May 16, 2016 Stated Session Meeting

Attending:  Ruling Elders Karen Atkins, Monty Brekke, Kristin Lavergne, Terry Rudolph, Al Schalk, Archie (Butch) Smith, Barbara Strange, Jerry Wehmueller (Treasurer) Marcia Ladd (Clerk), and Teaching Elder Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas (Moderator)

Absent: Heather Bogan, Lynne Hoerter

Guests: Rev. John Johnson (First Responder), Rev. Bryan McFarland (Salem Presbytery Commission on Ministry eastern neighborhood), Outgoing session members – Vicky Raymond, Fred Royal

The meeting was called to order by Mitzi Lesher-Thomas at 7:00 PM. A quorum was declared. Jerry led the opening devotion, ending with prayer. Concerns and
celebrations were shared.

Leadership development: Mitzi discussed the article shared in the packet on 10 things churches can learn from the Apple Store and the implications it has for how we see ourselves as a church, and how it resonates with who CITP is and what we may need to stretch to achieve.

Approval of agenda and consent agenda
The agenda was carried by common consent. The consent agenda was carried by common consent, as follows:
a. Approval of minutes – Stated session 4/18/16, Email vote 4/24/16
b. Committee minutes – Building and Grounds 4/7/16, 4/21/16,5/3/16; Transition Team 4/21/16, 4/29/16, email vote 4/24/16, 5/8/16; Communication and Technology Committee members and responsibilities
c. Correspondence – Habitat, Farm Church 

Pastor’s report.  Mitzi provided an updates on the search for an interim pastor and an accompanist. Mitzi asked for input on the continuing education request she
submitted. Al Schalk moved

To approved Mitzi’s request for time off and funding to attend the Montreat conference for interim training in August.

Karen seconded the motion, it passed unanimously.

Committee reports
Jerry went over the April financial reports. Revenues were lower than budget, Jerry had anticipated a lot of expenses in April, among other things it is a 3 payroll period month, but we are still YTD in the black.I

n Heather’s absence, Jerry presented an update on the Capital Campaign. Twenty six pledges came in last Sunday and we have collected $340,000 to date to match
the $400,000 challenge.

Jerry also indicated that we need a new corporate resolution for the bank which Jerry will bring to the next session meeting.

Mitzi introduced Bryan and John. They will share a synopsis of tonight’s conversation with CITP and also keep it in the CITP file at the Presbytery. They referred session to the exit interview document shared in the pre-session packet. Session systematically discussed the 4 questions contained in that document.

1. List some accomplishments of the Church during the tenure of your Pastor.

2. What were the strengths of your Pastor?

3. Were there barriers to her effectiveness here?

4. Concerns for the future as the Church prepares to search for another Pastor.

5. How do you feel about how Mindy helped you in understanding and feeling for your connection to and with Presbytery and how will you strengthen those connections during the transition period.

Building and Grounds
Karen presented a brief update on the status of the bio-pond. For the first time since inception, it has been approved and is functioning as it should.

Terry presented the following motion from Worship

To approve the following guest preachers on the designated dates

June 5, 2016          Peter Hausmann

June 19, 2016        Katie Ricks

July 10, 2016         Karla Koll

July 24, 2016         Alan Bancroft

There was minimal discussion; the motion passed unanimously.

Ongoing Business
Mitzi asked session if they had prayerfully considered their potential response to HB2. There was overwhelming support for developing and publicizing a resolution in
opposition to the bill. There was consensus that perhaps taking pieces of Monty’s statement and that of Salem Presbytery would make sense. Barbara made a motion

that Monty and Mitzi work on a statement in response to HB2 on behalf of the session.

Butch seconded the motion, it carried unanimously.

Karen made a motion

in response to generally divisive rhetoric that Karen and Mitzi develop a statement on productive discourse

Monty seconded it, it passed unanimously.

New Business
Barbara Strange gave a brief update on the production that will be held at CITP on November 13 4PM by Mike Wiley about Jackie Robinson. Audience donations will be requested. The cost is $1100 and Mission and Service has pledged $250, Mt Zion $250, Pittsboro Presbyterian $200 and Rev. Jim Jones from Mt. Pleasant UMC is taking a request to ORCHAT for their support. Holy Trinity is also considering a contribution. The Conversation on Race class is also helping to bring this production to CITP to stimulate dialogue within the church and community about racial divides.  Monte indicated that he will have a conversation with Nathan about aligning it with the Strobilus branding and perhaps getting his help about where to publicize the event. Mission and Service will give consideration to what we would do with a surplus from that event.

Mitzi asked session members what changes for their respective committees they see need to be made in the Manual of Operations.

 Under Worship and the LA Subcommittee in the first line of the description of that subcommittee it is referred to as a committee and needs to be referred to as a subcommittee.

 Al sent an update to his committee’s responsibilities and it was approved in the consent agenda

 Karen indicated her committee will review changes and bring motions back to session

Lord’s Supper, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals
Since the previous stated meeting March 21, 2016 the Lord’s Supper was celebrated two times on May 1 st and 15th. There were no new members, baptisms,
weddings or funerals.

The next stated session meeting will be June 27 at the 7PM. Marcia Ladd will lead the devotion.

As the business of the meeting was concluded, Mitzi led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

Respectfully submitted, 
Marcia Ladd, Clerk
Approved session June 27, 2016

Remember to pray for our church each day at noon.
Next stated session meeting June 27, Marcia Ladd has the devotion