May 2007 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting
May 10, 2007 – 6:30 p.m. – Dockside Seafood Restaurant


Attending:      Mindy Douglas Adams, Moderator; Keith Glidewell, Wes McGraw, Mary Donna Pond, Tina Stark, Julia Trimmer, John Walkup, Jack Zollinger

At 6:55 p.m., Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order by reading a passage from Ephesians 3 in which a shift occurs in the early church’s understanding that the Gospel is sent to everyone.

Worship Committee.  John Walkup thanked Tina Stark for her gracious and faithful hospitality hosting the choir in her home every Wednesday night.  He stated that a conversation with Christ Church in Southern Village resulted in an offer of space for our choir rehearsals, but not on Wednesday nights.  John proposed moving choir practice to Tuesday night in order to accept this gracious offer.  Christ Church’s governing body will act on this request and, if approved, we will shift choir rehearsal accordingly.  Sunday set-up is working well and as new people join us, they will be added to the teams.  Fellowship events are not being scheduled early enough for adequate publicity.  John will identify a coordinator for fellowship events.

Minutes and correspondence.  One correction involving approval for communion at special services was made to the minutes of the April 12, 2007, meeting of the Leadership Team and they were approved as corrected by common consent.  There was no correspondence to share. 

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy reported that things are “great.  Yea!” 

Finance and Administration Committee.  Jack Zollinger distributed the Revenue and Expense report through April and a balance sheet.  Both revenue and expenses are on target.  In anticipation of diminished revenue during summer months, the CD was not renewed and is available for summer expenses.  Jack will look into opening a second Money Market fund for those funds so that interest can be earned.  Mindy reported that UPC’s Endowment committee has approved $2,000 for our intern.  The session is expected to approve this recommendation.  Mary Donna moved that the interest on the CD be put into the Reserve Fund.  Julia seconded and the motion passed.  The team also agreed to lower the price charged for fair-trade coffee.  John asked that Jeremy Nabors be given copies of the budget.

Committee Reports
Adult Education.  Wes McGraw reported that the current study on Christians and the environment, using  Sojourner’s curriculum, is going well.  In June, we will begin a study using the book John for Everyone.

Children/Youth.  Mindy announced plans for some visioning sessions with the Youth.  Julia and Keith will be involved and will brainstorm about ideas for Youth activities.  A similar meeting for parents of young children will be held, perhaps inviting some UPC parents to participate.  Mary Donna suggested inviting Paula Browder who has worked with Youth at PPC.

Evangelism.  Julia reported that a problem in communication has resulted in our old ad being run in Southern Neighbor.  Mindy did not realize we had decided to stop running the ad and has been paying them to run it, but Julia never sent them a corrected ad because we had decided to stop.  She has sent a corrected ad, but we will stop running the ad for now.  A questionnaire will be sent to all visitors asking for input.  Totebags and sweatshirts are being considered.  Wes was thanked for repairing the signs in front of Dockside.

Finance.  Mindy announced that Bruce Birch has resigned from the Finance Committee.

Membership.  Mindy reported that she expects at least six new members to join on Pentecost.  There are eight others who are potential new members and another six who plan to join in the fall.

Outreach.  The community forum was well attended (30 people) and the panel was strong.  A second meeting is scheduled for May 23 at noon.  Initial efforts will look at an expansion of the Evergreen food pantry and a collection of children’s books.  We are also in partnership with other area churches to help build ramps and replace flooring in homes where there is a need.

Personnel.  Mary Donna reported that Kim Prendergast’s annual review went well.

Property.  A proposal from Soil and Environmental Consultants for perking evaluation of the proposed land for $2,000 is being accepted and we hope the work will be done within a week or two.

Stewardship.  Mindy reminded the team that our stewardship of the environment is just as important as our monetary stewardship.

Old Business
Presbytery Meeting.  The meeting in April was a positive one.  The only difficult topic discussed was a report on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which attempts to find a way to heal the wounds that still exist in the community following the 1979 shootings in Greensboro.  The sticking point involved corporate sin, including everyone in the wrongs that were done.  No vote was taken and the committee was asked to keep working on this matter.  A new stated clerk was elected and there appears to be good leadership for the Presbytery during this time of transition.  The next meeting is on Saturday, July 21, in Mebane.  Mindy hopes we can send a large delegation.

Relay for Life.  Tina reported that the auction is winding down.  She indicated that she would not recommend doing it again next year.  After discussion, it was decided that unsold items will be stored in the church office and we will begin earlier next year.  We have raised a total of $300+ so far.

New Member Sunday.  Members of the leadership team will need to meet with new members on new member Sunday.  Mary Donna will be teaching and several people will be out of town.  Mindy will reserve the library for this gathering.

New Business
Quarterly Report.  Mindy distributed copies of the Quarterly Report to be presented to the New Church Development Committee next week.  Mindy will make a request for Presbytery help in purchasing land.  She will also tell them we would like to be chartered soon.  John suggested our report be sent to the visitor from the national NCD office as well as to Ed Harding, our NCD coach.

Hunger Grant.  We will apply for one of the Presbytery’s Hunger grants, between $1,000 and $3,500, to be used in our efforts with the expansion of the Evergreen hunger relief work.  Mindy will invite the Presbytery’s Hunger Enabler to visit with us.

Environmental Grant.  We will apply for one of the $500 environmental grants and Mindy proposed asking for money to help the school replace light bulbs with more efficient ones or to plant trees at the school.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed by common consent to allow Mindy to talk with Jim Peterson at the school to identify needs and to make the grant request.

Leadership Team Retreat.  Discussion of a fall retreat led to an agreement that we will have an overnight retreat, probably September 7-8, at a place to be determined.  Everyone will be invited.
Mindy reminded the team of our daily noon prayer time for Chapel in the Pines.  She asked for and received approval for John Walkup to preach on June 10 rather than the previously requested May 20.
After sharing pastoral concerns, Mindy closed the meeting with prayer.  The next meeting will be June 14, 2007, at 6:30 p.m. at Dockside.  Jack Zollinger has devotion for that meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Donna Pond