December 2007 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting – Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant
December 13, 2007

Attending:     Mindy Douglas Adams, Stan Campbell, Harriet McGraw, Wes McGraw, Mary Donna Pond, Tina Stark, John Walkup, Nathan Willowby, Jack Zollinger 

Nathan Willowby offered a devotional meditation reflecting on the change in writing style in Luke’s Gospel from chapter 1, in an Old Testament style, to the birth of Christ, at which point the style changes dramatically.  Nathan challenged us to change dramatically in our lives.  He ended with prayer. 

Mindy called the meeting to order and handed out several items:  an agenda, a November 2007 Revenue/Expense report/ balance sheet, the 2008 proposed budget, minutes of the November meeting, and information from Adult Ed.  A motion made by John Walkup and seconded by Jack Zollinger to approve the minutes of the November 8, 2007, meeting passed without dissent. 

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy brought copies of the new 2007-2009 Book of Order for each member of the leadership team.  She also asked each committee to send a brief written report to Nana one week prior to each leadership team meeting including information as well as action items.  The reports will be sent to team members prior to each meeting.  This is done in an effort to make our meetings shorter and more efficient.  John asked that Nana send a reminder each month.  Mindy reported that she took lunch to the administrative staff of North Chatham School and they were very grateful.  This was an idea developed in conversation with our NCD Coach, Ed Harding.  Mindy ended her report by saying how much she loves working with each of us and how glad she is to be involved with this new church.  Those present responded in kind. 

Other information.  While waiting for dinner to be served, items of information were shared.  John reported that the school will allow us to leave the chairs and tables set up from December 23 through our service on December 30, making Christmas Eve a much easier service.  Wes gave some highlights from the handout of adult ed plans.  Jack reported that an error on last month’s Revenues and Expenses report, involving payroll, has been corrected. 


Administration – Budget matters will be discussed under “new business.” 

Adult Education – Information distributed. 

Children’s and Youth Ministry – The children will present a skit in worship on December 23.  Youth will be bowling that afternoon.  The children will sing at the Christmas eve service. 

Evangelism – Stephanie Miller is working on the billboard for US 15-501.  Karen Fisher is looking into the problem with delivery of the post cards in Pittsboro. 

Fellowship – Eight people joined in the caroling at The Arbor and it was much appreciated. 

Finance Committee.  Jack led a discussion of who should send thank you letters for gifts to the church.  It was decided that Kim will continue to acknowledge receipt of gifts but will give a list of names to Nana who will prepare a letter for Mindy’s signature thanking individuals for gifts.  Stan agreed to draft a brief form letter to use for this purpose.  These letters will be sent for gifts to the property fund and for other designated gifts, but not for Sunday offerings or pledge fulfillments. 

Treasurer’s Report.  Jack briefly reviewed the November R&E report, noting that we have met the goal for income and are at 98% of budgeted expenses.  Jack asked Mary Donna to explain pass-through accounts.  He reported that there is $473 in interest from a CD that needs to be allocated.  Mary Donna said she would have a suggestion for use of those funds under “New Business.”  There needs to be an analysis of the funds for coffee/tea/chocolate to be sure we are charging the correct amount.  Jack will look into the accounting for the Environmental grant since that check has been written but is not reflected on the report. 

Membership – Four confirmands and one new member are expected to join on December 16.

Outreach – The committee has spent all of its budgeted funds for 2007. 

Personnel – Two action items to be handled under “new business.” 

Property – There will be an informational meeting following worship on December 16.  Concern was expressed about the amount of time allowed.  After discussion, Mindy was asked to approach Miss Peaches about extending our time by 15 minutes for future Sundays. 

Social Justice and Peacemaking.  Mindy reminded the group that the team has previously approved receiving a special offering in January to be used for the MLK, Jr. scholarship program in Chapel Hill. 

Stewardship – Stan distributed a report of pledges-to-date.  We have reached the projected goal for pledges and there are still eleven households who have not made a pledge.  Stan asked that Kim compile information from the pledge cards about non-monetary pledges that were made (time and talent).  Mary Donna commended the committee on a well-run campaign. 

Worship – John reported that a string quartet will play on December 16.  Mindy expressed regret that the bulletin is already run and that information about the musicians is not included.  Mary Donna offered to prepare an insert if John would send her the names and information on Friday.  Approval to serve communion at the Christmas Eve service was given. 


2008 Proposed Budget.  The team approved adding $900 to the Children and Youth Ministry budget, part of which will be used to purchase Bibles for third graders.  A previously-approved $900 addition to the Mileage Reimbursement line had not been entered.  Jack will advise Kim to adjust that line as well as the pledges line to offset these additional expenses. 

Mindy and Nathan were excused while the team discussed the matter of Christmas bonuses.  The team approved the use of funds from Reserves for 2007 Christmas bonuses.  Mary Donna will send details to Kim for processing.  A new line item in the 2008 budget was approved for Staff Christmas Bonuses at the same level as 2007.  Kim will be asked to add that line to the 2008 budget, as well as an equal amount in Pledges to offset it.  One additional matter was approved involving a purchase; the source of funds will be the interest from the CD.

Stephen Ministry.  Mary Donna reported that a meeting is being planned to discuss starting a Stephen Ministry program at Chapel in the Pines.  Mindy met with University Presbyterian’s SM leaders in November to talk about joint possibilities. 

Six-Year Plan.  There will be a meeting following worship on January 13 to talk about the 6-year plan in an effort to involve a wider group in the planning and efforts. 


Baptism.  A request has been made by Carolyn Krass that her grandchild be baptized.  Mindy explained the complicating factors in this request and the group looked at what the Book of Order has to say about the matter.  After discussion, the group gave approval for the baptism on December 23. 


Property loan application.  No action is required at this time. 

Gift of appreciation.  The group approved the purchase of a $100 Target gift card for Peaches to thank her for her faithful assistance on Sunday mornings – and on Christmas Eve.  Funds from the CD interest pass-through account will be used for this purchase. 

Mindy reminded everyone of our noon prayer time for Chapel in the Pines.  The January meeting will not be an official business meeting but will be used to prepare for the congregational meeting on January 13.  Mindy will be unable to attend the January 10 meeting. 

Mindy closed the meeting with prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Donna Pond


Approved by Leadership Team February 11, 2008.