July 2007 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting
July 12, 2007 – 6:30 p.m. – Dockside Seafood Restaurant


Attending:  Mindy Douglas Adams, Moderator; Julia Trimmer, Stan Campbell, Harriet McGraw, Wes McGraw, Joan Zollinger, Jack Zollinger, Richard Palmer, Cindy McWilliams, Nana Morelli (recording minutes)

Excused:     Mary Donna Pond, John Walkup, Tina Stark, Keith Glidewell

The minutes from the June 14th meeting were approved by common consent.

Finance Report
Jack reported the problems with the revenue and expense reports discussed last meeting have been corrected.  He was happy to report at this time that 52% of revenue is in and expenses are at 50 %.  Half of our Presbytery benevolences have been paid.  He also pointed out that from the checking account balance of $33,000, roughly $16,000 is from the property fund for earnest money on the Lindley land and approximately 15k is reserve money from 2006.

The Finance Committee met July 9th and had the following recommendations:  1) budget for an audit in 2008  2) on the budget report change the line item which reads “general benevolence” to read “Presbytery benevolence”.

Jack made a motion to change the line item in the budget report from “general benevolence” to “Presbytery benevolence."  Julia seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Pastor’s Report
Mindy shared with us her wonderful time at Montreat with seven CITP Choir members, saying it was an amazing conference and inviting anyone interested to attend next summer.  The conference will be held June 15-21, 2008.

Committee Reports

Administration – no report.

Adult Education – Wes stated the committee met Monday, July 9th.  He passed out copies of the congregational questionnaire concerning the adult education program and a tentative schedule of study for the summer/fall 2007.  He asked the committee to look over the questionnaire and give their input.

Children and Youth Ministry – Julia reported there will be a youth fellowship event this Friday, July 13th.  We’re expecting 5-6 teens and as many adults to attend a Durham Bull’s game.  Everyone will meet at Weaver Street Market in Southern Village at 6 p.m. and caravan to the game.

Mindy reported Lee Werley is helping Georgia Campbell with the Children’s Sunday school class and we now have 5 children attending.

Evangelism – Julia reported the committee met on July 9th and talked about several items they would like to discuss with Mindy before bringing anything to the Leadership Team.  Mindy mentioned the post cards mailed in late March have been very helpful and are getting a good response.

Fellowship – The July event is s “Sunday Afternoon Sundae – Make your own!” on July 22nd from 3-5 p.m. at the Campbell home.

Membership – Mindy reported the Rickard family has asked to join.  They are a family of three, a grown son Chris and the parents, Jan and Chuck.  It was mentioned again how helpful the postcards have been as well as the article by Stan in the Governor’s Club newsletter.

Outreach – We continue our work with the Evergreen Food Pantry.  We are also supporting the “Kits for Kids” and will be collecting school supplies between July 23rd and August 17th.  We will mention this in our mass email and Sunday bulletins. 

Personnel – Annual reviews for Nana (August) and Jeremy and Aviva (September) are scheduled.

Worship – Mindy noted the ad hoc Choir has been very successful this summer. 
Concern was expressed about people drinking coffee during worship service.  After discussion, Richard suggested placing trash cans, clearly labeled, on the back row to discourage people from taking beverages to their seats.

It was asked that team co-chairs remind set-up teams about when they should arrive on Sunday and what the procedure is for setting up.  Joan suggested we select an overall chairperson to coordinate the teams and send out reminders.  Nana volunteered to be responsible for this.  She will send out monthly reminders to co-chairs about set-up responsibilities and bimonthly reminders about preparing for fellowship events.

Old Business

Presbytery Meeting – the next meeting is July 21st at Hawfields Presbyterian Church in Mebane.  John Walkup, Mindy and Mary Donna Pond plan to attend.

Presbytery Grants – Mindy will meet with Dr. Hart to discuss the Hunger and Environmental grants.  Dianne Birch met with Chet Burgess from Evergreen to get his input.

August 5-6 Jack, Mindy and Richard will present our quarterly report to the Presbytery.

New Business

Property Committee Request – Cindy reported the committee has made great progress in the investigation of the church site we have selected.  We need to continue site planning and engineering investigations to prepare a formal plan.  We will begin spending monies to bring us into the design and then building phase.

The committee asked the Leadership Team to approve spending $17,500 above the $15,000 approved in the 2006 budget for site evaluation.  Stan suggested we consider adding a 10% contingency amount to any estimate to eliminate possible delays created by having to request approvals on overages.

Stan moved we approve the Property Committee’s request for the additional $17,500.  Harriet seconded the motion and it carried unanimously. 

Leadership Team Retreat – There will be an overnight retreat September 7 – 8 at The Farm.  Everyone is encouraged to stay the entire time.

Mindy reminded everyone that daily prayer time is at noon.  She also asked everyone to pray for Woody Shearin, John Dopler, her sister Jennie and the new baby Noah, and Don Rorke.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Nana Morelli

Approved August 9, 2007