January 2009 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, January 22– Camden Governors Village Apt. Community Room

Attending:   Stan Campbell, Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd (acting clerk), Wes McGraw, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Chuck Rickard, John Walkup, Mindy Douglas Adams (moderator).

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Marcia Ladd read a devotional written by a Geriatric Psychiatrist on the importance of community.

Leadership Development.  Mindy shared her impression of the Acts 16:5 Seminar she and Ed attended in Winston Salem. She distributed copies of a “Word-Share-Prayer” work sheet from that seminar. She broke the meeting into small groups to reflect on this exercise. She also suggested that rather than sharing prayer concerns at the end of the meeting, we share at the beginning so there would be more time to appropriately respond to individual needs. At the conclusion of the exercise, prayer concerns were shared around the table.

Election of Acting Clerk. Marcia Ladd was elected Acting Clerk by common consent.

Approval of Agenda.  Mindy added a PCM report under the Community Quadrant and under New Business; she added the re-scheduling of a party for the Land Closing. The Agenda was approved by common consent.
Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the December 11 Stated and the December 14 Called Meetings of the Session were approved by common consent.

Correspondence.  There was no correspondence to share.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy started her report by saying what an amazing week it had been culminating with the Land Closing on Wednesday, delayed due to weather. She spoke briefly of her annual Pastors’ Retreat in California in January, and the visiting scholar Christine Yoder who presented a fascinating look at Proverbs.

Treasurer’s Report.  Mindy delivered the 2008 Year End Treasurer’s report in Jack’s absence. She reported that $76,000 of the $92,000 loan went to the Lindleys; the residual would go into the Property Fund to replace the $16,000 paid to the Lindleys as earnest money. She further reported that CITP finished 2008 with a surplus of approximately $22,000. There was discussion concerning the best use of those funds. 

Chuck moved that the FY 2008 surplus be moved to Operating Reserves, Stephanie seconded the motion, and it was approved by common consent.

The 2008 Revenue and Expense report through December 31, 2008, was examined; it requires final year-end adjustments.  Stan requested that the final 2008 Year-End Balance Sheet/Budget be presented at the February Session meeting after final year-end adjustments are made.

Community.  A written report had been distributed before the meeting and the New Member Committee budget for 2009 had already been restored (an oversight). Lynne reported that the Communication and Evangelism Committees will be meeting together.

There was discussion concerning the paucity of volunteers for the Nursery duty on Sundays, and the possibility of employing a paid Nursery worker in the future, the anticipated expense would be around $1000. Mindy is exploring the possibility of working something out with Peaches. Chuck reported that there is a storage unit in the nursery.

Stephanie and Chuck attended a meeting of the Presbyterian Campus Ministry Board.  Member churches on that Board include UPC, CITP, New Hope, Triangle and Church of the Reconciliation; John Rogers is the Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry at UPC and moderates the Board. Also represented on the Board are Undergraduate and Graduate Students and a Parent. Stephanie and Chuck reported that there was discussion of mission trips and a bid to renovate the PCM Kitchen at UPC. There was brief Session discussion of enlisting PCM Students to conduct a CITP service in Mindy’s absence.

Education.  A written report outlining the classes for the beginning of 2009 had been distributed.  Wes discussed the proposed purchase of a Projector, Screen and Laptop with the possibility of the screen being donated to the school after CITP leaves. Some of the funds for this will come from the $800 grant from UPC. Mindy asked for a proposal.

Worship.  John said that the inclusion series in Sunday School was the most exciting thing going on currently. He requested that we be vigilant about peoples’ questions concerning the PUP Report and the upcoming Presbytery vote.

Fiduciary.   Stan gave a Stewardship update. Total pledges are now $197,345, with a final report to be given in February. He commented that there were significant increases in 2009 pledges over 2008.

Mindy gave the Property report, indicating that the 12 acres of land now belongs to CITP. She presented the request from the Property Committee distributed prior to the meeting asking for:

• Change in names to Building Planning Committee
• Approval of Lynne Hoerter as Interim Chairwoman
• Retention of Riggs Harrod to go through the questionnaire process with the Congregation sometime after Easter 2009
• Dissemination of the Letter from Property, previously distributed to Session, to the Congregation

The requests were approved by common consent. Ed wanted the Session to understand that the Building Planning Committee is in no rush to implement the “Questionnaire Phase,” and that after Easter did not necessarily mean in April. Mindy and Lynne will work over the coming week to modify the letter and the Church Office will make distribution to the Congregation.

Michelle questioned the appellation “Building Planning,” and Lynne indicated that it was meant to send the message that construction was not actually taking place, but progress was being made nonetheless.
There was further discussion on what level of payments would be made on the land loan. It was discussed that loan payments be paid in 2009 from the Property Fund.  The Fiduciary Quadrant will come forward with a recommendation in the near future.

It was announced that Jerry Wehmueller will be Chair of the Administration Committee.

John suggested that the church do something to honor Cindy McWilliams’ hard work on the Property acquisition phase, Ed suggested that as co-chair Joan Zollinger was equally instrumental in this work and that both should be honored simultaneously.

John made the motion to honor the women with a letter and some type of flowers, Michelle seconded the motion. It carried by common consent.

John will draft the letter and forward it to Stan. The letter will be read in church at a time when both women are planning to be present, and the church will send appropriate flowers.

Stan presented the 2009 budget, indicating only a $1000 difference from the budget presented last month with minor indicated adjustments. Session approved the budget by common consent.

Acts 16:5 Initiative. Per the worksheet distributed to Session members prior to the meeting, the Presbytery will incur $115 monthly expenses per church for this Project. CITP’s share should be $1140 per year to the Presbytery for participating in this endeavor. There was discussion that this amount be placed in the budget under 51955 Leadership Development Congregational Life. 

John made the motion that $1140 be placed in the budget under 51955 with a concomitant increase in the Open Plate Offering income. Lynne seconded the motion, it carried by common consent.

Special offerings.  Four PC  (USA) offerings (Peacemaking, Pentecost, One Great Hour of Sharing,  and Joy Gift) and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund offering, and designation of the Christmas Eve for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.

Following minimal discussion, Stan moved that these offerings be approved going forward unless changed by Session. Chuck seconded the motion, it carried by common consent.

It was agreed that Chuck as the Chair of the Nominating Committee will call a meeting this week.

Election of Commissioners for February and April Presbytery Meetings.  Wes volunteered to go to the 2/7 meeting in Mt. Airy, and Stephanie to the 4/21 meeting in Greensboro.

Lynne moved that Wes be appointed to the February meeting, John seconded the motion which carried by common consent.

John moved that Stephanie be appointed to attend the April meeting, Chuck seconded the motion which carried by common consent.

Land Closing Party.  It was agreed that this would be held at the Briar Chapel Community Center on Monday the 26th from 5:30-7:30, and this would be announced in church.

Approval of Program Grant Annual Progress Report. This report which was distributed to Session is an update by the Pastor on 2008 events and upcoming 2009 plans required to maintain General Assembly endowment. It was approved by common consent.

Ed asked that a sign be established near our property advertising it as our future home. Stephanie is exploring that possibility. Ed also indicated that the Book Committee needs additional members.

Next Meeting.   The next Stated meeting is February 12, beginning at 6:30 p.m at Ed Park’s home. Ed moved the meeting be adjourned; Chuck seconded it, it carried by common consent.

Mindy closed the meeting with prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marcia L. Ladd, Acting Clerk of Session

Approved by Session February 12, 2009