Congregational Annual Meeting – April 6, 2020

This year’s annual meeting is an online virtual meeting.  All members will receive an email with a link to an online form to cast his/her vote.  Each individual member is allowed one vote.

The purpose of the meeting threefold:

      1.  To approve the 2019 Annual Report (click here) and its addendum:
        Addendum to 2019 Annual Report, approved by Session April 2, 2020.

        1) The Building and Grounds committee replaced several bathroom informational signs with ones that more accurately reflects the capabilities of the bathroom (e.g., changing table and wheel chair accessible). (Bart Holtz did this work.)

        2) The Communications and Technology committee also placed an advertisement in the Chatham County Artist’s Guild December brochure.  (Nathan Kotecki designed the ad.)


      2. To elect the officers and members of the nominating committee:
        Elders Deacons Nominating Committee
        Greg Behr Maggie Ford Anne Henkels, Chair
        Paul Bolig Ron Greene Greg Behr
        Jennifer Larson Melissa Staples Lou Brock
          Lee Werley Madeline Schalk
            Barbara Strange
            Lee Werley

        Nominations from the floor will be accepted, after the proposed nominee has agreed to be nominated.  Email the Clerk of Session to make a nomination (click here).

      3. To approve the Pastor’s Terms of Call for 2020 (click here).