April 3, 2011 Annual Meeting of the Congregation

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Congregational Meeting
April 3, 2011 – 11:40 a.m. – North Chatham School, Chapel Hill, NC


The meeting was called to order by the Reverend Mindy Douglas Adams just before the close of worship, and was opened with prayer.  Rev. Adams stated that the Clerk of Session, Mary Donna Pond, was available to serve as clerk for the meeting.  Ford Heath moved that Mary Donna be elected as Clerk for the Congregational Meeting, Marcia Ladd seconded the motion, and Rev. Adams called for a vote. Mary Donna was elected as Clerk.  Rev. Adams then asked if a quorum was present; Mary Donna noted that a quorum, being ten per cent of the membership, was present.  Rev. Adams stated that the purposes of the meeting:  (1) to be the annual meeting of the Corporation as required in the church’s Articles of Incorporation, (2) to present to the congregation the 2010 Annual Report, and (3) to approve a change to the pastor’s Terms of Call.

Copies of the Annual Report were distributed and Rev. Adams noted some of the highlights including the successful capital campaign and the steps made toward construction of the church’s first building.  She also noted that the growth in membership had slowed during 2010, primarily due to the stagnant rate of newcomers moving to the area.  She thanked everyone in the congregation for their faithful work in the life of the church.

Rev. Adams invited Marcia Ladd, Chair of Personnel, to come forward and asked Rev. Mitzi Lesher-Thomas to assume the role of moderator for the remainder of the meeting while Rev. Adams and her family left.  Ms. Ladd reported that the Session had approved a 3% increase for our pastor despite Rev. Adams objections that she should not get an increase due to the tight budget for 2011.  The Personnel Committee, however, felt strongly that an increase was deserved and the Session agreed.  The motion to approve the change in terms of call came from the Committee and was seconded by John Walkup.  The motion was approved on a voice vote without dissent.

Rev. Lesher-Thomas asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by Joe Hammond and seconded by John Walkup.  Hearing no objection, she adjourned the meeting with a benediction at 11:50 a.m.


Respectfully submitted.

Mary Donna Pond, Clerk



Approved by Session April 11, 2011