Meeting by Email – June 6, 2016

Present: Karen Atkins, Heather Bogan, Lynne Hoerter, Kristin Lavergne, Terry Rudolph, Al Schalk, Archie (Butch) Smith, Barbara Strange The Transition Team submitted a motion to session to approve the terms of call for the interim pastor they negotiated. The following email was sent to session:

Please find attached a blank copy of Salem Presbytery’s guidelines for pastor compensation. Using these parameters, the Transition team has negotiated a draft contract with our interim candidate for your approval that is also attached, labelled as the INTERIM PASTOR AGREEMENT.  As you may be aware, the transition team, the selected candidate and the Committee on Ministry of the eastern neighborhood of Salem Presbytery will be meeting tomorrow night, June 6, at 7PM for what is known as a Suitability and Fit interview. The purpose of that meeting is for the COM to get a sense of how CITP went about the search and discernment process, how we see the church moving through this transition and what we will do to care for our interim pastor. Assuming they determine it is a good fit, you as a body must approve the individual the team has selected.

Nobody will sign this contract until session approves the candidate. To be clear, this vote is for the terms of the contract, not the individual. The team is sending you the following motion to approve the Transition Team’s proposed contract for the interim candidate, pending COM approval and should COM recommend adjustments session will reexamine the terms of the contract. COM can recommend adjustments up or down. 

​As per the attached guidelines, many of these numbers are stipulated by Presbytery. The effective salary reflected in the contract is within the guidelines you approved in March. Jerry has looked at these combined numbers in the proposed contract and they are below our budgeted amount for head of staff compensation in 2016

If you have questions or want clarification on just the contract, please hit reply all so everyone can be privy to questions and answers. ​I would like to propose we wait until the morning to actually vote so questions can get out there if there are some. In the morning please send your vote, up or down, not reply all, but directly to me. Our goal is to have this approved before the team’s Monday night meeting with COM. We are sorry for the request for a quick turn.

The agreement is included in the June session packet. There was no discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marcia Ladd,

Clerk of session

Approved session June 27, 2016