July 2008 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant
Stated Session Meeting, July 10, 2008

Attending:        Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Wes McGraw, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Chuck Rickard, John Walkup, Mindy Douglas Adams (moderator), Mary Donna Pond (clerk).   Excused:  Stan Campbell, Jack Zollinger (treasurer).  Guest:  Bart Holtz

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Marcia Ladd led a devotion, “Lead Like Jesus” urging use of heart, head, hands, and habits in our leadership responsibilities, closing with prayer.

A Look into the Book (of Order).  Sections G-1.0301, G-1.0304, G-1.0305, and G-1.0306 were discussed.

Board of Trustees. Mindy called the meeting of the Board of Trustees to order.   The agenda was approved with one addition.

Election of President, Vice President.  Mindy invited nominations for President.  John Walkup and Stan Campbell (who previously agreed to serve if nominated) were nominated and seconded.  John left the meeting briefly and a show-of-hands vote was held, electing Stan.  Stephanie nominated Marcia Ladd as Vice President.  With no others nominated, Mindy declared Marcia Vice President by acclamation.

Articles of Incorporation.  Ed moved that the Articles of Incorporation be approved; Wes seconded the motion, and they were unanimously approved.  Mindy thanked Rachel Stevens, Si Brewer, and Monica Goudy for their work, assisted by Lunday Riggsbee, Pittsboro attorney.

By-laws.  Lynne moved that the By-laws be approved and Michelle seconded the motion.  Ed questioned the phrase “from time to time” in Article II, Section 2.  Lynne agreed to amend her motion, allowing that phrase to be stricken.  The By-laws, thus amended, were approved unanimously.

Loan Application.  Mindy distributed copies of a loan application for Church Loan Program and Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program.  After reviewing the application and discussing the Expected Membership Growth section, Marcia moved that the application be approved, pending the finalization of figures and other minor details.  Stephanie seconded the motion and it was approved without dissent.

There being no further business for the Board of Trustees, Michelle moved that this portion of the meeting be adjourned.  Chuck seconded the motion which passed without objection.  Following a closing prayer, the meeting of the Session recommenced.

Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the June 2 Stated meeting and June 8 Called meeting were approved as distributed.

Correspondence.  Mary Donna shared a thank you note from Nathan Willoughby and a letter from Family Violence and Rape Crisis thanking Chapel in the Pines for our donation from the Pentecost Offering.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy reported a good week in Montreat at the Music and Worship Conference, an upcoming trip to Florida for Scott’s parents’ 50th anniversary, and a family vacation in Yellowstone National Park.  She will miss the upcoming two Sundays.

Treasurer’s Report.  Mindy distributed a report with the Balance Sheet and Revenue & Expense Report through June 2008.  Funds are being moved from FirstBank and to our new First Citizens account.  We will have checking and a brokerage account with First Citizens.  Other investments will also be transferred.  Mindy expressed appreciation to Bob Hoerter, Cindy Massey, and Jack Zollinger for their work on the many transitions that have occurred since Chapel in the Pines was chartered.  She also thanked Wes and Bob Hoerter for service as Assistant Treasurers.  Although the R&E report showed that we are slightly behind for projected revenues, expenses are also below projections.  The lag in revenue is not unusual for churches over the summer months and our financial picture is good.


Fiduciary.  Bart Holtz brought two action items on behalf of the Fiduciary Quad.  (1) Approval of Riggs-Harrod Builders and WKWW architects to design and build our facility; and (2) to rename the current Property Committee the Property/Building Committee.  The ensuing discussion addressed the need to contact churches for which Riggs-Harrod has done projects to learn about their experiences and the anticipated need for a fund raising consultant.  Lynne Hoerter asked about the membership of the Property/Building Committee.  It was agreed that meetings of the committee should be announced and that anyone in the congregation is welcome to attend.  The motions, coming from committee, did not require seconds and both were approved without dissent.  Mindy thanked Bart for his presentation and he left the meeting.  Chuck suggested that time be set aside at the fall retreat to talk about the timing of a capital campaign.  Ed recommended getting some guidance from the consultant on what questions we should be addressing at the retreat.

Other action items from Fiduciary were:  approval of a new credit card with a $2,500 limit (approved); linking Chapel in the Pines mileage reimbursement to that of the IRS (approved); employing Brotherhood Mutual as our insurance carrier, the premiums for 2008 to be paid from budget reserves (approved).  Mary Donna, at the request of Stan Campbell, noted that there is no longer an Administration Committee and that the Fiduciary Quadrant leader assumes the duties of that committee; that the Budget and Finance Spoke has been renamed “Finance”; and that the Staff Spoke has been renamed “Personnel.”  Mindy reported that we now have our tax ID number; ADP has been employed to process payroll; and accounts at First Citizens Bank are now operational.

Community.  A written report was distributed prior to the meeting.  Two action items from Outreach were approved:  collection of school supplies for the Kits for Kids program and supporting a new missionary in Guatemala, Karla Koll, now that the Wisemans are no longer serving there.  Mary Donna gave a short report for Communications whose meeting occurred after the written report was sent.

Education.  A written report was distributed prior to the meeting.  No action items were requested.

Worship.  John explained the recent action of the General Assembly, recommending removal of the specific constitutional impediment to the ordination of sexually active gay and lesbian persons.  This important issue should be studied, discussed, and openly made a part of our work throughout all of our committees and activities.  Although a study of the PUP report has already been offered to those who regularly attend Sunday School, it is important to involve the rest of the congregation in the process of understanding this complicated issue.  Session members were asked to urge others to stay after worship on July 27 to learn more about the 218th General Assembly’s decisions.

Mary Donna explained a revision of the Spoke Speak process.  There will be no Spoke Speak on the first Sunday (communion).  On the second Sunday, there will be a monthly Minute for Mission.  The third Sunday will be available to Membership, Fellowship, and Communication for Spoke Speak.  Fiduciary, Education, and Worship Quads will share the fourth and fifth Sundays.


Finance Task Force and By-laws Task Force  These were handled earlier in the meeting.

Mission Statement.  Several good recommendations were incorporated into the original Mission Statement.  A final draft will be discussed at the Stated Session meeting in August.

Resolution of Appreciation.  Mary Donna read a Resolution of Appreciation for Willie Garvin who is retiring, to be presented to her by Salem Presbytery at its upcoming meeting.


Report from General Assembly.  This was taken up earlier in the meeting

Ed asked about the provision for microfiching in the Book of Order.  Mindy said she believes that applies to Presbyteries and not individual churches.  John asked if there is news on a new Divinity School Intern.  Paperwork has been submitted but we will not know anything definite until September.  Mindy reported that three new members plan to join July 27; four others have indicated interest in joining.

Next Meeting.  There will be a Called Session meeting on July 27 at 9:30 a.m. to receive new members.  The next Stated Session meeting will be August 14 at Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant.  Gather at 6 for supper; the meeting begins at 6:30.  Michelle Morehouse will lead the devotion.  Mindy reminded everyone to bring their Books of Order.

Mindy shared pastoral concerns and closed with prayer, adjourning the meeting at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond, Clerk of Session                                     

Approved by Session August 14, 2008.