January 9, 2011 Congregational Meeting

Congregational Meeting

January 9, 2011 – 11:20 a.m.

North Chatham School, Chapel Hill, NC


Just before the close of worship, the Reverend Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order with prayer.  Rev. Adams stated that Mary Donna Pond was present and had agreed to serve as Clerk of the meeting.  Karen Fisher moved that Mary Donna be elected, Lynne Hoerter seconded the motion and Mary Donna was elected without objection. Mary Donna affirmed that a quorum was present


Mindy introduced Jerry Wehmueller who explained the purpose of the meeting:  to approve borrowing money for the construction of a building.  He reminded the congregation that two informational meetings had been held at which people were invited to ask questions about the proposal for financing the loan.  A summary of the proposal has also been available on the church website.  He made the following motion which, coming from a committee, did not require a second:


Whereas, the Congregation desires to borrow money from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Investment and Loan Program, Inc. (the "Program"), in the amount of $964,000.00;


Therefore be it resolved that the Congregation of Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church approves entering into a first Mortgage/Deed of Trust and Promissory Note with the Program in the amount of $964,000.00 for the purpose of construction.


Mindy opened the floor for questions.   Jeff Morehouse asked about setting aside 10% of the capital campaign funds for Outreach.  Jerry responded that the Session has this under consideration but at this time, it is too early to earmark those Outreach funds.  Fred Royal asked if the architect and other fees are included in the use of these funds.  Jerry answered that they are included.


There being no other questions, the question was called and the congregation voted to approve the motion.


As there was no other business to conduct, Mindy closed the meeting with prayer and a benediction.  The meeting ended at 11:35 a.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond, Clerk



Approved by Session January 24, 2011