Helper Connection

CITP Covid-19 Care/Volunteer Survey

 Are you stuck at home and in need of applesauce? Cough meds? A coloring book? A magazine? A phone call?

Are you healthy and able to go to the grocery store? Are you going stir crazy and need some time to sing alone while driving in the car? Would you like to maintain your social distance AND help others?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or imagine yourself saying yes in the future, then you should fill out this form!

This survey is intended to help us identify folks who need help and match them with others who are able to provide help during this strange time.


You do not have to qualify your requests or prove that you are high-risk to ask for help. It’s okay if you already have family and friends available to help some– we’d still like to help you, too. It’s also okay if you’re over-saturated with everything going on and are not able to offer help at this time. We’ll keep the form up and running as long as we need to in these uncertain times.

Watch a video.

Fill out the form.

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far.  Deacons will contact you as needed, but as of right now we have more volunteers than requests for help.