Joint Meeting of Session and Deacons August 26, 2019

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Called Joint Meeting Session and Deacons
2020 Budget Meeting August 26, 2019 7 PM

Present: Keith Glidewell, Paul Harrell, Heather Honeycutt, Paul Isom, Marcia Ladd (clerk), Braxton Malan, John McDowell, Susie Park, Mary Donna Pond, Bruce Raymond, Vicky Raymond, Mary Roodkowsky, Madeline Schalk, Susie Smith, Andrew Taylor-Troutman (moderator), Sally Wehmueller

Excused Absence: Barbara Amago, Stan Campbell, Pat Chappell, Barbara Strange, Vince Walker, Emily Williams

Andrew called the meeting to order at 7 PM. Marcia opened with a devotion, followed by a prayer. Concerns and celebrations were shared.

Andrew indicated that each committee chair, starting with Deacons, would describe their 2020 budget needs. He said the joint meeting was already a success because every committee met to discuss their budgets. Jerry will record the needs of each committee on the large easel and take them back to the Finance and Administration Committee to develop the budget after input from the stewardship campaign. Andrew asked the Deacons to start with their request.

He asked Marcia to call on each of the committees in the order on the agenda to discuss their requests.

Deacons – Mary Donna said in the past their funds were used for memorial services. Several years ago UPC gave CitP money and we used it to become a Stephen Ministry Congregation. We have not been doing Stephen Ministry, so what Deacons are asking for is to send 2 people to Florida in January to be trained, one of whom will be Andrew. They are asking for $3850. They also have $85.55 in a restricted fund and she wants access to those monies.

Building and Grounds Bruce submitted his budget as contained in the pre-meeting packet. They didn’t increase anything from 2019, except they put in $530 for child care during the two works days. In exterior maintenance, they put in $750 to service the heat pumps associated with the sanctuary and education wing. The committee has also put money in for cleaning the sanctuary. They were at $7502, for 2020 they are at $9002.

Christian Education Paul Isom said their budget has increased, but the increase is reflective of what they have really spent in 2019. Things have changed and they are trying to catch up and project. For all education they are at $8100, this includes, retreats (VBS style) and Sunday school, parents’ night out, and other adult education. Andrew indicated they are not going to do a Sunday night series in 2020, but use the retreat model, thinking having it all condensed over a weekend will be more effective, probably do 4 retreats in 2020.

Communication and Technology Amanda indicated she was representing Pat who is on vacation. For signs we budgeted $1000, we need a message board in front of the church on Great Ridge, and new banners. Advertising is budgeted for $1200. They are budgeting for stand-alone ads in certain locations, as opposed to the series of ads we have done in certain publications in the past. Amanda indicated C&T has budgeted $3000 for 2020 to do mailings in neighborhoods that have not been sent cards in the past. The Committee is budgeting a small increase in Constant Contact ($35/month). They budgeted $300 for equipment maintenance, budgeted $1000 for computer hardware and software to put an electronic calendar in the Narthex. Mary Donna suggested they try to see if the computer we have and are not using would serve that purpose. Their total for 2020 is $7375.

Fellowship The number is $2880, Barbara Amago is on vacation. Nana is researching how to get Fair Trade Coffee in bulk, Mary Donna indicated that Costco has Fair Trade coffee in bulk. The Fair Trade coffee for the fellowship after church will come out of the Fellowship budget in 2020.

Finance and Administration. Jerry indicated the budget in 2019 was $69,405, the coming year $69, 901 is budgeted. The increase comes in increased reserves for maintenance. Some of the increase is in office supplies. Worker’s Comp is going to go up because we added another staff member. The electricity will come down because of the solar panels. One of the big increases will be in mortgage payments, which the church is gradually adding into operating budget.

Membership and Evangelism Keith indicated they had a $150 budget in 2019, they are requesting $400, mostly to cover the new member dinners twice a year, $100 each for childcare and food for each of the 2 dinners.

Mission and Service Asking for $1000 increase that will go into the Earth Care Subcommittee to pay for the composting and other programs, so the total is $35,000. CitP gives global and local ministries. Mary Donna suggested Mission and Service go to session and ask for a resolution to move the budget to 10% of the operating budget. We need clarity of what the 10% is on.

Personnel John is suggesting that the Personnel budget will be $269,306 with a 3% staff salary increase. There are three changes, adding the Hand Bell Director $7800 annually, 6 hours a week. The second is increasing Joelle’s continuing education to $750, she is becoming a certified Christian Educator, and the increase will help pay for that. Finally, it is unclear if we will get an intern through UMC, so Personnel added $4500 for that intern starting in summer 2020. The nursery has gone from $7500 to $9760.

Worship Mary indicated there is an increase of $1635; the total request is $5,135. We need Hand Bell music which is the crux of the increase. There was discussion about where children’s music belonged in Worship rather than Christian Education, the issue was not resolved.

Jerry indicated that the total budget with all these requests is $410, 939. Andrew believes in the importance of praying for our stewardship of all our gifts, not only financial but every aspect of our ministry. We should pray to follow God’s calling as a church in our larger community.

The business of the meeting being completed, Andrew closed it in prayer at 8:15PM

Respectfully submitted

Marcia Ladd

Clerk of Session

Approved session September 16, 2019