August 13, 2009 Stated Session Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Stated Session Meeting, August 13, 2009–Home of Mary Donna Pond

Attending:  Lynne Hoerter, Wes McGraw, Stephanie Miller, Michelle Morehouse, Ed Park, Chuck Rickard, Vicky Raymond, Jerry Wehmueller, Mary Donna Pond (Clerk), and Mindy Douglas Adams (Moderator).  Excused:  Marcia Ladd, Jack Zollinger (Treasurer)

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Ed Park led the Session in prayer and an opening devotion using an excerpt from a book by Henri Nouwen.

Leadership Development.  The session discussed chapter 4 of E. Stanley Ott’s Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church, with an emphasis on ministry to people rather than a focus on programs.

Concerns and Celebrations; Agenda Approval; Approval of Minutes; Correspondence.  Celebrations and concerns were shared. The agenda was approved.  The minutes of the July 14 Stated Session meeting were approved by common consent.  A sign-up sheet for Elder/Deacon in the narthex was circulated.

Pastor’s Report.  Mindy welcomed Jerry Wehmueller, newly elected Elder, who has yet to be ordained and installed.  Wes McGraw moved that the Session approve Jerry’s presence.  Ed seconded the motion and it passed without dissent.  Mindy shared that she has taken a week’s vacation, attended the meeting of Salem Presbytery, worked with the Acts 16:5 Initiative on the Presbytery level, attended the meeting of the Presbyterian Prison Ministry Board, and worked with the Interfaith Ministries of Chatham County planning group.

Treasurer’s Report. In Jack Zollinger’s absence, Mindy distributed copies of the Balance Sheet and the Revenue & Expense Report through July 31, 2009.  The reports are accurate with the exception of reflecting the property purchase and the amount given for land and building projects.  Janet Askew is still working on how to show that on the report.  Jerry and Jack will work with Janet to have a full explanation of all property and building accounting at the September Stated Session meeting.  In regard to budgeted revenues and expenses, CITP continues to be in good shape.


Community.  Mary Donna reported that monthly Fellowship events are planned and are being publicized.  Lynne Hoerter said the photo directory is almost ready to post on the website.  Stephanie Miller said another postcard mailing, using cards already printed, is in the works.  A list of 6,000 households is being developed, focusing on single family homes in our area.  Michelle Morehouse reported that the Outreach Committee submitted their Hunger Grant application to Salem Presbytery.  An Eco-justice Subcommittee is in the works and a chair for the subcommittee is being sought.  CITP will join with Evergreen UMC to host a visit by The Rev. Nuhad Tomeh, PC (USA) missionary currently assigned to serve with the Middle East Council of Churches in Lebanon, on September 30.  Michelle also reported that in light of winter deportation of the pastor of Siler City’s Ebenezer New Church Development, a congregation of primarily Guatemalan people, the CITP Outreach Committee has approved giving $500 from unspent Global Outreach funds to support the struggling congregation.  The Take and Eat Food Pantry continues to serve more and more people and is in urgent need of more food.

Education.  A written report was distributed prior to the meeting.  No other report was given.

Fiduciary.    Mindy reminded everyone that 2010 budget requests are due September 1. 

Building Planning.  Lynne Hoerter said that two capital campaign consultants are being invited to make presentations to the Building Planning Committee.  The committee expects to gain a lot of important and useful information from those conversations.

Finance/Administration/Budget.  Jerry shared that, effective July 1, the rent and use fees charged to use North Chatham School have gone up 50%.  This will impact the 2009 budget.  However, there are no better options at this time.

Personnel.  A written position description for the Pastoral Assistant was distributed prior to the meeting.  Because The Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas has not yet been accepted into Salem Presbytery, the title of the position cannot yet be "Parish Associate."  She will be received into the presbytery at the February 2010 meeting.  Meanwhile, she will be laboring inside the bounds with the approval of Coastal Carolina Presbytery where she is currently a member.  Jerry raised a question about using the 212 E. Rosemary Street address for purposes of travel reimbursement.  The position description was revised, removing that reference, and Jerry will research IRS regulations that apply.  The amended position description, coming from the Personnel Committee, was approved.

We were disappointed to learn that Alejandro Manso, previously approved as Interim Music Director, has accepted a position elsewhere.  Two other candidates are being considered.  Meanwhile, Aviva Enoch will continue to lead the music program.

Worship.    Vicky Raymond distributed a written report.  The committee is exploring the use of occasional dramatic readings to enhance worship.


Resolutions.  Proposed Resolutions of Appreciation for Stan Campbell and John Walkup were distributed prior to the meeting.  The resolutions were drafted by Mary Donna Pond and Chuck Rickard for session approval.  Stephanie Miller moved that they be approved.  Michelle Morehouse seconded the motion which was approved without dissent.  Mary Donna Pond will prepare the resolutions for presentation by Mindy at a future worship service.


July 25 Presbytery Meeting Report.  Ed Park reported on the meeting and encouraged everyone on the Session to attend a meeting as a commissioner.  He learned a lot about how the Presbytery functions and participated in several votes.

October 20 Presbytery Meeting.  Michelle Morehouse volunteered to be Commissioner at the next meeting of Salem Presbytery.  Stephanie moved her approval and Chuck seconded.  Michelle was elected unanimously.

Installation and Ordination.  Wes moved that Jerry Wehmueller be ordained and installed as Elder during worship on September 6, 2009.  Lynne Hoerter seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

Guest Preacher.  Michelle moved that The Rev. Caroline Craig Proctor be approved to preach on September 27, 2009, in Mindy’s absence.  Lynne Hoerter seconded the motion which passed without dissent.  Mindy reminded the Session that approval had already been given for The Rev. Byron Wade to preach on September 20.  The Rev. Wade is serving as Vice-Moderator of the General Assembly and is Pastor of the Davie Street Presbyterian Church in Raleigh.

UPC Endowment Proposal.  Mindy encouraged committees to consider possible requests for funding from UPC’s Endowment.  Deadline for proposals is October 1.  Those interested in submitting proposals should bring them to the September 10 Session meeting.  One or two will be chosen for submission.

Revision of April 26, 2009 Called Session Meeting Minutes.   A revised copy of the minutes was distributed prior to the meeting.  The change involved spelling out the exact costs for the change in ACS software.  Michelle moved and Vicky seconded that the revision be approved and the vote passed without dissent.

Change of day for Stated Session meetings.  Mindy requested consideration of changing Stated Session meetings to the second Monday of the month.  Such a change would allow for better follow-up on meeting decisions.  None of the Elders present objected to the change.  Mary Donna will poll those absent before a final decision is made.  If a change is approved, it will not begin until October.

Next Meeting.   The next Stated Session meeting will be Thursday, September 10, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Ed and Susie Park.  Mary Donna was asked to include two items on the agenda:  discussion of what CITP could do to help Salem Presbytery during its financial hardship, and details about the October retreat.

Copies of the newly revised Book of Order were distributed.  Michelle moved that the meeting be adjourned and the motion passed on a voice vote.

Following a time of prayer the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Mary Donna Pond, Clerk         Mindy Douglas Adams, Moderator

Approved by Session September 10, 2009