July 12, 2010 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, July 12, 2010 – Wehmueller home

Attending: Elders Ford Heath, Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Vicky Raymond, Chuck Rickard, Jerry Wehmueller, Mary Donna Pond (Clerk) and the Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams (Moderator). Excused Elders: Stephanie Miller. [A quorum was present.]

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Ed Park led the devotion using "Word, Share, Prayer" and Colossians 1:9-12 concerning praying for others and leading lives worthy of the Lord and fully pleasing to God.  He opened with prayer.

The proposed agenda was amended and approved by common consent. 

Election of Clerk.  Lynne Hoerter moved that Mary Donna Pond be elected as Clerk of Session for a one-year term.  The motion was seconded and passed by common consent.

Leadership Development.  A study of the Noah story in Genesis generated much discussion.  The story is a disturbing one for many people and is much more than a children’s story.

Concerns and Celebrations; Approval of Minutes and Agenda; Correspondence.   Pastoral concerns and celebrations were shared.  The Clerk had no correspondence to share.  The minutes from the May 10 Stated Session meeting, the May 30 Called Session meeting, and the June 20 Called Session meeting were approved by common consent.

The Session convened as the Board of Trustees for its annual meeting and Mindy called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the last Trustee meeting on June 11, 2009, were approved by common consent. 

Election of Officers.  Ford Heath moved that the following slate of officers be elected:  Maria Ladd, President; Chuck Rickard, Vice President; Mary Donna Pond, Secretary; Jack Zollinger, Treasurer.  Michelle Morehouse seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

There being no other business for the Trustees to consider, the annual meeting of the Board of Trustee was adjourned.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy reported on her attendance and participation at the 219th meeting of the General Assembly.  She gave a broad overview, commended to the Session the post-assembly report on the website, and reported more particularly on the work of the committee she chaired, the Committee on Church Growth, Christian Education, and Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program.  The Session expressed its appreciation and pride in her good work.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack Zollinger distributed copies of the Balance Sheets and the Revenue and Expenses reports for May and June.  Rent has now been paid for use of the school and is reflected on the report.  Expenses continue to track close to budget and income is good.



Community QuadrantFellowship:  A schedule of fellowship events for the coming year was distributed.  A new chair for that committee is being sought.  Membership:  A new chair for the membership committee is also needed.  Mary Donna will work on a description of the duties for these chairs.  Outreach:  Michelle requested that the local portion of the Pentecost Offering be given again to Deep River Mediation.  The request was approved.  Ford moved that the Outreach Committee be given authority to choose recipients of the local portions of the denominational Special Offerings without Session approval.  Marcia seconded the motion which passed without dissent.  The Committee will report these decisions to the Session but does not need to await Session approval to disburse the funds.  Michelle reported that the Take and Eat Food Pantry has seen a 47% increase in the number of people being served.  An application to Salem Presbytery for a Hunger Grant has been submitted.  The pantry is in need of funds and support.

Tithe of Capital Campaign Funds:  The Session had a lengthy conversation about the decision previously made to tithe to outreach projects 10% of the funds raised in the Capital Campaign.  Serious concern was expressed about the ability to actually build our building as we envision it with the funds available and the impact that tithing the funds to outreach will have.  Jerry pointed out that the campaign materials stated that a tithe for mission would be made.  He also urged that the church needs to be financially solid and that any money we give to outreach would ultimately need to be borrowed and debt service paid.  Michelle voiced concern that perhaps it’s not yet time to build a church home if we can’t afford a tithe to mission.  Lynne pointed out that construction costs are not likely to be this low if we wait.  She distributed a "Preliminary Look" financial analysis from the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program and the Session discussed specifics of design that might be eliminated to cut costs.  In the end, the Session agreed to continue this conversation at future meetings.  Jerry ended by saying that the FAB committee will work on a cash flow analysis for the coming three years and provide those estimates at a future Session meeting.

Education Quadrant.  As the new quadrant chair, Ed is re-forming an education committee.  A new daytime small group is forming to study prayer and praying.  Fran Olson has offered to help with this group which will begin meeting in mid-September.

Fiduciary QuadrantA new bank account for capital campaign funds will be opened soon.  A new brokerage account with lower transaction fees is also open and information will soon be available for those desiring to give stock to the church.  Mindy thanked the Session for its generosity and leadership for the campaign to raise building funds.

Jack shared a letter from Salem Presbytery asking for an early estimate of CITP’s 2011 budgeted giving to Presbytery.

Jerry reported that an individual has offered to cover the costs for a memorial garden and urged that we move ahead with haste on that matter.  To that end, the Building Planning Committee will need to do more site work to determine the precise location of the septic field.  Lynne asked for approval of expenditure to do so and Jack responded that he believe ample funds still remain in the already-approved fund expenditures to cover this work.  The Session agreed that Lynne should request that work be done as soon as possible.

Jerry also asked for requests for space utilization for the fall quarter as a new contract will need to be prepared soon.  He and Jack also offered to provide financial information and reports to help lighten the load for Janet Askew, our bookkeeper who works only 10 hours/week.

Personnel.  Marcia reported that Aviva Enoch has accepted a new part-time position and will be leaving at the end of August.  A new accompanist is being sought.

Worship Quadrant.  Vicky asked Mindy to report on the Montreat Music and Worship conference.  Mindy said it was fabulous and that she hopes more folks will go in 2011.  More publicity on this opportunity is needed next year.


Capital Campaign Report.  Jerry reported that pledges are at $800,000 with an estimate of $362,000 to be paid during the first year.  A thank you letter will be sent and will include a request that gifts be made as soon as possible so that we may qualify for the loan and begin building.  A total of 71 pledges have been received.  Ed urged that we continue to communicate regularly with the congregation on the joys and trials of this project.



Outreach funds.  Michelle reported that the bookkeeper at Evergreen is now providing good reports on food pantry funds.  She requested that all of the funds for the pantry, including the remaining hunger grant funds and other funds donated specifically for the pantry, be disbursed to Evergreen so that reports can be consolidated.  The request did not come from committee so she made the motion which Marcia seconded.  It was approved without dissent.

Children’s Program.  Ed distributed a planning document for growth in the children’s ministry of the church.  The report was received with enthusiasm and the Session enthusiastically endorsed this important work.  Ed will work with John Walkup to develop a position description for a part-time Youth Director.  Ideas were suggested for ways to fill such a position without incurring additional personnel costs at a time when funds will be very tight.  Ford pointed out that the use of the terms "kids" and "children" are off-putting to young people and that we be mindful to use "youth" and "young people" when discussing this ministry.

Nominating Committee.  Chuck asked that the Session begin thinking of people to suggest as nominees for Elder and Deacon.  He will do a Minute for Mission late in the year to remind the congregation that the committee wants input.

The next Stated Session meeting will be August 9 at the Ponds’ home.   

Mindy led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 



Mary Donna Pond, Clerk        Mindy Douglas Adams, Moderator 


Approved by Session August 9, 2010