January 9, 2012 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church

Stated Session Meeting, January 9, 2012 – CITP Adult Classroom


Attending:  Ruling Elders Lynne Hoerter, Forrest Johnson, Marcia Ladd, Cindy Massey, Michelle Morehouse,  Vicky Raymond, Rachel Stevens, Jerry Wehmueller, Mary Donna Pond (Clerk),  Jack Zollinger (Treasurer), The Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas and the Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams (Moderator).   Excused:  John Walkup


The meeting was called to order by Mindy Douglas Adams at 6:30 p.m.  Vicky Raymond led the opening devotion about the nature of interruptions, ending with prayer.  One item was added to the agenda and it was approved.  Pastoral concerns and celebrations were shared.

Leadership Development.   A proposal to hold quadrant and committee meetings on the last Sunday of the month, following worship, was discussed and approved.  The proposal was distributed prior to the meeting (see file).

Approval of Minutes.  Michelle moved that the Minutes of the December 12, 2011, Stated Session meeting and the December 11 and 18 Called Session meetings be approved.  The motion was seconded by Rachel and passed without dissent.

Correspondence.   Christmas cards and thank you letters were circulated.  A schedule for Elder in the Narthex through May 2012 was distributed.  Choir members (and others) were asked to find substitutes if they are unable to serve on their assigned dates and to let Nana know who the substitute will be.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy expressed excitement about the number of visitors we have seen in the past month.  She thanked Mitzi for her leadership in worship on January 8.  Mindy and Mary Donna watched a webinar from PC(USA) about developing a Manual of Operations.  A task force will be formed to work on this, some of which has already been done.  Mindy asked that the Session help to get the word out to groups in the community who might need meeting space, letting them know that our building is available, suggesting that each Session member contact at least 1 such organization.

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack explained that the end-of-year reports are not yet final since a number of entries remain to be made.  However, projections show that a draw from reserve will be required, perhaps $14,000.  Jerry moved that the full amount of refunded sales tax being requested through 2011 be applied to the building fund.  The motion was seconded by Lynne and passed unopposed.  Michelle had a question about the report of restricted funds.  Jerry explained that some lines offset others on that report.  A request for property tax relief/exemption is being made to Chatham County.


Community Quadrant

Outreach.  A request from the committee to use $4,387 of the Capital Campaign outreach funds to purchase chairs for CEDEPCA was discussed and approved.  Reports on the results of the Simple Gifts market and on the work of Take and Eat Food pantry were distributed and received.

Education QuadrantRachel reported that the new primary class is now underway under the guidance of Debbie Sears and Georganna Bond.  A new Seekers class has begun, an Inquirer’s Class will start January 15.  A request has been received to have a "Children’s Church" during the time when children gather during worship.

Fiduciary Quadrant   

Art Committee.  Marcia moved that the committee that approves the use of art in the building (outside the sanctuary) be located in the Fiduciary Quadrant.  Rachel seconded the motion which was approved.

Stewardship and 2012 Budget.  No new pledges have come in although there are possibly 6 or 7 more that are expected.  At this point, there is an approximate $87,000 shortfall for the proposed 2012 budget.  If this does not improve, the congregation will need to be informed.

Insurance.  A broker from Brotherhood Mutual is studying our current coverage and will make a recommendation soon on the level of coverage we need.

Building and Grounds.  The committee is meeting regularly.  No report at this time.

Worship Quadrant.  Vicky reported that more hymnals have been ordered.  Sign-ups for the new groups (ushers, narthex team, etc.) is going slowly and active recruitment may be needed.  There was discussion about the slicing of communion bread and the possibility of having the bread sliced at the bakery.  A notice about availability of gluten free wafers and that the cup is alcohol free will be put in the bulletin on communion Sundays.



Loan Report and Construction Update.  Jerry and Lynne agreed it is too early for any final figures.  The final loan draw has been made for a total of $964,000.   The first mortgage payment is due February 1.  A plan has been made to contact all new members who joined since the Capital Campaign to invite them to contribute toward the building costs.  Michelle asked that consideration be given to offering donors to designate a tithe of their gift for mission use.


Remembrance Garden.  A request from the committee to allow the columbarium company, East Coast Granite and Bronze, to use our name and images in their advertising in exchange for a 37% discount, was tabled, pending the answers to several question.  A called Session meeting was scheduled for January 15 following worship.  Jan Rickard will be asked to attend to answer questions.


Transition Team.  Lynne reported that the current transition team will cease to function as of February 1 and the quadrants are asked to be prepared to take over the duties.



Wedding Guidelines.  Lynne moved that the Guidelines be approved and Michelle seconded.  Several questions resulted in some revisions to the policies, all of which were accepted by those who made the motion.  The guidelines were approved as amended and Mary Donna was asked to communicate with the couple requesting a July wedding.  The policies will be posted on the church website.


Winter Arts Festival.  Little Windows has asked for a guarantee of their $500 fee, half of their normal fee for a concert.  Rachel moved that we have a love offering, and that the church guarantee the $500 fee.  Furthermore, she moved that if more than $500 is received in the offering, the group may be paid up to $1,000.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Marcia moved and Jerry seconded that the four remaining events also have a love offering and that 85% of each offering be paid to the artist with the remaining 15% being kept to cover the expenses of receptions and costs for building use.  This motion also passed.  [NOTE:  Compensation for David LaMotte was approved at a previous Session meeting on October 16, 2011.]



Election of Commissioner to Salem Presbytery Meeting February 7, 2012.  Mary Donna was elected as commissioner by common consent.

With no other business to discuss, Mindy led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 



Mary Donna Pond, Clerk


Approved by Session February 13, 2012