Meeting by Email – May 25, 2016

Present: Karen Atkins, Heather Bogan, Kristin Lavergne, Terry Rudolph, Al Schalk, Butch Smith, Barbara Strange

Absent: Monty Brekke, Lynne Hoerter

Heather moved

To Establish a commission for the planning and building of a Fellowship hall and that the following individuals be invited to serve on the commission:

Jerry Wehmueller, chair
Bruce Raymond
Terry Rudolph (session rep.)
Jan Rickard
Michelle Morehouse
Zach Terry
Becky Peer

That the commission would establish a contract with Keith Shaw as architect for the new fellowship hall. 

A commission is empowered, within limits (which can be set at the next session meeting) to conduct business without bringing each transaction back to session for approval. The suggested committee members represent those with previous history and experience as well as inviting some newer members to participate in the next stage of our life together. Keith Shaw has helped with concept drawings, envisioned, with the design of our current building, how a fellowship hall would fit and has business contacts with the suppliers of the unique windows and other features. 

A separate committee will be established at a slightly later time to oversee interior needs i.e. paint color, appliances, any interior decor. 

Session was also asked to add names that thought might be additional good candidates to the proposed list of commission members. Kristin seconded the motion. No additional names were suggested. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted
Marcia Ladd,
Clerk of session
Approved session June 27, 2016