January 15, 2018 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting January 15, 2018

Attending:  Ruling Elders Karen Atkins, Monty Brekke, Stan Campbell, Lynne Hoerter, Paul Isom, John McDowell, Terry Rudolph, Al Schalk, Barbara Strange, Jerry Wehmueller (treasurer), Marcia Ladd (clerk), Teaching Elder Rev. Andrew Taylor-Troutman (moderator)

The meeting was called to order by Andrew at 7PM. He delivered the devotion, ending in a prayer. Pastoral concerns and celebrations were shared.

Approval of agenda and consent agenda

Monty asked to amend the agenda to add FYI from Mission and Service. The consent agenda and amended agenda were approved unanimously. The consent agenda includes the following:

Consent Agenda 

  1. Approval of session minutes – Stated meeting 12/18/17, Email vote 1/2/18
  2. Approval of committee minutes – Building and Grounds 11/28/17, 1/9/18; Fellowship 1/8/18, Finance 1/14/18
  3. Correspondence – Ecumenical Service Recognition Award PCUSA, Earth Care Congregations, Hunger Action Churches, Stephen Hudak’s removal from the rolls, Update from Libby Boehne

Pastor’s Report Andrew thanked the session for their generosity. He is meeting with all the staff this week and also lay leaders. He wants to get involved in pastoral care starting immediately. He wants to put together some task forces, especially surrounding children’s issues and fellowship hall and general building use.

Committee reports


Jerry presented the December and year end numbers, 2017 revenues ($282,224) were slightly more than the year end expenses ($282,181) thus creating a slight surplus of $43.  The reality was the actual surplus was $6400 more than shown.  In order to create a better 2018 budget, the added surplus was put into three reserve accounts for use in early 2018.  To help with moving costs $3400 was reserved to cover almost half of the actual moving cost of $7800.  There was also a $2,000 reserve set up for the 2018 communications program.  This was the result of deciding to wait until January to run articles and ads in the Briar Chapel and Governors Club magazines instead of doing a Christmas mailing in 2017.  The final reserve was $1,000 for electrical work done in December, but billed in January to revise the outdoor lighting of the FH.  Posting these reserves is in line with general accounting principles.  Overall expenses were still slightly under the total budgeted amount due mainly to lower than budgeted personnel expenses with Mitzi leaving in April and not hiring Joelle until October.  All other expenses were under control.  Our year end cash balance was good at slightly over $200,000.  The reserve for the monthly mortgage was also good at just under $78,000 going into the new year.

Stan indicated Stewardship was just $1900 shy of its $285,000 goal for pledges. Lee Werley and Heather Honeycutt have been properly trained to take over stewardship next year. Karen indicated that Realm now works for the on line pledging.

Building and Grounds

Karen indicated that there has been a lot of conversation surrounding the building use policies, and management of the fellowship hall is too large for one group. Building and Grounds sees the need for an overarching task force to look at all the policies and make sure they are consistent, comprehensive and financially favorable to the church. She offered the following motion from her committee

to empower the pastor to form a task force to review and revise as appropriate all the building use policies for consistency, completeness and  fiduciary responsibility to the church. The task force will consist at a minimum of representation from Finance and Administration, Worship, Building and Grounds, Fellowship and the staff

Andrew would like to fold the question of a parlor into this task force. Lynne would like to have a parlor for families to use before memorial services and weddings, Andrew will ensure that the parlor is included in this task force discussion.

After some discussion, the motion passed unanimously. The goal for the task force will be to report back progress to session at the February stated meeting.

Karen also indicated she would be reporting back at least an update to the security issues B&G are exploring in conjunction with the sheriff, with whom they are meeting later in the month.

Membership and Evangelism

Barbara offered the following motion from her committee

            At his request, remove Stephen Hudak from the rolls.

With no discussion the motion was approved unanimously.

