November 21, 2022 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church

Stated Session Meeting November 21, 2022 7 PM


Present: Paul Bolig, Tom Crosby, Karen Fisher, Jeff Olson, Bruce Raymond, Barbara Strange, Andrew Taylor-Troutman, Tim White, (Treasurer), Sarah Whitney, Serena Zum Brunnen


Excused Absence: Marcia Ladd (clerk), Lee Werley

Guests: Deacons – Mickey dePrater, Jerry Douglas, Melissa Staples, Jackie Walters, Peggy Wilkerson, Polly Williams


Andrew called the meeting to order at 7. Paul Bolig offered a devotion; Andrew asked for prayer concerns, they were offered and Paul closed with a prayer. The elders and deacons took turns reading from the Covenant of Presence. Andrew asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Jeff moved to approve the agenda, it was seconded by Bruce and passed unanimously. Andrew asked for a motion to approve the consent agenda. Sarah offered a motion. It was seconded by Bruce and passed unanimously.


Consent Agenda-Please read these items in advance. They will be voted on as a group without discussion unless someone pulls a particular entry from the Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of Session minutes – Stated Meeting October 17, Called Meeting 11/6/22
  2. Approval of Committee Minutes – Christian Education 11/7/22, Membership 11/8/22, Building and Grounds 11/1/22, Deacons 11/7/22, Worship 11/15/22
  3. Staff Meeting – 11/20/22
  4. Correspondence

Pastors Report

Andrew asked if there were any questions about his Head of Staff Report. There were none. He asked if there were questions about his Moderator’s Report. He talked about the Annual Report developed every year by the church. Each elder summarizes the activities of their committee over the past year. The draft of the 2021 Annual Report is contained in the packet for this meeting. Each elder should submit their copy to Marcia by the next session meeting, December 19th, 2022.

*See Addendum Below

Andrew pulled out the Time and Talent Sheets. When congregants fill these out it is extremely important that the relevant committee follows up with them. He went through the sheets and identified which congregants were interested in serving in what ways. He asked each deacon and elder to contact two volunteers to thank them for filling out their Time and Talent sheets. Andrew will scan the T&T sheets and email them to Elders and Deacons to contact regarding specific assignments for committees.

Pastoral Prayers: Ed and Nedra Van Gombos.  Marcia Ladd, Josh Ladd and Lee Werley.  LGBTQ community.

Andrew told the Deacons they were free to leave, although they could stay if they wanted to.

Clerks Report

Treasurers Report


We are in a better position than last month from both revenues and cashflow. Revenues increased due to an influx of pledge payments. Cashflow improved due to better inflows and cautious spending. My year-end total operating revenue estimate remains at $454,000 vs $491,000 budget.



Total Revenues are $368,605 or 75% of budget vs 83% of the year and $9,913 less than last year. This improved from September 2022 where YTD was $36,100 less than September 2021. Pledge income YTD is 76% of budget. Non-pledge revenue YTD is 60% of budget. Open Plate Offering is 162% of budget. Month-to-date total revenue is $53,073 vs “avg” budget of $41,000, an improvement from September’s $21,970 revenue.



Total Expenses YTD are $363,235, 74% of budget vs $315,457 last year. October MTD revenues exceeded expenses by almost $21,000. This is a pleasant “flip-flop” where last month expenses exceeded revenue by $14,000.

POMS Update: Project for Outdoor Ministry Spaces (POMS) Report @ 10/31/2022:

Pledged/Donated:  $245,264 (88)

Paid to-date:         $229,389 (93.5%) [85 of 88 donors have paid in full or partial]

Spent to-date:       $  47,368

Obligated Costs:    $       300 approx for playground shelter permits (paid in Nov)


Mission Pledges:    $3,945 (8) ($500 increase in one pledge)

Paid to-date:         $2,105 (56%) [7 of 8 have paid in full or partial]

Spent to-date:         $1,125


Discussion: Jeff Olsen – Would like a timeline to recover money to Mission budget, if CITP meets original pledged budget for 2022.  Tim said he will look at expenses to date, and talk with F&A to see if we can green light originally planned mission spending.

Stewardship for 2023 – Total of 73 pledges – hoping for 110. Pledged so far: $336 000. Goal $450,000



Karen asked session to vote on the following motion


To accept Reny Matthew and Kelly Constant into membership, to join on Nov 27 at the early service.

Reny is already serving as a committed volunteer.

There was minimal discussion, and the motion passed unanimously.


Also – New Member classes taught by Andrew are scheduled for February and August 2023.  All members are encouraged to attend.


Christian Education

Serena explained that Joelle will be working toward her certification as a Christian Educator. Part of this process needs to be overseen by a “Reference Group,” as defined by PCUSA. Below are the PCUSA requirements for who has to be in the group.  In bold you’ll see that the Session must appoint someone to be in the group.


Educator and Advisor together select other persons to serve as a Reference Group. The Reference Group includes:

o A staff colleague (selected by the Educator). This individual should not be the spouse of the Educator;
o Another Christian educator, preferably certified, who knows the Educator
’s work (selected by the Educator);
o Representative appointed by the Session or agency/council to whom the Educator is responsible;
o The Educator Certification Advisor, who serves as moderator/convener of the group;
o A representative from the appropriate committee of presbytery (if applicable)


Serena indicated that she is willing to fill the session representative position. This was greeted with acclaim. Sarah Whitney then offered the following motion


To appoint Serena zumBrunnen to serve as Session representative to the DCYM Reference Group.


After minimal discussion, the motion passed unanimously.



Barbara indicated that her committee, in conjunction with Mount Zion are offering to hold a joint Christmas Day service and offered the following motion


Chapel in the Pines will participate in a joint worship service at Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church on December 25th at 11AM when Mt Zion will host children from the Central Childrens Home of NC and present them with gift cards. This would replace a Christmas morning service at CITP.


After minimal discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


Mission and Service

Jeff indicated that his committee is working toward an Alternative Christmas Market to be held between the 2 worship services and after the late service on the first two Sundays in December. It will be held in the Fellowship Hall.


He then explained that Mission and Service is going to be collecting money or supplies to give to homeless people to keep them warm this winter. The money and supplies will be collected between now and the first Sunday in December.


Ongoing Business

Tom offered a report on the Presbytery Meeting he attended November 14 as the church’s representative.  There are grants available for Peace and Justice initiatives. Also a Presbyterian Youth Connection opportunity that may interest Joelle (DCYM).  Tom particularly appreciated that the meeting was convened with a Native American land acknowledgment. Andrew adjourned the meeting with a prayer at 9 PM



New Members, Baptisms, Memorial Services and Weddings

Since the last session meeting on October 17, 2022 Kelly Constant and her husband Reny Matthew will be joining as new members, probably in February, Carolyn Bryan and John Joines were married 11/5/22, there were three memorial services – Ann Humber on October 15, Beverly Chapin on October 17 and Suzanne Goerger on November 5. There were no baptisms.


Respectfully submitted,


Serena zum Brunnen and Marcia Ladd,

Clerk of Session