, Vicky Raymond, John Walkup, Mary Donna Pond (Clerk),  and the Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams (Moderator).  
Excused:  Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Cindy Massey, Rachel Stevens, Jerry Wehmueller, Jack Zollinger (Treasurer), The Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas


The meeting was called to order by Mindy Douglas Adams at 6:30 p.m.  John Walkup led the opening devotion, using Word-Share-Prayer and Psalm 133, ending with prayer.  Mindy noted that a quorum was not present and a number of items would need to be postponed until the next meeting.  The agenda was approved by common consent. Pastoral concerns were shared and joys were celebrated.

Leadership Development and Approval of Minutes were deferred until a quorum was present. 

Correspondence.   A letter from Salem Presbytery requesting a pledge from Chapel in the Pines for 2012 was distributed in Session packets.  It was agreed the Clerk would communicate our intention to give at least the same as in 2011, and more if we are able to do so.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy talked about the sermon series on the "Great Ends of the Church" which began October 9.  She reported that she has been invited to be one of the Sprunt Lecturers at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond on the occasion of the seminary’s 200th anniversary.  She will deliver the lecture, "The Gospel in Our Time," on May 9 at 9:00 a.m.

Treasurer’s Report.  No report.


Community Quadrant 

Outreach.    Michelle asked about our participation in covering costs for our mission workers who visited from Guatemala.  She will check with John Rogers at UPC about this.  Mindy and Michelle both reported that they have identified two people who may serve as co-chairs for Outreach.

Education Quadrant

A visioning/planning meeting is set for October 23.  Youth programs are going very well under Rosy Robson’s capable leadership.

Fiduciary Quadrant   

Mindy covered the Revenue and Expense report through September.

Worship Quadrant

Vicky reported that new volunteers are being recruited for the children’s sermon.  She handed out a new description of the Worship Quadrant and the spoke and spoke leaders.  She also said there is some interest in a bell choir.


Building Committee.   There will be a walk-through of the new building on Sunday, October 16, until 1:30 p.m.  Everyone is invited to visit and see the progress that has been made.  Mindy expressed thanks to Lynne Hoerter, Bruce Raymond, John Walkup, and everyone who has given so much time and energy to the construction of the building.  There was a discussion of whether our first Sunday in the church building should be December 4 or 11.  It was generally felt that we should proceed quickly, but not rush or create too much stress getting set up for our first service there.



Officer Retreat.  Mindy has invited Dianna Wright from Salem Presbytery to be the facilitator at the retreat for a time of re-visioning.  John expressed concern that the time would not be used to plan and prepare for moving to the new space.  Michelle and Mindy both felt strongly that we need to use the time to recapture our vision and to refocus on our ministry to the community and the world.

Transition Team.  A team is meeting weekly with twelve representatives, thinking about the tasks needed to make the shift to our new home.  Quadrant and Spoke leaders will be informed and involved as this team moves forward.

PCM Board Representative.  Michelle agreed to ask Chuck Rickard if he would once again serve as PCM representative from Chapel in the Pines.



Chatham Community Church and North Chatham School workday.  CCC will have another work day with North Chatham School on October 23.  Notice of this will be made in the e-news and announcements.  Chapel in the Pines will not be joining them as a congregation this time but anyone who wants to help is certainly invited to do so.

Winter Arts Festival.  A small group is beginning to plan an arts festival to be held in our new building starting in January, most likely on Sunday evenings.  Mindy invited anyone interested in helping to plan these events to let her know. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Christmas falls on Sunday this year.  Pittsboro Presbyterian Church will join us that day in our new space and Troy and Mitzi Lesher-Thomas will assist in leading the Sunday morning service.  It was suggested that since Christmas eve is on a Saturday, the service might be held earlier than the traditional 7:00 p.m.  This matter will be taken up at the next meeting when a quorum is present.

David LaMotte.  Mindy reported that she has been talking with singer, songwriter, peace activist David LaMotte about possibly performing a concert in our new building on MLK weekend in January.  He would also be willing to preach the following Sunday morning.  There was some discussion about charging admission to cover his costs.  This matter will be further discussed when a quorum is present.

Michelle asked if the Acts 16:5 group is still meeting.  Mindy said they have not met recently but the group still exists and will become active again in time. 

The Deacons have not met since the last Session meeting so there is not yet a new plan for cross-representation at meetings.

The next Stated Session meeting will be November 14, 2011 at the Douglas home in Briar Chapel. 

Mindy asked for a time of silence.  She led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 



Mary Donna Pond, Clerk


Approved by Session November 14, 2011