May 2008 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, May 8, 2008
Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant


Attending:     Stan Campbell, Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Wes McGraw, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Chuck Rickard, John Walkup, Mindy Douglas Adams (moderator), Jack Zollinger (Treasurer), Mary Donna Pond (clerk)

Also attending were the following members of the Leadership Team:  Keith Glidewell, Ron Greene, Harriet McGraw, Julia Trimmer, Lee Werley, Joan Zollinger


Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. She gave the opening devotion affirming that we have come this far because God wants us to do so and that we are on a continuing journey.  She ended the devotion with prayer. 

Board of Trustees. Mindy explained that at least once each year, the Session will meet as the Board of Trustees to do the business of the corporation and called to order the first meeting of the Board of Trustees.  One hundred percent of the members were present.  A motion to elect Mary Donna Pond as Clerk was made by Marcia Ladd and seconded by Jack Zollinger.  There were no nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed and Mary Donna was elected by common consent.  Michelle Morehouse moved that Jack Zollinger be elected Treasurer.  Chuck Rickard seconded the motion. There were no nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed and Jack was elected by common consent. Mindy thanked Wes McGraw and Susan Walkup for their past service as Assistant Treasurers.  Stan Campbell moved that Bob Hoerter be elected Assistant Treasurer.  Jack Zollinger seconded the motion.  There were no nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed and Bob was elected by common consent.  Mindy explained that for purposes of incorporation, these three people will serve as Officers of the Corporation and that the officers must be elected annually.  Ed Park asked a question about who is authorized to write checks.  Mindy explained the procedure for requisitioning payment, writing checks, and signing them, all with proper guidelines in place to assure secure financial procedures. 

John Walkup moved that the Trustees affirm the decision to purchase land made previously by the Leadership Team, as described in the minutes of the April 10, 2008, meeting.  Stan Campbell seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  It was pointed out that the land will actually belong to Salem Presbytery.

There being no further business for the Board of Trustees, Wes McGraw moved that this portion of the meeting be adjourned.  Lynne Hoerter seconded the motion which passed without objection.  The meeting of the Session continued.

A Look into the Book (of Order).  Mindy distributed copies of The Book of Order.  She explained the overall structure of the BoO, the theology behind how we are governed, and highlighted Appendix E which explains the Presbyterian symbol.  She urged members of the Session to read in the Book of Order to be more informed about church polity.

Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the April 10 Stated Meeting, the April 20 Called Meeting, the April 27 and May 4 Congregational Meetings were all approved with minor revisions.  Mindy briefly explained why there had been two congregational meetings to elect officers and approve the Pastor’s call, stating that in conversation with several others at Presbytery and other pastors, holding the elections at the same time as the chartering celebration might have been complicated by nominations from the floor or other unexpected circumstances that would be better resolved at a meeting of the congregation.

Correspondence.  Mary Donna Pond read a letter of congratulations from Charles W. Byrd, Jr., Elder from Westminster Presbyterian Church and a letter of thanks from Chatham County Together.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy said the past few weeks have been a whirlwind and she is ready for “ordinary time.”  A few things will change (like the message on the answering machine) but otherwise, she expects things to get back to normal.  She reaffirmed that it is a joy and a privilege to work with this church.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack Zollinger distributed balance sheets and reports of revenues and expenses through April 2008.  Revenues are slightly ahead of budget, expenses slightly below.  He explained a modification in accounting procedures regarding “Pledges Paid in a Previous Year.”  He also made some brief comments about pass-through accounts.  Lynne Hoerter asked if there is a separate checking account for the property fund.  He said there is not.  Jack also explained that some reserve funds are in a Certificate of Deposit that is yielding a good rate at this time.  He ended his report by describing the annual review of our books by a CPA who is in the process of completing that review.



Mindy explained that committee reports will be provided at Session meetings through the Quadrant Leaders of the Six-Year Plan.  She asked that for future meetings, the Quadrant Leaders submit written reports prior to the meeting with action items highlighted.

Community.  Mary Donna Pond referred to a written report that had been distributed.  She explained that the Quadrant had previously been named “Outreach” but that the Outreach Committee wanted to retain that name (rather than “Mission”) so the Quadrant was renamed “Community.” 

The Fellowship Committee had two action items.  The first requested the creation of a fifth Sunday set-up team.  After brief discussion, this motion was approved.  Subsequent conversation indicated that the fifth team would probably be implemented in September.   Next was a request to remove the monthly fellowship responsibilities from the Sunday set-up teams.  This motion was also approved following discussion.  The third action item, to move the Sunday set-up teams under the Worship Quadrant, was defeated.  Joan Zollinger, who had recently become moderator of the Fellowship Committee, will relinquish that duty on May 12; Barbra Carson has agreed to take leadership of Fellowship at that time.

The Evangelism Committee had one action item:  to rename the committee “Communications.”  Stephanie Miller, moderator of the committee, explained that it has been difficult to recruit members for this committee and that a change of name might make the work of the committee more understandable.  The request was approved without dissent.

