CITP Donates to Tree Fund as Part of POMS Construction

We are very excited with the recent progress on the Project for Outdoor Ministry Spaces (POMS). The ground for the pavilion (next to the south parking area) has been cleared and work on the structural base is underway.

CITP members and friends have known since the early POMS planning phase that the clearing of this space would involve cutting down multiple trees. A modest amount of members’ donations to POMS Project were set aside for use by the Mission and Service (M&S) Committee for selected mission purposes.

M&S decided immediately after those POMS funds were designated to hold a significant portion of that set-aside in a Mission and Service restricted fund – waiting until we could “smell the sawdust” from our own tree removal associated with POMS – and then donate to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) fund established to support tree re-planting. The official name of this fund is the PC(USA) Fund for Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice. Its purpose is to support tree planting, carbon sequestration and climate-friendly projects that help curb the impacts of climate change.

We can now celebrate that CITP has just donated $2,000 to this fund! Using our donation, the PC(USA)’s mission partners will plant trees in global locations that have been deforested. Our construction is local, but our impact is global.

You are welcome to add to this amount using “Donate Online” to “Earth Care – Trees” here on our website.