March 17, 2013 Annual Congregational Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Congregational Meeting Minutes
March 17, 2013

Following worship, Pastor Mindy Douglas called the meeting to order. Lynne Hoerter was elected as clerk.

The annual report for 2012, which had been previously emailed, was distributed in print. The report included committee reports, staff reports, a list of new members and a financial report.

The floor was opened for questions and/or comments. Jeff Morehouse noted a correction:  Bob Warren is head of the Communications Committee, rather than Jeff as was in the report. The correction will be made.

Stephanie Miller questioned the lack of a report from the Personnel Committee. It was not included but will be added.

Finally, Karen Fisher commented that adult baptisms should be included.

Mindy thanked Nana Morelli, Office Manger, for compiling the annual report. It was moved and seconded that the congregation receive the report.

The second order of business was to vote on a change in the Terms of Call for Pastor Mindy Douglas. Mindy excused herself and Parish Associate Mitzi Lesher-Thomas chaired the remainder of the meeting.  John Walkup, as representative of the Session, recommended the congregation approve a 3% increase in Mindy’s pay “across the board.”  The motion to approve the increase was seconded and unanimously approved.

There was a motion to adjourn.  The meeting ended in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Hoerter, Acting Clerk

Approved by Session April 15, 2013