March 24, 2017 – Called E-mail vote

March 24, 2017

Email Vote Called Congregational Meeting April 9


Lynn has asked me to conduct an email vote on scheduling a called meeting for Sunday April 9. The purpose of the meeting will be for the congregation to elect the PNC. We have to announce a congregational meting for two weeks before it can be held, and if you vote to hold it we can start announcing it this Sunday. The Nominating Committee is meeting this Sunday to put the slate together for the PNC. Once the slate is set we will let you know who is on it, and publicize it to the congregation. It is the task of the congregation to elect the PNC so they can begin the work of calling a new installed pastor. 

You are voting today on whether to set the called meeting for April 9, yay or nay, please respond just to me. Thanks for all you do.

​M​arcia Ladd
Clerk of session


Yay votes

Maggie Reif
Karen Atkins
Terry Rudolph
Heather Bogan
Barbara Strange
Lynne Hoerter
Butch Smith

Absent: Kristin Lavergne, Al Schalk

That being a majority of yays, the motion passed on March 25, 2017

Approved session 4/17/17