August 9, 2010 Stated Session Meeting

Attending:  Elders Ford Heath, Lynne Hoerter, Marcia Ladd, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Vicky Raymond, Chuck Rickard, Jerry Wehmueller, Mary Donna Pond (Clerk) and the Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams (Moderator).    Excused:  Ed Park (Elder), Jack Zollinger (Treasurer).    [A quorum was present.]


Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  Lynne Hoerter led the devotion using "Word, Share, Prayer" and Romans 12:1-5 concerning being one body with many different members.  She opened with prayer and Mindy prayed at the end of the devotion.

The proposed agenda was amended and approved by common consent. 

Leadership Development.  An article by Cindy Bolbach, newly-elected Moderator of the General Assembly, entitled "The Awesome Task of Elders" was discussed.

Concerns and Celebrations; Approval of Minutes and Agenda; Correspondence.   Concerns and celebrations were shared.  The minutes of the July 12 Stated Meeting were approved with one typographical correction; the minutes of the July 25 Called Meeting were approved.  There was no correspondence to share.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy shared flyers that explained the different administrative divisions within the Presbyterian Church (USA) including the Board of Pensions, the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program, the Office of the General Assembly, the GA Mission Council, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, and the PC(USA) Foundation.  She commended these resources to the Session as they clearly explain these wide-ranging groups and their work.  On a personal note, she said that the summer has been hectic and she is starting to get back to a more normal routine.

Treasurer’s Report.  Mindy distributed the Balance Sheet and Report of Revenues and Expenses through July.  In Jack Zollinger’s absence, Jerry went over the figures and answered questions.  The good news is that revenues in the tithes and offerings lines are 30% above last year.



Community QuadrantMembership:  Mary Donna reported that a search continues for leadership of the Membership committee.  Communication:  Stephanie reported that additional signs are being made to announce our future site.  She also said that a post card mailing will be coming soon and that new display ads are being created that mirror the post cards.    Outreach:  Michelle reported that the immigration reform forum was well attended and went well.  She thanked Pat Poret particularly for her work that made the event successful.   Another Guatemala trip is being planned.  Karla Koll will be ending her time with that mission work and we hope to return before she leaves.  Amanda Briggs is exploring dates for this trip.  The Chatham Interfaith Ministries will have a presentation on homelessness August 13 and a plan to address the needs of the homeless will be presented.  Michelle continues to push for the food pantry incorporation so that a Board can be formed.  Chapel in the Pines will be asked to appoint a representative to that Board.

Education Quadrant.  Ed submitted a written report.  In his absence, Mindy reported that plans for the adult education opportunities are going well but we are in serious need of teachers for children and youth.  She also reported on conversations with UNC campus ministry and with Duke Divinity School about possible interns.  Stephanie suggested that we become better informed about the activities of the church youth – soccer matches, concerts, etc. – and that we show involvement and support for youth by attending those events.  Chuck reported on problems with sign-ups for childcare and made a recommendation that the Elder/Deacon in the narthex be asked to be alert for children in need of childcare and that when those children come, the Deacon/Elder escort them to Miss Peaches.  Mary Donna agreed to draft a list of duties for the Deacon/Elder which will include this duty.  She will also bring the sign-up list to the next Session meeting.

Fiduciary Quadrant

Stewardship.  Jerry said Stan Campbell is starting to work on the 2011 Stewardship campaign.  Stan has announced that he would like to be relieved of this responsibility after this year.  Jerry asked committees to begin planning their budget requests for 2011.  The contact with the school has been amended to extend our time to 12:15.  Personnel:  The committee will do Nana Morelli’s annual review this month.  They plan to recommend an additional 5 hours/week be added to her schedule, increasing her to 25 hours/week.  Mitzi Lesher-Thomas is the only remaining evaluation for this year.  It was agreed there will be a potluck celebration on August 29 to thank Marilyn Shugart for her interim service and to say farewell to Aviva Enoch who is leaving to take another position.  Vicky and Marcia will assemble a team to help with the event.  Both Marilyn and Aviva have indicated their willingness to return as substitute accompanists if needed.  The search for a new accompanist is going well and a plan is in place to cover those duties until a new person is hired.

Worship Quadrant.  A meeting of a worship planning team is to be held this month.  The group will be exploring ideas for all of the elements of worship.  Mindy asked that youth be involved more regularly as lay readers.  Leaders of the set-up teams will be rotating soon.  Pictures and a diagram of the worship set-up will be posted.


Acts 16:5 Vision Team.  Stephanie reported that two action/learning teams are being formed.  One will be working with children/youth/education and is comprised of Ed Park, John Walkup, and Lee Werley.  Another, focusing on membership, is comprised of Stephanie Miller, Lynne Hoerter and Woody Shearin.  These teams will be taking a broad view of their areas and developing action plans to be shared and implemented by committees.

Building Planning Committee.  Lynne has confirmed the amount we can expect to be loaned by the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program.  She advised the church could lower the interest rate if it, or its members, were to invest savings and other investment funds in the PILP investments.  Jerry will look into PILP as a place to invest reserves and capital funds.  The company that will put in the septic field has developed plans for the site.  The cost for the septic field is estimated to be substantially less than we first expected.  It will allow for future growth and expansion.  An extended discussion ensued about the design/build team and problems of communication.  The committee will bring these concerns to the attention of Bruce Harrod for his advice and assistance.

PCM Board.  Stephanie reported that the meeting of the PCM board was postponed.  She will bring a report to the next Session meeting.



Retreat.  Mindy asked if there were strong feelings on whether the fall retreat should be an overnight retreat or be held locally.  There were preferences expressed for an overnight retreat and the Session agreed to proceed with plans to meet at Haw River State Park on October 15-16.



July Meeting of Salem Presbytery.  Vicky reported on her experience at the meeting in Mocksville.    She liked the use of audio/visual equipment, enjoyed reports from the commissioners to General Assembly, felt very welcome as a first-time commissioner and the feeling of celebration of being Presbyterians together.  She commended the experience to everyone on the Session.

Resolution of Appreciation.  A motion by Michelle, seconded by Chuck was approved adopting a resolution of appreciation for Wes McGraw’s service on the Session with one minor change to the date.  Mary Donna will purchase a frame and bring the certificate to worship to be presented to Wes.

Meeting space for Session meetings.  It was agreed that the room at Galloway Ridge is a good meeting space.  The cost, $30 per meeting, is reasonable.  Mary Donna will ask if we can reserve the space for future meetings.  When it is unavailable, the Session will meet elsewhere.

Election of Commissioner to October Presbytery Meeting.  Lynne Hoerter volunteered to attend the meeting in Greensboro on October 19 and was elected by common consent.


The next Stated Session meeting will be September 13 at Galloway Ridge.   

Mindy led a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 



Mary Donna Pond, Clerk        Mindy Douglas Adams, Moderator 


Approved by Session September 12, 2010