March 2008 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting – Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant
March 13, 2008


Attending: Mindy Douglas Adams (moderator), Stan Campbell, Keith Glidewell, Ron Greene, Harriet McGraw, Wes McGraw, Mary Donna Pond (clerk), Julia Trimmer, John Walkup, Jack Zollinger, Joan Zollinger

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order. At 6:30 p.m. Keith Glidewell led the opening devotion using a commentary from the lectionary readings about faith and food, hunger and fasting, reconciliation, repentance, and solidarity. The following website has more on this topic:

Mindy led the group in “A Look into the Book,” a continuing study of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order, focusing on G-1.0300, “The Historic Principles of Church Order.”

The Minutes of the February 2008 Stated Meeting and the Annual Congregational Meeting of March 9, 2008, were approved as submitted. The Agenda was amended with two additions and was approved. There was no correspondence to share.

Pastor’s Report. Mindy said she was “sick of being sick” having suffered a cold and a stomach bug during the past few weeks.

Finance Report. Jack Zollinger reviewed the balance sheet and the Analysis of Revenues and Expenses through February 2008. Pledge payments are slightly behind, partly due to the loss of a Sunday to inclement weather. No action was recommended at this time.

Written reports from Adult Education and Membership were distributed prior to the meeting.
Property – Joan reported that the developers of Briar Chapel (Newland Homes) will put in driveway cut-ins for our property. We hope to begin work with a build/design firm soon. Joan presented two possible loan strategies for purchasing our land and asked for counsel from the group. John urged that we be as aggressive as is prudent, trusting that God will provide the way. Stan asked how the six-year plan will be affected after the loan is in place and would the property committee become the building committee. Mindy said that the property committee would cease and a building committee would replace it, not necessarily comprised of the same people, though some might continue.

Six-Year Plan. The Steering Committee for the Six-Year plan met and elected a chair (Ron Greene), to serve for one year, and vice-chair (Lynne Hoerter), to serve two years, becoming chair of the group the second year. Terms of service for the heads of the Outreach and Worship Quads are for one year; the heads of Fiduciary and Education will serve for two years. Some concern was expressed over finding replacements for the Outreach and Worship quads, but it will only take two people and as we grow, there will be many who can fill these roles. Mary Donna suggested re-naming the Outreach Quad the “Community” quad so that the Mission/Outreach spoke can retain the name “Outreach.” The Leadership Team approved this re-naming and Ron will incorporate the new name into future printout of the plan.

Personnel. Mindy was asked to leave the meeting briefly. Mary Donna brought the following motion from the committee: that a 10% raise for Mindy Douglas Adams, resulting from her annual review in February, be approved effective February 1, 2008. The motion was approved. John urged that we do everything possible to compensate Mindy well for her good work. Mary Donna told the group that the Personnel Committee had given its approval for Mindy to apply to Union Seminary to begin her D.Min. program. She added that funds for this are not currently in the budget and will need to be added when Mindy is accepted into the program. John and several others expressed concern that Mindy is not taking enough time off from work. John urged everyone to share Mindy’s load so that she can feel comfortable taking time away.

Mary Donna brought a second motion from the committee, that we elect not to have a Pastor Nominating Committee and that we call Mindy Douglas Adams, currently Organizing Pastor, as the first Pastor of Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church, installing her at a service on May 18, 2008. Mary Donna assured the team that the Presbytery has affirmed this decision and advised us to proceed. The motion passed. Mindy returned and was apprised of the actions. She expressed her gratitude with joy.

Stephen Ministry. Mary Donna reported that a group of currently trained Stephen Ministers has met and has agreed to begin working on monthly re-training, in hopes of starting a Stephen Ministry program in the fall. University Presbyterian Church Stephen Ministry has offered to pay for Chapel in the Pines to join the Stephen Ministry program. Chapel in the Pines must also covenant to be a faithful participant congregation. Mary Donna explained the areas of obligation and moved that we make such a covenant. Julia seconded the motion and it passed without dissent.

Committee/Office WorkCommittee/Office Work. Mindy asked that people inform the office whenever orders are placed and purchases are made in case vendors or others call about these matters. She also urged that purchases be made, when possible, using the church accounts to save sales tax. She asked whenever possible to work well ahead of deadlines to save on rush shipping costs.

National NCD Conference. There will be a national new church development conference in Indianapolis May 27-29. Mindy urged anyone who is able to attend.

Chartering and Congregational Meeting. We expect to be chartered by Salem Presbytery at the April 22 meeting. Mindy urged everyone to be there. Task forces are in place and are working on various aspects of our new status. The Finance Task Force has met (Jack, Cindy Massey, and Bob Hoerter) and is working on financial tasks, some of which do not have to be in place by April 22. The By-laws Task Force (Monica Goudy, Rachel Stevens, and Si Brewer) are writing up By-laws and Articles of Incorporation. After discussion, John moved to hold a Congregational Meeting on April 27 for the purpose of electing officers and approving the Terms of Call for our new pastor. These people would then be installed (and ordained, if needed) at the afternoon service on May 18. The motion was seconded by Wes and passed without dissent. [Subsequent to the meeting, the date for this event was changed to May 4.]

Guidance for the Nominating Committee. The group discussed whether to have a separate Session and Board of Trustees or to have the Session function as the Board of Trustees. Stan moved that the Session act as Trustees, meeting once each year as the Board of Trustees of the Corporation. Jack seconded the motion, and it passed without dissent. Next there was discussion about a bicameral or a unicameral Session/Diaconate. Consideration was given to the size of the boards, their roles, the number of meetings that would be required, and the involvement of more people. Stan moved that we establish both a Session and a Diaconate and Jack seconded the motion. Following discussion, including the relationship of Stephen Ministry to the Diaconate, the motion passed without dissent. John moved that the Session have 9 members. Stan seconded the motion and following brief discussion, the motion passed. Jack asked where the Treasurer fits in and Mindy answered that he serves as an officer of the corporation, to be elected annually. John moved that the Diaconate also have 9 members, and Stan seconded. It was pointed out that a small Diaconate might indicate that the Deacons are less important than the Session. Julia suggested that such a large Board of Deacons might not have enough to do. After more discussion, the motion passed without dissent.

Mindy reminded everyone of our noon prayer time for Chapel in the Pines. Wes McGraw will give the devotional meditation at the April meeting.

Joan noted that the billboard on US 15-501 looks very good. Mary Donna asked if we have gotten any new visitors as a result of the billboard. We have had none to date. Nevertheless, Stephanie Miller, Julia Trimmer, Karen Fisher, and Mindy deserve much credit for this good public relations presence in the community.

The next meeting will be April 10, meeting at 6:00 to order meals, with the meeting starting at 6:30. Lots of hands will be needed for the May 18 [May 4] service and celebration.
Prayer concerns were shared and a time of prayer preceded the adjournment of the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond