February 2008 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting – Camden Governors Village Apt. Community Room
February 11, 2008



Attending:     Mindy Douglas Adams, Stan Campbell, Keith Glidewell, Marcia Ladd, Harriet McGraw, Wes McGraw, Mary Donna Pond, Tina Stark, Julia Trimmer, John Walkup, Lee Werley

The meeting was called to order by Mindy Douglas Adams at 6:30 p.m.  She led an opening devotion using Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work by Eugene Peterson, reminding the group of God’s call for each of us.  She then led the group in prayer.

Educational Moment.  Using the Book of Order, Mindy led the group through the first few pages covering Sections 1 and 2:  The Head of the Church and The Great Ends of the Church.

Approvals of Agenda and Minutes.  After one addition, “Chairs” under new business, the Agenda was approved as distributed.  With one correction, the minutes of the December 13, 2007, meeting of the Leadership Team were approved by common consent.

Correspondence.  Mary Donna Pond read a letter to the team advising them that she has begun the process of becoming a Commissioned Lay Pastor.  She asked for support on behalf of the church.  A motion of gratitude to God and support of Mary Donna in her pursuit of CLP training was made by Marcia, seconded by Julia, and passed without dissent.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy remarked that unlike meetings at Dockside, it is good to be able to hear and see one another so well in the Community Room space.  Stan offered that we can use the space again for a reduced fee of $25 per use.

Finance Committee and Treasurer’s Report.  In Jack’s absence, Mindy and Wes reviewed the January 31 Balance Sheet and Revenue and Expense report.  A few exceptions in revenue receipt or expenses were explained with no cause for concern.


Printed committee reports were distributed from several committees prior to the meeting.

Administration – Three action items were presented by Stan Campbell.  (1)  The purchase of two flat-screen monitors, using up to $500 from reserves to pay for this equipment.  The motion was approved without dissent.  (2)  Changes to the proposed 2008 Budget, as reported in the minutes of the Administration Committee for its January meeting.  Those changes were incorporated in the proposed 2008 Budget distributed at this meeting.  The budget was approved, as distributed, without dissent.  (3)  Approval of the Inclement Weather Policy, as stated in the minutes of the committee for January. Approved without dissent.

Adult Education – No report

Children’s and Youth Ministry – No report.  Keith asked who should be submitting written reports for this committee.  It was agreed that Georgia Hobbins Campbell would submit a short report for the children and Keith would also submit a Youth report.

Evangelism – The billboard on 15-501 should be up soon and will remain up for one month.

Fellowship – John reminded the team that we now have the space at the school until 12:30 p.m. every Sunday so there is no need to rush off.  It was agreed that several people be asked each week to head to the narthex right after worship to catch visitors and others and encourage them to stay for a brief time of fellowship.

Finance Committee.  Approximately $15,000 of the 2007 budget remains as surplus.  John made a motion, seconded by Stan, that these funds be moved into General Reserves.  Mindy reported that Bob Hoerter will become chair of the Finance Committee and that the previous chair, Rachel Stevens, will become involved in Outreach.

Membership – The committee will meet on February 20 at The Dancing Goat in Fearrington.  Mindy asked to be included in the scheduling of this committee’s meetings.

Outreach –  Action item under new business.

Personnel – Annual reviews continue with Mindy’s review coming up on February 15.

Property – Mindy reported that the New Church Development Committee of Salem Presbytery is recommending that $100,000 be given to Chapel in the Pines to purchase land.  This recommendation will be voted on at the April 2008 Presbytery meeting.  Although the Presbytery does not have a clear idea of where the funds will be found, there is much support for making this happen, including the new General Presbyter, Sam Marshall.  The NCD committee plans to meet in our area in March and will meet with our Property Committee and visit the parcel of land we intend to purchase.

Social Justice and Peacemaking.  No report.

Stewardship – An up-to-date report was emailed prior to the meeting.  A total of 54 households (members, children/youth, and non-members) have pledged $169,274 for the General Fund for 2008; a total of 21 households have pledged $23,400 to the Property Fund for 2008.

Worship – John Walkup made an action request from the Worship Committee for approval to serve Communion on the first Sunday of every month plus on Pentecost and Easter Sundays and on Christmas Eve.  The motion was approved without dissent.


Six-Year Plan.   Mindy suggested establishing a Steering Committee for the Six-Year Plan, to be comprised of the four quadrant leaders (Stan Campbell, Wes McGraw, Mary Donna Pond, and John Walkup), plus Bill Browder from the Presbytery NCD Committee, and two at-large members.  Following a motion by Stan, seconded by Lee, the team approved establishing such a group.  Stan suggested that the Steering Committee meet prior to Leadership Team/Session meetings in order to have up-to-date reports each month.  The Committee, when established, will select its own moderator.  It was pointed out that the Education quadrant needs more volunteers.  Work is underway to begin a nursery for infants and toddlers.


Special Offerings.  On behalf of the Outreach Committee, Mindy requested approval to receive five special offerings during the year:  the four PC (USA) offerings (Peacemaking, Pentecost, One Great Hour of Sharing, and Joy) and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund offering.  The motion from committee was approved without dissent.  It was agreed that designating the Christmas Eve offering for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund does not constitute a “special offering.”

Congregational Meetings.  Mindy requested approval for the Annual Congregational Meeting for the purpose of (a) receiving the 2007 Annual Report, (b) approving the revised Terms of Call for the Pastor, and (c) electing a Nominating Committee.  She suggested the meeting be held on Sunday, March 9.  Harriet so moved and Marcia seconded.  The motion was approved without dissent.  Mindy then requested that a second Congregational Meeting be scheduled for April 27 at which time the congregation would be asked to elect the first slate of officers and to call a pastor.  Having this meeting on April 27 will allow the Presbytery to take the necessary action at its April 22 meeting to approve chartering Chapel in the Pines.  This request was also approved without dissent.

Charter Plans.  A number of steps must be taken in order for Chapel in the Pines to be both chartered and incorporated.  Mindy requested that three task forces be approved to work on different aspects of this process.   (1) A Leadership Task Force which would function as a Nominating Committee, with the responsibility of first deciding the size of our first Session, whether we will have Deacons and/or Trustees, and the sizes of those boards.  In addition, the committee will then submit a slate of officers to be voted on by the congregation.  (2) A By-laws Task Force which will write the by-laws and articles of incorporation.  Monica Goudy, an attorney, has already agreed to work with this group.  (3) A Finance Task Force to iron out the banking, payroll, insurance, and other financial aspects of the process.  Bob Hoerter and Jack Zollinger will serve with this group.  Mindy has several people in mind for each of the task forces, and the work of the groups will end within a few months.  A motion to establish these 3 task forces was made by Marcia, seconded by Stan, and approved without dissent.

Chairs.  Unity Church has 99 stacking chairs with padded seats that they will sell for $25 each.  After some discussion, John Walkup offered to take a look at the chairs.

Other business.  Mary Donna commended Mindy on a well-run meeting and her ability to accomplish so much and do it so well.  The rest of the team also thanked Mindy for her wonderful work among us.

Stan asked if we might use the microphone during the Time with Children.  Wes suggested it would also help when sharing concerns.

John posed the possibility of having five rotating fellowship/set-up teams instead of four so that the same team does not always have December.  No decision was made to make such a change.

Keith Glidewell agreed to lead the devotion at the next meeting, which is March 13.

Mindy reminded everyone of our noon prayer time for Chapel in the Pines.  Following a time of sharing pastoral concerns, Mindy closed the meeting with prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Mary Donna Pond