June 9, 2014 Stated Session Meeting (and Annual Meeting of Trustees)

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, June 9, 2014, Narthex

Attending: Ruling Elders Heather Bogan, Monty Brekke, Kristin Lavergne, Stephanie Miller, Jeff Morehouse, Tina Stark, Bob Warren, Marcia Ladd (Clerk), and Teaching Elder Rev. Mindy Douglas (Moderator)
Excused Elders: Fred Royal, Butch Smith, Jerry Wehmueller (Treasurer)
Guests: Barbara Styers, Nathan Kotecki


The meeting was called to order by Mindy Douglas at 7:00 p.m.  Jeff Morehouse led the opening devotion, ending with prayer. Mindy welcomed Heather and Kristin as new ruling elders, and Barbara Styers our current intern. Concerns and celebrations were shared.

Mindy called to order the Board of Trustees meeting. She indicated the only order of business was election of the officers. The following have agreed to serve as officers – Jeff as President, Bob as Vice President, Jerry as Treasurer and Marcia as Clerk. There was a motion and a second for each nomination; the slate was elected by unanimous consent. There being no further business the meeting of the Board of Trustees was adjourned.

Leadership development: Mindy shared two articles on "Traditioned innovation" in advance of the meeting. Mindy spent some time describing their underlying messages.  There was much discussion around the implications of the emerging trends cited in these articles for the church in general and our church in particular.

Approval of agenda and consent agenda

It was moved and seconded that the agenda be approved as revised.  The consent agenda was approved, as follows:

  1. 2014-2015 Devotion schedule

  2. Approval of minutes:  Stated session meeting May 12, 2015

  3. Committee minutes – Worship 5/4/14; Infants, Children and Youth 6/1/14

  4. Correspondence:  Letter of update and appreciation Karla Koll; Letter of thanks Rosy Robson; Call to prophetic witness PCUSA Gradye Parsons; letter of thanks Presbyterian World Mission

New Business

Nathan Kotecki distributed in advance a proposal for a music series at the church. During the session meeting he summarized the content of the proposal as aesthetically enriching, an opportunity for intra-congregational fellowship, but also as an outreach opportunity to the greater community.  There was much discussion concerning the specifics of the programming, including timing, the nature of the programs and the support of the congregation. There was a question raised concerning the appropriate committee home for this event. The conclusion was Fellowship, however, there is no chair currently. Fred was suggested as the liaison. Mindy will reach out to Fred on this. There was a motion and second to accept Nathan’s proposal, it was passed by unanimous consent.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy reported that she has been in school since our last meeting and it was rejuvenating. She will be travelling to Detroit this coming Sunday afternoon for the General Assembly meeting. A live stream of the event will be available on the following link:


The biggest issue facing the Assembly this summer is the definition of marriage.

Committee Reports

Finance and Administration There was no Treasurer’s report. Mindy indicated the church is slightly over on our expenses for May. This is primarily accounted for because May was a 3 pay period month and Mindy’s Duke tuition expense was realized in May.  Cash flow is not a problem. Heather reported that the church’s mortgage interest was reduced from 4.625%  to 4.01%.

Building and Grounds The playground has been funded and will be underway in the next several weeks. Tina raised questions about the budgetary specifics on the playground equipment and grounds prep and involvement the Children’s and Youth Committee in selecting/vetting the equipment.  Tina will reach out to Bruce about these particulars.

Communications Bob submitted a report to session concerning the responsibilities that have been associated with Communications Committee, including  a proposed new breakdown for those responsibilities. There was discussion about grace during the transition period for the various committees acquiring new responsibilities.  Mindy suggested this division of responsibilities be sent to the Committee evaluation team to be used in the body of their deliberations, suggesting a desire for a standardization across committees. Bob amended the motion to propose acceptance by session of the division of responsibilities as outlined in his committees report and deleted the suggestion that the new responsibilities be included in the Manual of Operations. The motion was carried as amended.

Outreach has struggled with how to work with Guatemalan mission work even though Karla has moved onto Costa Rica. The Committee has brought a motion to session to increase their budget by $1000 to support an additional worker. There was much discussion about this given the flat budgetary environment. Stephanie moved that this proposal go to the Finance committee for discussion and consideration. Bob seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Other reports

Committee evaluation team report – no report

Strategic planning task force – report in pre-meeting packet.


Party to honor MD on 21st, Jeff moved to serve wine, Tina seconded it, it carried unanimously. There was discussion concerning a thank you gift for Mary Donna and a broader congregational recognition of her contribution. Mindy and Marcia will work on this.

Mindy informed session that new committee assignments will include:

Heather    Finance

Kristin       Membership

Butch        Personnel.

Fellowship remains unassigned, Mindy will reach out to Fred.

The next Stated session meeting will be July 21 at the church at 7pm.  Tina Stark will give the devotion.  There will be a called meeting at 915 on Sunday the 15th to welcome new members.

There being no further business a motion and second to adjourn the meeting was passed.  Mindy led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Marcia Ladd, Clerk

Approved by session 7/21/14


Remember to pray for our church each day at noon.

Called session meeting to meet new members June 15, 2014 915am

Next Stated session meeting  July 21 7 pm

Presbytery meeting  August 5 location tba