Fellowship Hall Audio/Video System Up and Running

Chapel in the Pines recently completed the “technology” aspects of the fellowship hall, including the audio system, a hearing loop, and Internet access.
The audio system supports a combination of wireless and wired microphones that will allow for announcements, presentations, panel discussions, readings, etc. as well as flexible support for musical performances, plays and other productions, etc. In addition, audio from the sanctuary is now accessible in the fellowship hall (for “overflow” events).

A hearing loop wire is embedded in the concrete slab (with a 100-year warranted!) that provides clear sound to those using a “T-coil” enabled hearing aid or one of the hearing loop headsets that can be borrowed.

A new wireless network in the fellowship hall (called “Fellowship_Guest” with the the standard guest password) allows access to the Internet. A telephone is provided for security (since cell reception is spotty).

Proper specialized cabling has been pulled in to support a high-quality video projector to be mounted from the ceiling in the future. In the mean time the small video projector can be used for moderate sized groups.

A very special “thank you” to Bob Warren for his many hours of work and to his friends and colleagues who assisted him.

We hope you enjoy these aspects of the fellowship hall.