Christian Education

John wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page about the newly adopted policy for the purchase of adult Christian education books. The new policy reads as follows:

Participants in adult education classes will be asked to reimburse the church for any materials. Materials will be ordered and reimbursements collected by the Office Manager. The church will pay for the materials for anyone unable to afford them.

Brenda Moore came to the Christian Ed meeting to express that their Sunday school class had real push back about paying for their books. Paul met with the class on Sunday, and they feel not connected to the church and more peripheral, and would like more input from Christian Ed and other church leaders on what they should be studying. Christian Ed discussed with Brenda giving the class a $1000 budget for books and once they are out of the money they are out of it. The church has received $455 in donations for that class for 2018, this will be added to the budgeted amount. Paul will keep the class appraised of the amount of money they have spent during the year. The larger picture may be the need to pay attention to the adult Sunday school since so much attention has been paid to the children’s education recently. Paul will report back to the class based on how the budget numbers fall out after the February meeting.


Lynne offered the following motion from her committee

          Once a week a 2.5 hour time is to be set aside for use of the fellowship hall as an open creativity studio, typically Thursday afternoons.

She indicated the time would be divided between opening with a led conversation on some creative topic and working side by side on the participants’ individual arts (painting, clay, photography, mosaics, drawing, writing, etc.). This would not be an artistic lesson, rather an exploration of creativity. Participants could join both or either the discussion half or the activity half. No expertise whatsoever within the arts is necessary – only interest. Participants would be responsible for all their own supplies, whatever they might need for protecting the floor and tables, and for their own cleanup. Sarah Graham would be responsible for opening and closing the building, various group communications, logistics, and preparing/leading/or handing off some topic for conversation. This group might take on sponsoring the annual CitP art show.

After minimal discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Lynne also indicated that for the time being Fellowship would be responsible for procuring kitchen supplies and maintaining the kitchen. This task will be given to the newly created task force for consideration.


Terry asked Lynne to discuss the problems Fellowship has encountered with ushering since the start of the use of the FH for fellowship after worship. She said with the addition of the new building it is difficult to have Fellowship be responsible for ushering AND fellowship because of the building separation. Terry indicated that Worship would look at alternatives for ushering and get back to session. Stan Campbell and Bob Hoerter have volunteered to recruit, train and manage the ushers. John McDowell suggested perhaps the deacons take on that role. Lynne asked for a time line. Terry will report back at the next stated meeting with a time line for the transition.

Mission and Service

The committee is working on Hunger Action and Earth Care designations. The Church of the Reconciliation is in the process of becoming a Sanctuary Church. They have reached out to churches to help and this is something M&S committee wants to consider participating in. He will bring further recommendations to the session in February.

Evergreen United Methodist Church is going through financial difficulty and there is question about the pantry’s continued existence at that location. Mission and Service will work hard to make sure the doors stay open, regardless of where those doors might be.


New Business

Andrew indicated we need an elder representative for the Nominating Committee. He asked for a motion to elect John McDowell. Karen moved

To elect John McDowell as the elder representative to the Nominating Committee for 2018-2019.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Andrew asked for a motion to hold a Congregational meeting to elect, elders, deacons and the Nominating Committee and approve the Annual Report for February 18. Stan moved

to hold a congregational meeting to elect, elders, deacons and the Nominating Committee and approve the Annual Report for February 18, 2018.    

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Marcia turned session’s attention to the statistical report and asked if there were any questions. Al moved

To approve the statistical report as amended pending Jerry’s approval of the financials from Janet.

The motion was seconded. There was minimal discussion and it passed unanimously.

Lord’s Supper, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Since the previous stated meeting on December 18, the Lord’s Supper was celebrated twice on December 24th and January 7th. There were no new members, baptisms, weddings or funerals at the church.

As the business of the meeting was concluded, Andrew closed with prayer at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Ladd, Clerk

Approved by Session of Chapel in the Pines February 19, 2018



  1. Next stated session meeting February 19, 2018, John McDowell has the devotion.
  2. Next Presbytery meeting is February 20, 2018
  3. Pray for our church each day at noon.