Education.  Wes McGraw distributed the Adult Education plan for the remainder of 2008.  He also reported that a request has been made to add the Presbyterian Youth Triennium in 2010 to the Six-Year Plan and to include funds for this in the budget when that time comes.  Julia Trimmer asked if the schedule of classes is set.  Wes and Mindy both said that if others come forward with ideas or groups, those additional classes can be added.

Fiduciary.  Stan Campbell reported that Richard Palmer has asked to not be chair of the Stewardship Committee.  Stan will serve in that role until a new person expresses interest.  Jack Zollinger noted that Bob Hoerter is now heading the Finance Committee.  A new person is being sought for that work.  Joan Zollinger reported for the Property Committee that three design-build firms will be interviewed at the end of the month:  BuildEx, Riggs Harrod, and Inland Construction.  Ed Park requested that the Session and congregation be included as the conversations and plans for the building are being developed.  Joan explained that the meetings with the design-build firms are being held to gather information that will be shared widely when it has been collected.  Stan suggested that the Session retreat might be a time for such a presentation.  John added his request to Ed’s that the Property Committee be mindful to include the Session and others in their deliberations.   Mindy asked Joan Zollinger to email to the Session members a copy of the document that had been sent to the design-build firms.

Worship.  John Walkup explained how there has been conversation across the quadrants involving a need for study of topics that relate to the work of the Inclusiveness Committee.  He hopes that some opportunities can be developed that will help inform the congregation about important aspects of congregational life and the ways we can work to be open to all people.  The four committees in the Worship Quadrant are moderated by the following:  Spoken Word, Tina Stark; Liturgical Arts, Vicky Raymond and Pat Chappell; Worship Leadership, Madge Webster; Inclusiveness, Julia Trimmer.


It was appropriate to skip ahead on the agenda and take up the matter of the Six-Year Plan at this point in the meeting.  Ron Greene as moderator of the Six-Year Plan Committee asked that the Session reaffirm the adoption of the Six-Year Plan and approve the current steering committee as it is currently comprised.  Marcia Ladd made such a motion, Michelle Morehouse seconded it, and it was approved by common consent.


Finance Task Force.  Jack Zollinger reported that the task force cannot move forward until the Articles of Incorporation are accepted by the NC Secretary of State and we are informed that our incorporation is approved.  This may not happen until late summer.

By-laws Task Force.  Submission of the Articles of Incorporation was delayed, pending the official election of our officers, but is now moving forward.  Even though a new Assistant Treasurer was elected at this meeting, Wes McGraw will continue as a signer on checks until the incorporation process is complete and we have moved our accounts to First Citizens Bank.  Stan Campbell moved that both the task forces be reaffirmed by the Session.  The motion was seconded and approved by common consent.


Mission Statement.  Mindy asked that members of the Session think about how the current Mission Statement should be revised now that we are no longer a new church development.  This will be taken up at a future meeting.

Terms of Office.  Mindy presented three different terms of office for Elders and Deacons:  (a) calendar year; (b) September through August; (c) Pentecost through May.  She explained the pros and cons of each and there was discussion.  Wes McGraw moved that option (c), the Pentecost to May option be adopted.  Michelle Morehouse seconded the motion and it was approved.

Training and Retreat.  Mindy asked the Session members to consider the following dates for Officer training and retreat.  August 10 and 17, September 7 and 14, and a retreat either October 10-11 or 17-18.  After further consideration, finalized dates for these events will be announced.

Election of Commissioner to Presbytery Meeting.  We may send one voting Elder to each meeting of Salem Presbytery.  The next meeting will be July 19 at Bethel Presbyterian Church in McLeansville.  Stan Campbell volunteered to be our Commissioner.  Marcia Ladd may also attend.  Mindy will be unable to attend this meeting.

Resolution of Appreciation.  Mary Donna Pond read a proposed Resolution of Appreciation for those who have served on the Steering Committee and Leadership Team.  The resolution was adopted unanimously and Chuck Rickard offered to read it to the congregation on Sunday morning.  It was also moved that the resolution be printed suitably for framing.

Devotions.  The following people volunteered to give devotions at upcoming meetings:  June, Joan Zollinger; July, Marcia Ladd; August, Michelle Morehouse.

Next meeting.  It was agreed to keep the Stated Session meetings on the second Thursday of each month; however, in June Mindy is unable to meet on that night.  It was agreed that the June meeting will be held on Monday, June 2.  Since Dockside is closed on Mondays, Stan agreed to inquire about using the Community Room at Camden Governors Village apartments on Mount Carmel Church Road.

Ed Park asked about the process for incorporating new members into the congregation and whether the Membership Committee develops a plan for Session approval or whether the Session directs the Membership Committee on how this should be done.  Mindy asked Harriet McGraw to prepare a presentation on this for the June session meeting.

Joan Zollinger presented a small angel medal to each member of the Leadership Team to keep as a reminder of the strong bond that formed during their service together.  Harriet McGraw served cake that had been leftover from Sunday afternoon’s reception.  Mindy closed the meeting with a time of prayer.

Mindy reminded everyone of our daily noon prayer time.  She closed the meeting with prayer at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond, Clerk of Session

Approved by Session June 2, 2008