March 2007 Annual Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian NCD
Annual Congregational Meeting
March 18, 2007 – North Chatham School

The meeting was called to order by Organizing Pastor, Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams, at 11:25 a.m. after which she led the congregation in prayer.

Rev. Adams welcomed those gathered to the first annual congregational meeting and ushers distributed copies of the Annual Report for 2006 and a copy of the year-end report of revenue and expenses.

Pastor’s Report.  Rev. Adams explained that technically she is an employee of Salem Presbytery and that Chapel in the Pines is still considered a “new church development.”  When we grow large enough, the Presbytery will grant us a charter, following which there will be some slight changes, but for practical purposes, we are currently functioning as a church.  Our leadership team functions as the session for purposes of making decisions for the church.  She then outlined a few high points for the 2006 calendar year:  she was hired to be the organizing pastor on February 21, 2006; our first morning worship service was March 4, 2006, at Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant, after which we held services on the first, third, and fifth Sunday of each month (with an average attendance of 35) and visited together at other area churches on the second and fourth Sundays; in September we began worshipping every Sunday morning; our Launch on October 1, 2006, was attended by more than 100 people; average attendance grew to 65.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack Zollinger, Treasurer, gave a brief financial report, stating that our first year had been a success with revenue exceeding expenses resulting in a year-end reserve.  A copy of the year-end 2006 report of Revenue and Expenses was distributed.

Outreach Report.  Rev. Adams reported in the absence of the chair of Outreach, Dianne Birch.  In our first year we supported both local and global mission projects including projects in Kenya, Ireland, and Haiti as well as local Habitat for Humanity, hospice, Chatham Together, Rape Crisis and Family Violence prevention, and a few individual needs.  We gave to the Presbytery/General Assembly and are working to grow that portion of our budget to 10% of our total budget in the coming years.

Property Committee.  Joan Zollinger, co-chair of the property committee with Cindy McWilliams, reported that we have identified a 12-15 acre site off Mann’s Chapel Road.  We are awaiting bids from companies to do site survey and perking analysis.  Meanwhile, we have raised $44,550 for the purchase of property since November 2006.  We will need approximately $225,000 for the purchase of this tract.  To illustrate the financial picture, she showed a large glass jar containing dirt and said that the jar will need to be full.  She stated that Salem Presbytery is expected to assist us with the purchase as well as with securing a loan.

In closing, Rev. Adams invited members to become a part of the leadership team which meets on the second Thursday of each month.  Graduate Student Intern, Graham Ford, closed the meeting with prayer at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Donna Pond, Clerk