Email Vote February 19, 2020

Email Vote February 19, 2020

Session of Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church

Present: Barbara Amago, Stan Campbell, Pat Chappell, Keith Glidewell, Paul Harrell, John McDowell, Bruce Raymond, Mary Roodkowsky

Excused Absence:

We need an email vote on the following motion:
Approve collection of monies for Moringa Seeds on Shrive Tuesday and through out the Lenten Season. Please respond only to me with a Yay or nay on the motion. Many thanks

Background from Susie Smith

At the Shrove Tuesday supper there will be small bowls on the each table for folks to donate spare change (or dollars if they want) to go toward buying moringa seeds.  Moringa seeds are featured in the Presbyterian Giving Catalog at $40 for one bag of seeds. The leaves and pods from the trees have high protein and high nutrition to combat severe hunger and malnutrition in countries like Democratic Republic of Congo. For people who didn’t get a chance to donate at the dinner, we will have a small bowl in the Fellowship hall on Sunday's after worship during the Lenten season. Susie will be available by the bowl in the Fellowship Hall on Lenten Sundays to answer questions.  Here is the Presbyterian website with more info:

The motion was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted

Marcia Ladd.
Clerk of Session
Approved by Session 3/16/2020