April 2008 Stated Meeting

Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Leadership Team Meeting – Captain John’s Dockside Restaurant
April 10, 2008


Attending: Mindy Douglas Adams (moderator), Stan Campbell, Keith Glidewell, Phyllis Greene, Ron Greene, Marcia Ladd, Wes McGraw, Mary Donna Pond (clerk), John Walkup, Lee Werley, Jack Zollinger, Joan Zollinger

Mindy Douglas Adams called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Wes McGraw gave the opening devotion using the Book of Confessions. He asked the question “who are we?” and lifted up the importance of being a community together doing God’s work.
Mindy welcomed Phyllis Greene to the meeting.
Mindy led the group in “A Look into the Book,” a continuing study of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order, focusing on G-1.0400, “The Historic Principles of Church Government.”
Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the March 13, 2008, Stated Meeting and the called meeting held March 23, 2008, were approved as submitted. The Agenda was approved with one deletion and one addition. Three items of correspondence were shared: performance of “Vesta,” by Duke Institute for Care on End of Life, April 22 at 7 p.m.; Chatham County Affordable Housing Summit on April 11; and a 2-day workshop on church safety and threat assessment by the Chapel Hill Police Department April 23-24.
Pastor’s Report. Mindy said she was pleased with Holy Week and Easter services. We had 114 in worship on Easter, our largest group to date. Following Easter, Mindy and her family spent 3 days in Montreat.
Treasurer’s Report. Jack Zollinger reviewed the balance sheet and the Analysis of Revenues and Expenses through March 2008 and reported that we remain in good financial shape. A question was raised about the pre-paid pledge line. Jack will look into this. He reported that Marsha Altmeyer, a CPA, will review our books for 2007 sometime soon, following tax season.

Mindy asked if everyone had gotten the written committee report summary emailed by Nana. Ron Greene responded that he had not.
Adult Ed. Wes added to the report that 26 adults participated in Sunday School on April 6.
Fellowship. Joan Zollinger reported the committee had met earlier in the day and would bring recommendations to the next meeting.
Outreach – Jack brought an action item from the committee. The committee moved that $5,000 from the General Reserves be given to the Take and Eat Food Pantry Building Fund. Keith asked how much was needed and how the figure of $5,000 was determined. Mindy said that about $30,000 is needed, with $20,000 more expected from the Duke Endowment. The motion was approved with no opposition.

Sharon and Bart Holtz arrived and Mindy jumped ahead on the agenda, explaining that Sharon had expressed a desire to join but would not, for pastoral reasons, appear before the congregation. Mindy spoke briefly about the role of mentor – a member of the congregation who is paired with a new member who will get to know the new person and help that person get to know others in the congregation. Phyllis Greene, Sharon’s mentor, introduced Sharon to the group. Mindy asked Sharon the questions for reaffirming her faith. After prayer, the group greeted Sharon with hugs and a warm welcome. Mindy said that five other people will join on Sunday: Butch and Emily Smith, Taffy and Dale Chodorow, and Betty Cox. As an ordained Presbyterian minister, Betty’s husband Richard will remain a member of the Presbytery.

Finance Task Force. Jack reported that the task force was working with 5 areas: banking, insurance, IRS, brokerage, and payroll. Bob Hoerter had researched banking, brokerage, and payroll and made the recommendation that we use First Citizens Bank, First Citizens Investors Services, and ADP payroll. The motion, coming from the task force, was approved without dissent. Jack is gathering information on insurance and Cindy Massey is working on the IRS processes. Mindy explained that until we have our own tax ID and FEIN number, we will continue to function under Presbytery, but it should not be much longer until we are on our own.
By-laws Task Force. Work is proceeding and an attorney in Pittsboro, Lunday Riggsbee, is helping with Articles of Incorporation. A written report from the task force was included in the emailed committee reports.
Salem Presbytery Meeting on April 22. Mindy reported that she expects our part of the meeting will occur in the morning and urged everyone to be there. Wes agreed to help coordinate carpooling. Stan volunteered to do a bulletin insert.
May 4 ordination/installation/celebration. Mindy explained the difference between ordination and installation. She explained the function of the Administrative Commission that will officiate over the establishment of our first session and the installation of our first pastor. A committee is working on the reception. Stan agreed to count the number of chairs currently available in the multipurpose room so we might anticipate how many more we will need.
New Church Development Conference. Mindy reminded everyone of the NCD conference in Indiana May 27-29. She will be unable to attend but hopes we can send a few members. All costs are covered except transportation.

Congregational Meeting April 27. A request has been made that the slate of nominees for elders and deacons not be made known until the time of the congregational meeting. A discussion followed regarding pros and cons of presenting the slate of nominees to the congregation in advance of the scheduled congregational meeting. John moved that the entire slate of nominees for Elders and Deacons be released to the congregation prior to the April 27 meeting. Joan seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. If the slate is not complete in time to produce it for dissemination on April 20, it will be emailed to members prior to April 27. It was noted that ballots will be prepared and must be used if there are nominations from the floor and only members may vote.
Property Committee. The committee brought a report regarding the purchase of the Lindley property and a recommendation that we “apply to the Presbyterian Loan Program for a loan of $76,000 for a 20 year amortization period.” The loan would be at 5.5% fixed for five years, adjustable every five years, and the initial monthly payments of $523 will be paid from the Property Fund in 2008. Following some discussion, the motion was put to a vote and passed without dissent.
Wisemans’ visit. David and Jeannine Wiseman will visit Chapel in the Pines on May 18. They would like to give a presentation and Mindy asked if Sunday School classes could be suspended for that day so that everyone could attend the presentation. The group approved suspending regular classes.
Guest preachers. Mindy asked for approval for the following guest preachers: David Wiseman on May 18, Mitzi Lesher-Thomas on June 22; Richard Cox on July 20. These were all approved.
The next meeting will be a combined meeting with those who have served on the Leadership Team and the newly-ordained and newly-installed elders on May 8. Mindy will lead the opening devotion.
Several people remarked what an amazing and wonderful experience it has been to serve on the Leadership Team and how much they have appreciated the work, the love, and the community. Mindy closed the meeting with prayer at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Donna Pond