Congregational Meeting July 21, 2013

Minutes of July 21, 2013 Congregational Meeting
Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church


The meeting was called to order following worship at 11:30 a.m. by The Rev. Mindy Douglas, who opened the meeting with prayer.  She stated the purpose of the meeting was to approve a change in the Pastor’s Terms of Call.  She explained the requirement in the Book of Order for congregations to approve a Pastor’s Terms of Call (including salary and benefits) and any changes made to those terms. 

Mary Donna Pond was approved as Clerk for the meeting by common consent.  A quorum was present.

As the business of the meeting concerned the Pastor, she invited Elder Marcia Ladd to assume the role of moderator and Mindy left the meeting.  Chair of Personnel, Rachel Stevens, presented the motion passed by the Session:

To increase the Pastor’s Continuing Education allowance by $2,000 for the budget years 2013, 2014, and 2015. 

She explained that Mindy has been accepted into a D.Min. Program at Duke Divinity School and the additional funds will help defray some of the costs as well as show congregational support for her studies.

Marcia asked the Clerk if the motion, coming from the Session, required a second.  Mary Donna said she did not think it required a second.  Marcia asked if there was discussion or questions.  Hearing none, she called for a vote and the motion passed unopposed.  Marcia asked Mindy to return to the meeting which she did to a round of applause.

Mindy closed the meeting by leading the congregation in a benediction.


Respectfully submitted,




Mary Donna Pond, Clerk



Approved by Session September 9, 2013